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Casual Encounters

Yep, it’s another one of those “50 Shades of Grey” knockoffs. Still, “Casual Encounters” is pretty darn good porn, i.e., a fuck feature (cleverly shot without dialogue, even!) that’s good enough for couples, pervs and, better still, perverted couples. Yeah!

Anyhow… after Ann (Jessica Drake) surfs over various dating sites to hook up with someone, she settles on Derrick (Derrick Pierce), who meets her in an underground club before meat-ing her in the joint’s craphouse (where no one, lucky for them, turns up to take a dump whilst they’re in mid-pump). Drake, even at 41, still looks fab, with a totally killer body — especially that still-juicy ass.

Then… Derrick starts taking erotic cunt-rol over Ana and sending her on kinky X-cursions — like sucking/fucking a total stranger (Marcus London) in a desolate, shadowy parking structure — and she starts to really dig the kink, eventually walking in on him (by arrangement) as he’s rear-slamming a luscious whore (Romi Rain) on a hotel bed, leading to the movie’s hottest scenes, with Rain’s bounteous butt cheeks wobbling all over the place as Pierce pummels her, with Rain also ultimately proving herself the absolute best cocksucker in the movie.

Soon enough… Derrick takes Ann to the nocturnal outskirts of town, where she’s blindfolded and hammered by three boners (Masterson, St. Croix, Pete), while voyeurs in parked cars watch the sperm-spectacle with the aid of their headlights, with a nice double penetration eventually unfolding, which, though sexy, is a bit static due to the lack of revealing camera angles. Oh well…

Finally… there’s somewhat of a plot twist (if a rather confusing one!) in the last sex scene, a fairly steamy threesome between Drake, Pierce and Olivia Austin, with both ladies sucking a mean prick.

In cunt-clusion… “Casual Encounters” is, for the most part, a well-shot feature with enough nastiness to make it worth your viewing/spewing pleasure… even with the unseemly appearances of those (darn! darn! darn!) condoms.


Julie embarks on a sexual journey by answering an ad in the casual encounters section of a website. She unlocks her deep desires, and finds that within her lies an untapped side of her sexuality. She wants more than just the normal relationship with one man, or one woman. She wants it all, and she wants to feel everything; experience sex in a whole new way.

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