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A person who’s “catfished” is one who’s been deceived by a faker misrepresenting himself/herself on Facebook and/or some other form of social media, And in this Digital Playground feature, the person being, supposedly, catfished is played by none other than sweet, little, highly fuckable Riley Reid, whose character is trying to get back into the dating scene several years after a nasty divorce. And it’s basically a steady flow of solid but far-from-over-the-top sex episodes which recommend “Catfished,” making it excellent porn fodder for that ever-mysterious couples crowd…somewhere out there.

Starting things off, Eva Lovia — playing Riley’s concerned gal-pal, constantly suggesting that her friend start seriously dating again — gets it on with her on-screen hubby Derrick Pierce in a passionate though tragically flawed sequence. That is, while Lovia is a grand deepthroater, with a positively awesome pair of cheeks — well displayed in the cowgirl position here — our director, for whatever crazed reason, forgets to include her getting it doggie style. A major boo-boo seeing as Lovia’s major asset IS her ass.

Shortly thereafter, Reid’s friendly neighbors, in the forms of Zoey Monroe and Steven St. Croix, invite her and male friend (Daniel Hunter) over for dinner, but before serving the Folgers, Monroe and St. Croix excuse themselves to go upstairs and sweatily boink in bed. Monroe is a hottie — who you can tell sincerely enjoys her work — complete with a tight body. Like Lovia, she’s another terrific cockgagger. St. Croix slams it to her from behind for a good long time. Jackhammers her, too. But what’s this? — just TWO sex positions? What’s up with that, Herr Director?

By this time, Reid and Hunter have made it back home, with Hunter (looking like some kinda creepy country singer) hollowly uttering such lines as, “Let’s have sex,” just before they follow suit, ultimately giving us another good doggie session. “Slow and deep,” Reid purrs to him. “You can pull my hair,” she also hornily suggests. We’re also treated to a little cowgirl, then a good missionary session, with Riley visibly feeling the earth move, even though she doesn’t consider this guy a “date” of any sort. In fact, the next morning, she goes online to check out mating sites, soon sending out/receiving (impossible-to-read) messages to/from a potential boyfriend.

We next see Riley’s ex-hubby, played by Mr. Pete, get it on with his new lady, the much taller Holly Heart, who proves herself a fast-and-furious fuck, as she and Petey seriously hump in the kitchen. Yep, it’s one of those ‘porn pantry’ episodes. He really drills her gagging throat, and (in one of the movie’s few instances) gets into various positions with Heart, at one point jamming his thumb six-pack style into her steamy butthole, while also spanking the groaning, big-assed, cock-stuffed bitch. Hot stuff.

The last scene has Riley in the shower, passionately sucking and fucking Jessy Jones, who’s, apparently, the guy she met online — or is he? Numerous great suck/fuck angles here, with Riley’s wet body really shining, in more ways than one. We soon find out, however, that she just imagined the whole tryst. Turns out our poor starry-eyed Juliet has been messaging/texting her Romeo for a year — and they still haven’t met! Something seem amiss? You betcha. Does she really ‘meat’ her dream guy? Actually, the story’s (figurative) climax has a somewhat nice twist worth checking out.

Steadily horny sex with attractive (and in Holly Heart’s case, just plain sexy) females combined with a relatively modern storyline make “Catfished” a perfect couples movie. Yet the movie’s main drawbacks are the unrealized coverage of a highly sizzling Eva Lovia; a shortage of sex positions in the majority of scenes; and an abrupt ending, carelessly leaving the viewers to come up with his/her own denouement (there’s a word for ya!).


A sexy divorcee yearns for love, but is looking in all the wrong places. Her ex has already moved in between the legs of much younger busty blonde, and her best friend is happy consummating her marriage. Nevertheless she has one guy, but he's mostly interested in screwing her than committing. In a desperate attempt, she makes an online profile and meets an incredible guy. They've tried to meet several times, but sadly never do. She's sexually frustrated, but can't get away from sex because her horny neighbors can't stop fornicating! In the end, she demands they meet, but will she find the man of her dreams, or discover a lie?

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