Colombian Fuck Fest #4

Bang Bros
Colombian Fuck Fest #4

There really is no evidence that this Bang Bros. gonzo was actually filmed in Colombia. But, hey, forget about such formalities. Why? Because “Colombian Fuck Fest #4” features five marvelously meaty Latina lust bunnies, and that means big-ass heaven, buster!

The two best scenes, in fact, bookend the movie; namely, the opener with Rubenesque, extremely pretty Sofia, as well as the last scenario with the slightly older but similarly curvaceous, sexy-as-fuck Sandra. Now Sofia... whoa! She’s such an incredible piece o’ work. Always smiling, this exotic young thing gets seriously probed in the great outdoors, her big butt cheeks bouncing all over the fucking place. And check out those superb, all-natural big boobies!

Camila is another big-bottomed babe who, in her own salacious scenario, gets heatedly reamed by a black mamba, with Camila really showing off that round ’n’ brown rump o’ hers in various horny positions.

Scene three has, once again, Sofia (yes!), Camila, and some hot cunt named Juliana blowin’ guys on a yacht somewhere on placid waters, with the hoes eventually goin’ land-ho and doin’ some more man-gland-lovin’ with their oral portholes.

Our fourth “Fuck Fest” entry has a sweetie named Samy getting slamm-ied by some lucky prick, who, quite visibly, enjoys the more voluptuous qualities of this rather pretty young tramp, and that, of course, includes her bounteous butt muffins.

Lastly, we have — going butt-to-butt with the horny-as-hell initial scene featuring Sofia — a slightly older big-assed whore named Sandra who sucks a mean prick and takes it deep up her undoubtedly steamy Colombian twat. Great slutty face on this marvelous trollop, too. And what a marvel-ass (as in big, big, big) pair o’ smooth butt cakes!

“Colombian Fuck Fest #4” is a strong amateur-filled entry, with a quintet of lush Latinas reveling in getting cunt-blasted. And even though rubbers are hangin’ ‘round, the sex is still quite sizzling.


Sofia - Fucking Colombian amateur tight pussy is always great. Sofia, Juliana, & Camila - Sexy amateur Latinas from Colombia love to fuck outdoors. Samy - Samantha's fuck fest. Sandra - Big titties and huge ass. Camila - Hot big booty Latina loves to get fucked.

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