Anal Buffet 12

Evil Angel
Anal Buffet 12

In this A-mazing two-disc set from Evil Angel and director Jay Sin, you get five of the year’s most incendiary scenes, all of which — as the apt title implies — have anal lickings and stickings. Not a bad-looking bitch in the lot, either, including a superb mix of American and Euro fuckholes. We even get a terrific lesbian bonus scene, with plenty of in-your-face anus worshiping and a nice array of rose budding, if you like that kinda shit. But, hey, MUCH more than that salacious dyke stuff, yer gonna wanna get “Anal Buffet 12” for the intense, uncompromising cock-in-ass slammings, which is all OVER the place among this wild smorgasbord o’ delicious American and European female treats.

And disc one is off to a volcanic start, indeed, as Casey Calvert and Danica Dillon vibe-ream then gobble up each other’s butthole, before each gets her well-dampened crapper seriously rootered by Austrian degenerate Mick Blue, with joyous/abundant inter-lewds of ATOGM (ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth). Actually, Casey reminds me of a young Susan Stasberg (Google her), and what a marvelous gaper Casey is; her tasty, oven-hot craphole wonderfully dilating at magical moments. LOVE this bitch! And check out her mesmerizingly alluring smile as the camera pans away at the cunt-clusion of the torrid tryst. A truly wicked beauty!

Next we get two terrific Euro honeys — Czech mate Mea Melone and French Tiffany Doll, each possessing an unforgettably juicy butt — getting pummeled by bald-headed Italian perv Cristian Devil (real clever name there, Luigi). The girls spend a good deal of time anal-reaming and ass-tasting each other before the Devil man appears, really making sure these lasses are gonna be incessantly passing gas for a good, solid week after this scene. By the way, Tiffany has a PERFECT ass, while we love how Mea’s big, golden-brown butt cakes jiggle like mad in cowgirl and doggie positions. These ladies are definitely Euro faves. GOOD whores! And don’t miss Mea squirting (whatever it is she’s squirting!) all over the place as Cris is jack-hammering her poo-poo, with ever-grinning Tiff gettin’ a face-fulla ‘gush.’ Whoa, baby!

Disc 1 ends with a vengeance, as three super cunts o’ porn — London Keyes, Dana DeArmond and Maddy O’Reilly — get cakehole-, cunt-, and crapper-crammed by Prince “THAT’S what I’m talkin’ ‘bout” Yahshua. The girls are dressed in these cute sorta sports bikinis with striped socks and (natch) high-heels in some sorta makeshift weight room. And, damn, there are just SO many great moments in this showstopper (including lotsa girl-girl-girl poop-pit noshing, uncompromising cock-choking, and grungy ATOGMs), with one of the most fanny-tastic segments unfolding when our trio of outstanding sluts are upon their knees, all in a row, asses up, as Mr. PY goes from one delectable (twat then) anus to the other, in a great show of ATOGA (ass-to-other-girl’s-ASS!), with this entire inferno closing (NOTHING is really closed in this movie!) with, as you would expect from this otherworldly slut, London Keyes licking PY’s still-steaming sperm offa the ass cheeks of Dana and Maddy. London’s a keeper, alright! One precious, nay, PRICELESS piece of ass!

And Disc 2 is jam-packed with yet ANOTHER batch of topnotch derriere-drillin’ decadence, starting with Cristian Devil’s man-root invasion of blonde Russian hussies Lindsey Olsen and Lolita Taylor (Lolita being the more fair-skinned of the two succulent slatterns). Both girls are wonderful deepthroaters, especially Lindsey, who’s a pleasure to watch as she attempts to gulp down Cristian’s fat ‘n’ wrinkled cudgel, while we also love watching her wink her dung ditch when Devil Boy gapes it. Yeah!

Next we have two molten American trollops — Anikka Albrite and Dahlia Sky — each taking on the ever-returning Mick Blue. After getting their awesome butt cheeks all greased up, the gals double gag on Blue’s bone, after which he cunt-bangs ’em, with the other untangled girl licking the fuckee of the moment’s quivering anus. And when it comes to the bimbos each getting colon-clogged, watching Anikka’s oiled-up, stupend-ass butt muffins frantically wiggle and wobble in the cowgirl position will blow your mind… and your load. Great scenes of ATOGMs here, too — as in ALL of this winning title’s nuclear episodes.

Lastly, we have a filthy lesbo threesome ’tween American tramp Proxy Page and slightly older Euro fuck-sockets Alysa Gap (from Russia, she’s the brunette) and equally vintage vadge Raisa Wetsx (who’s definitely Eastern European—probably Romanian—but with no stats whatsoever… so, hey, use your imaginations, gents). And, as mentioned earlier, if you like rose-budding, wait until you see what Raisa has in store for you, with Proxy and Alysa rimming every inch o’ that prolapsed pooper like it’s a hot Arby’s sandwich or somethin’; not at all taking any credit away from the gaping, happily winking glory of Alysa Gap’s dung ditch (think her last name was intended to have been spelled “Gape”?), as well as Proxy and her own narly anus-ejection shenanigans. And, boy, do these ladies love eating stinkhole! Additionally, you just can’t GET a big enough dildo to satiate these always-smiling, adorable (hell, we even love Proxy’s popsicle-colored hair!), delightfully bent wenches.

Yep — “Anal Buffet 12” is one of the very BEST movies of the entire year, with ALL of our Buffet butt sluts having a fun-bun time with one another during their righteous rectal reamings. And, we’re also elated to report, this one is strictly… FOR HARDCORE PERVS ONLY! Hallelujah.


Get ready for an all-you-can-eat banquet of butt-stretching anal sex, girl-on-girl rim jobs and ass-to-mouth fun! Rectal Renaissance man Jay Sin brings his favorite brunch ladies together for the gourmet feast “Anal Buffet 12,” featuring lesbian ass worship and the occasional giant, throbbing cock for insatiable backdoor beauties to enjoy.

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