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The Brat Pack

Wicked Pictures contract director Rikki Braun seems to have found his wheelhouse as an all-sex specialist. Here he presents a fresh tone on the young teen all-sex genre, pairing industry veteran studs with fresh young talent.

Paige Owens and Ryan Mclane:

The movie opens with an upbeat yet edgy pop song that really fits the cast and the theme of the film. Paige is taking sexy selfies in a delightfully decorated dining room. It’s brightly lit with various art pieces on the wall and a great botanical backdrop outside the big bay windows. Sometimes directors pick locations that are really aesthetically pleasing, only to move the sex to an alternate setting, but Braun opts to keep the performers in this room, which was a great choice.

The brightness of the décor, combined with the colors outside, fits right in with Paige’s youthful beauty. She’s clad in a short black skirt, white tank top and pretty lace panties and when she catches Ryan ogling her as he sweeps the patio, she demands he come inside so she can give him what he clearly wants. Every positions shows off Paige’s cute body fully and Ryan pounds her pretty good. She swallows his load to put a nasty bow on a fun opening scene.

Maya Bijou and Tyler Nixon:

This scene opens with a fairly standard strip tease from Maya with a pop ballad providing the musical accompaniment. Maya starts out playfully, at one point feigning unbuttoning her shorts only to admonish the viewer with a waggle of her finger (“no”), but by the end she’s gazing intently into the camera like a smoldering siren. The action opens with Tyler talking on the phone to one of his buddies when Maya bursts into the scene complaining about the fact that they’ve only fucked three times so far that day and she needs more.

The subsequent blowjob is nice with a couple of impressive deepthroats that are deliberately slow. The camera work should be recognized here. It’s close enough and the action is slow enough that the viewer is pulled into the scene because we can see Maya’s throat and face react to how deep Tyler is in her mouth. The reverse cowgirl is impressive if for no other reason than Maya was able to keep her balance atop Tyler on that reclining chair. That was not much space to work with and she handled it like a pro. Her professionalism shined through again when Tyler busted all over her face and some got in her eye; that had to sting, but Maya never broke.

Aidra Fox and Ramon Nomar:

We find Aidra on the phone trying to assure her friends that Ramon is almost done getting ready and they’ll be at the movie theater soon. Unfortunately for them, Ramon appears to be somewhat of a pretty boy — “this hair doesn’t fix itself” — and it becomes clear that he and Aidra won’t be making it to the theater on time. Ramon doesn’t even pretend to try to make the date, instead taking her straight to the bed for some kinky fun.

Cowgirl is definitely Aidra’s strong suit. Her butt is luscious with the perfect amount of bounce to her cheeks, and her hips are like pistons gyrating frantically to create a swirling mass of ass that is a pleasure to watch. Ramon is clearly a fan of the sidesaddle cowgirl, because I see him do it all the time and that is perfectly fine with me because it is a spectacular position. Aidra clearly thinks so too, as she was so into it, she slyly slipped a finger into her ass during it.

Bambi Black and Brad Knight:

Great musical choice to open this scene. It’s fun and spunky just like Bambi. She exudes a naughty ambition with her short black shorts and coy smile and her tease is provocative and fun. The setting is also gorgeous. An amazing pool and tons of trees and open sky make for a beautiful backdrop. Despite all this, Brad is completely engulfed in his phone, ignoring everything around him including Bambi who demands that he get off his phone and pay attention to her. A different setup would have been nice, seeing as how this was the same story Maya and Tyler told, but Braun changes it up a bit with a funny line of dialogue followed by an immediate cut to the sex.

Bambi spends a lot of time on her back with her knees by her shoulders, which isn’t a new position by any means, but it just really seemed to fit her. I must say the cowgirl, while physically pleasing, was a little hurt by Rikki choosing to zoom the camera in really close. Perhaps it was just my monitor and it looks different on a high-def television, but the close-ups caused the picture to blur out of focus a bit and Rikki chose to do it multiple times. Still, there’s a standing missionary that’s very cool which more than makes up for the camera issue.

Christiana Cinn and Seth Gamble:

Christiana teases the viewer in a red-and-pink bra-and-panty set with sheer white stockings and shoes. She finds guitarist Seth Gamble practicing and tells him she wants to be his groupie. Seth really munches on Christiana’s pussy hungrily and she is very into it, as the look on her face shows plainly her pleasure. In fact, my biggest takeaway from this scene was how Christiana lets her physical satisfaction shine through in her facial expressions. She’s got a great body, but I found myself looking at her face more often than not, impressed by how much she seemed to be enjoying herself. She felt very genuine. Also, there’s about a 15 to 20-second block during the cowgirl where Christiana was absolutely wrecking Seth and it looked like he just wanted to explode. The woman can work.

As stated earlier, Rikki Braun seems to have found his niche as an all-sex director. He chooses great location settings and I like the look of his movies, but this one featured a little too many out of focus camera close-ups for my taste. That said, Rikki has a good sense of how to take a familiar genre and bring a level of creativity and freshness to it that is appreciated and this film is a good example of that. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


They may be pretty in pink, but their fire is not St. Elmo's! Meet porn scion Rikki Braun's brat pack, a motley crew of five hot, horny, and totally obnoxious gals who'll put you in your place... before they fuck your brains out!

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