Slutty Angels

Evil Angel
Slutty Angels

On two discs, director/performer Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel give you four tramps — with X-tremely well-preserved 32-year-old Korean-American (from North Carolina) Kalina Ryu doing her first on-screen anal — getting their throats and anuses stretched beyond (what seems like) human limits. Score!

And director Darkko hits the shit (and ground) running with world-premiere footage of deepthroat sexpert Kalina happily taking it up the crapper. After we view (perhaps way too much) glam footage of Kalina, literally, blowing bubbles, we move (thankfully!) to her blowing bubbles of spit on Darkko’s greasy pale cock. As usual, she gives a killer blowjob. Deep. Saliva-drenched. Bubble-enriched. Choke-infused. Amazing stuff. She even licks disembodied Darkko’s dung ditch! Yechhh! Dirty girl! And when Jonni cornholes Kalina during the spoon position, hey, this little Asianette of a whore is in no pain, trust me. This hussy has definitely done this kinda filthy crap before. And if you can take Kalina’s nonsensical giggling and shameless mugging at the camera, her fine ass and sweet cunt will absolutely get you off. Hell, there’s almost exactly 90 glorious minutes of Kalina’s animated and lascivious antics, so be prepared for some crazed fun.

Next on disc one is amazing anal princess Megan Rain (20, from Palm Springs, California), who (as always!) does not disappoint. After giving a fine, deep, smooth and gentle blowjob, she offers up spoon-style anal, shoving (like Kalina) a big black dildo up her cunt, followed by doggie anal (with some marvelous gaping) and (a personal fave) pretzel-anal. Towards the end, degenerate Darkko injects a buncha fake white goo up her cunt and jams his Jonni joint in said slimed twat, just before he yanks it out and Megan blows him to a frothy finish, with her fab scene lasting a little over an hour. Good stuff, lemme tell ya.

Disc two begins with ever-horny 32-year-old L.A.-tina Vicki Chase (an old-time Darkko suck-and-screw-on-film-for-dollars sex pal), whom he shares here with Russian sex-freakazoid Markus Tynai. During her own cunt and ass banging session, whore Vicki is in such ecstasy, it looks like she’s actually gonna cry. Wow. Spoon-anal, of course, is always a super way to showcase a succulent pair of porn-whore butt cheeks, which is what Chase offers here. After both Jonni and Marcus take turns invading all of her holes, Chase gets ‘em both off with a grand double BJ; a nice touch being some rewind footage of the sperm-flying action, shot from a different angle in slow-mo. Fun! And Vicki’s scene lasts 75 minutes, too!

Finally, for the remainder of the disc, you get uber whore Holly Hendrix totally relishing that over-exposed Darkko dick with her own loving mouth, cunt and shit chute. After the glam stuff, Holly (19, from Indiana) offers her brown starfish for some grand doggie slammin’. And during pretzel-anal Holly’s “holes (are) talking to (Darkko),” in her own nasty words; in more direct terms, they’re pussy farts and just, well, plain ol’ farts (if, that is, a fart can ever really be — whew! — plain). Holl’s anal gaping form is first-class. “Omg, that’s fucking deep!” she says (and means it!) numerous times. “Back in,” she moans after Darkko gapes her. “Back in,” the insatiable waif cunt-tinues to groan. Love ya, Holl! She’s just such a happy, upbeat, trampish little trouper! Her way-high-energy scene, by the way, finishes with a good, deep sexy blowjob, which (like any form of sex!) Holly can’t seem to get enough of. Hendrix rocks the people’s cock!

No shit — you do not wanna miss this epic gonzo anal adventure with four of the industry’s finest fuckholes. And I’m damn pleased to see that Kalina Ryu has finally (!) offered up her fudge-factory to on-camera cock. It’s definitely some superior shit-hittin’ which musta cost Herr Darkko some big bucks. Thanks, Jon-boy!


Mingling the art of high glamour with the low perversity of the nastiest hardcore smut, director Jonni Darkko's Slutty Angels showcases elegant cock whores, luxurious throat fucking and sublime anal filth. Each lady debauchee in the multi-racial cast teases the camera in seductive lingerie. Asian-American beauty Kalina Ryu drips with spit as she slurps and rides on Jonni's meat, double-stuffing her holes with a giant black dildo. Kalina takes a messy anal pounding and a speculum exam. Jonni goes straight to the anal route with adorable, young Megan Rain, who pumps her pussy with a huge rubber dong. She fills her stretched-out orifices with thick lube. Latina lust bucket Vicki Chase offers every opening to the director and studly Markus Dupree. When she's been thoroughly sodomized, the guys splash Vicki's pretty face with spunk. Tiny, exotic anal princess Holly Hendrix stuffs her oiled asshole with a massive glass toy and the director's thick prick. The nasty girl plays with a mouthful of cum.

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