Ryan (Mclane) is a playboy full of cheesy pickup lines who spends his time banging as many hot chicks as he can. Unfortunately, his callous exploits cause him to run afoul of the vindictive Morgan (Amber) who casts a spell that turns him into a woman (Wright) in order to teach him a lesson. I love the premise behind this movie. Body switching and gender swapping creates so many opportunities for comedy and it’s something I’ve always been a fan of. This movie had an interesting way of getting the swap into play and I thought it was a great idea.

The movie gets us started with Ryan and Morgan ravishing each other at Ryan’s place after she picks him up at the bar. Amber is loud and energetic and she wears stockings which is nice. There’s a pretty cool shot from an elevated and angled position that gives the viewer a really nice view of the action at one point. There’s a moment where Amber is looking over her shoulder with a smile of satisfaction on her face and you can tell she’s doing something awesome, but by the time the camera switches to a more complete view, she’s done doing whatever it was she was doing. I felt it was a missed opportunity.

When Ryan tries to unceremoniously send Morgan on her way after the sex is over, she turns the tables on him and casts her spell. I thought Amber really turned up her intensity for this scene. There’s a lot of special effects going on that contort Mclane’s face and when he wakes up the next day in Whitney Wright’s body, she has a great reaction that really matched the tone of the moment.

Morgan gets a second fun scene where she takes advantage of Jay Smooth and the audience gets some really great cowgirl and reverse cowgirl visuals, the latter being particularly nice with a bit of a POV feel to it. I thought it showed some good variety while also appealing to a broader audience.

When Alexa and Whitney decide to go out for a girls night, they engage in a conversation that I feel was very well executed. It gave them a ton of opportunity to establish the story being told and Whitney really got the chance to shine big. I think she deserves a lot of credit because her character was positioned to carry that scene and she played it perfectly. I really liked the way Whitney approached her sex scene with Alexa as well. She displayed the perfect amount surprise, trepidation and lustful abandon as Alexa worked her magic on her. It was exactly the way her character should have behaved having found herself in that position.

Jonathan Morgan follows up the expertly done sequence with the ladies by letting them carry the film further forward with another conversation (this time in a bar) where we get to see Ryan growing as a person through Wright’s interactions with sleazy men like him. Alexa is radiant and Wright ends up forlorn and abandoned when Alexa finds an opportunity for fun in the bathroom with Lucas Frost. We get three beautiful shots of Alexa squatting in front of Frost as she blows him which are quite lovely. Her slender body looks great from behind and I love the fact that she was fully nude.

The final sex scene carries a great twist and both Mclane and Wright nail the mood. Bush fans will love this scene as Wright makes sure to keep her well-groomed mons pubis on display through much of the action. At one point Wright is riding Mclane and they are looking into each other’s eyes intently. The camera pans back to give us a more complete view but it stops just short of showing us Wright’s ass as she grinds herself into a frenzy on Mclane’s cock which I thought was maybe a missed opportunity. It would have really been nice to see Wright’s whole body right at that moment as she was connecting with Mclane with such intensity.

The film ends with a revelation that contradicted the specific culmination I felt the movie was setting me up for, turning all that expectation on its head. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but here it just didn’t work for me personally. Alexa experienced a nice resolution, but Morgan’s motivations made her repeated torment of Ryan confusing and the impact of Ryan’s journey was lessened. Still, Whitney Wright is a standout in this film and deserves to be recognized while it’s always a joy to watch Alexa Grace perform.


Ryan lives a simple life of banging as many hot chicks as he can, until one night his world turns upside down. He has been cursed to switch sides and experience life on the other side of the coin as a hot chick. Will Ryan learn his lesson or stay a female for the rest of his life?

Count Serreno