Intimate Castings 5

Evil Angel
Intimate Castings 5

We’re treated to seven ladies (including one granny!) from mostly Hungary (with a tasty Russian pixie thrown in for good measure/pleasure) in this rockin’ Euro vice venture from Evil Angel director/performer Rocco Siffredi.

Rocco basically interviews one lady after another, sometimes two bitches at the same time, in a room somewhere in Europe, with lucky fella Chad Rockwell starting things off by pumping the mouth (but, unfortunately, not the pussy) of pretty little Evelina, 20, from Moscow (check out those firm tits! ... on Evelina, not Chad); all of the other sluts in “Castings 5” are Hungarian, with one of the nastier ones, 23-year-old Loren, showing up right after Evelina’s suck-off, with the sleepy-eyed Loren deepthroating Rocco (who, by the way, says “nasty” about a million times, so you’ve been warned), before our Italian stallion seriously shithole-slams her, with the big-eyebrowed vixen (a sexy thing, indeed!) loving every inch of her rectum-reaming.

20-year-old Felicia is then tonsil- and twat-attacked by Chad with Felicia having these amazing, slightly big boobies with large nipples, a highlight definitely being her fine fanny getting doggied. Next, we have a threesome between Elisa, 58 (yes, 58), and short-haired 20-year-old Tricia Teen, whom both bravely take on Rocco, with (as you’d X-pect) some raunchy results. Tricia translates the English for Elisa, but it’s the “international language” which eventually takes over, as both whores get their ass furiously obliterated by Roc cock. Elisa, by the way, doesn’t mind ATOGM’s. Good granny! “Yeah, beech,” says Tricia, who doesn’t mind ATOGMs, either. Rocco obviously can never be accused of ageism, that’s for fuckin’ (and suckin’!) sure, with our man from Europe eventually spurting on Tricia’s mouth, with Ms. Teen sharing the spunk with dirty Elisa… it’s a beautiful thing!

And, even though the movie ends with two blowjobs — one with Alexis Brill, 23; the other with Candi Licious, 22 — it’s not at all anti-climactic, as ultra-fox Alexis gives an amazing suck-off to sex freak Chad Rockwell. Ms. Brill has a super spinner’s body, at one point sucking, sucking, sucking and sucking Chad’s bone in the same exact position for a good five minutes, until he blows his load. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a patient little slut the likes of Ms. Brill. Just the kind I adore! We have Candi Licious slowly stripping in the background as she watches this impressive BJ; with Candi playing with her pussy through a, no doubt, fragrant pair o’ undies. Alexis then shares some of Rockwell’s spillage with randy Candi. “I like sparm (sperm),” coos Ms. Licious, who then blows Rocco POV style, rims him (for a relatively long time), with Siffredi even sitting his shitter on the blonde cutie’s curious mouth. I just wish we could have seen both ladies (especially Alexis!) getting fucked. Oh, well. Next slime around.

Even though the action all takes place in the same room (then again, so what?), “Rocco’s Intimate Castings 5” is a thoroughly solid entry in the “Castings” series, thanks especially to a fine group of horny, filthy, upbeat and cute Eastern European sluts. Love ‘em!


Legendary pornographer and horse-hung ladies' man Rocco Siffredi likes to turn talent auditions into crazy, nasty spectacles. In Rocco's Intimate Castings #5, the Italian auteur and beefy British stud Chad Rockwell subject sexy Euro sluts to nasty face fucking, anal domination and free-for-all kink. Eighteen-year-old Evelina is a shy Russian beauty. Chad throat-fucks the submissive girl and cums in her mouth. Rocco gives hot, black-haired Loren a ferocious ass fucking that makes her sphincter gape. College girl Felicia gags on Chad's boner until her mascara runs; he ruthlessly rails her bald pussy. Super-cute, shorthaired Tricia Teen joins 58-year-old GILF Elisa for some twisted, cross-generational fun! The lusty grandma and the teenage minx rim Rocco's asshole and worship his giant cock, and he sodomizes them both. Tanned, slender Alexis Brill slobbers on Chad's stiff pole, and he spurts hot semen into her mouth. Candee Licious gives Rocco's huge meat pole a tasty blow job in POV-style footage; his meat splatters her adorable face.

Mickey Foster