Hard At Work

Noir Male
Hard At Work

Four steamy, brightly lit and briskly paced interracial vignettes ostensibly about work and the things horny guys will do to get the job done right. All four pairs of dudes have chemistry, but the sensual pairing of Ziggy Banks and Marquee D’Angelo get MVP honors in my book.

Blond, blue-eyed Peterson, lean and fit with a furry chest, is paired with hunky D’Angelo Jackson, whose spectacular physique is on full display. Peterson is auditioning for an acting role with Jackson and eager to prove they have chemistry. They slurpily make out – Peterson is clearly thrilled – and soon move into assplay, as Peterson dines out on Jackson’s globes, framed by a red jock strap, with enthusiasm. Even though Peterson is the one prepping Jackson’s hole, he quickly climbs into Jackson’s lap and rides his boner. They bang in more positions and Peterson climaxes onto his own abs as he’s being plowed, while Jackson jerks out what appears to be a double-load.

Ziggy Banks, lean, furry and bearded with arresting blue eyes and a septum piercing, plays a journalist interviewing A-list athlete Marquee D’Angelo, lean and charismatic with a lot of body ink. Their seduction has a pleasantly erotic, seductive vibe. Banks remains in his suit-and-tie as he undresses D’Angelo, taking a deep whiff of his musky shirt. Banks really takes his time savoring D’Angelo’s thick, uncut cock and maintaining eye contact with him as he works. It’s a terrific tease for when they switch roles. Banks pulls down his trousers to reveal a black jock strap as D’Angelo eats him out. The fucking builds in intensity and D’Angelo jacks Banks to orgasm as he fucks him.

Super-fit, handsome and amiable Seth Santoro is interviewing for a job with Ray Diesel, who undresses his applicant with his eyes, hires him quickly and gets right to the office sex. Santoro pulls a thick, oversized python out of his boss’s pants and goes right work with expert oral skills. Diesel, for his part, clearly enjoys prepping and then plowing Santoro’s plush ass, maintaining a steady stream of moans and groans of appreciation and dumping out a sizable stream of cum onto Santoro’s chest.

The quick final scene features bald, scruffy Adam Russo, in a handsome suit, as a real estate agent eager to close the sale with Diesel, who brags about how sexy he feels in his new home. Russo is soon on his knees, grinning devilishly, and sucking down Diesel’s thick cock. They fuck atop a broad, heavy table built for sex; both of them are load groaners, particularly as Diesel grinds into Russo, digging deep, and prompting Russo to unleash one of his patented growling, bellowing cumshots.


Hard At Work from Noir Male features Interview with an Anal star with Marquee D'Angelo and Ziggy Banks; The Job Interview with Ray Diesel and Seth Santoro; Casting Couch with DeAngelo Jackson and Jacob Peterson; and The Real Estate Agent with Seth Santoro and Adam Russo.

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