Cum Inside Me

Cum Inside Me

While this series is nothing new under the sun — i.e., white cunts getting cream pied by black boners — it features four delicious females, with the two blondes (Kennedy and Aaliyah) tastily sandwiched between one brunette (Ava) and a brown-haired vixen (August). And not only is each young lady ultra sexy, but she knows how to shake her (literal) money maker, as well as courageously take a hearty gamete-gushing inside her baby hole like a true champ; with one of those same maidens — i.e., lovely, luscious limey Ava — being downright gorgeous!

In fact, “Cum Inside Me starts” off with none other than British goddess Ava Dalush, who is definitely the most beautiful of all the, equally bangable, tarts in this title — with Ava proving herself the most seductive, as well. From her picture-perfect face, right down to her shapely legs — not overlooking a wondrously pert set o’ tits and fantastically round, succulent ass — Ava is simply irresistible. And it’s not so much her attractive English accent as the wench’s understated but still deeply debauched attitude which turns us on.

“Stretch me,” Dalush vampishly whispers to humongously hung Michael Williams, as she’s nude and bent over upon hands and knees — and, boy, does Williams expand those London lips! Unfortunately, he doesn’t achieve much acceleration (as in pussy pounding) during doggie, since the guy is SO huge, he might easily split the Blighty bitch in half. Still, each position is as hot as Hades, including the final cowgirl/creampie position: Once the black behemoth has deposited its white venom, Ava ultimately purrs, “I can feel that cum tricklin’ out my cunt.” Awesome.

Kennedy Kressler’s a jump-worthy, svelte spinner who knows all the right moves. She has a smokin’ wiry figure and visibly digs Jason Brown, as he tries to ream her brains out. Unfortunately, like Williams, he doesn’t get a chance to really wail with his wagger, as his arm-sized cock is so…well…arm-sized! Still, it’s fun and horny stuff to watch as it all happens — or doesn’t!

And, of course, you can never go wrong with Aaliyah Love, here being as energetic, upbeat, and whorish as ever. Juicy is a good word to describe her overall body, while Love’s ever-smiling face is mousy-cute, and, unlike her predecessors in “Cum Inside Me,” she has plenty of space in her all-consuming twat to let massive invader Jovan Jordan really run his black submarine far-from-silent and way-deep inside Love’s pink, wildly rippling waters. And observe how sweaty her body gets (especially those munch-worthy butt cheeks!) throughout this steamy session.

Lastly, we have DVD cover girl August Ames, looking thoroughly scrumptious, as Jason Brown manages to — unlike his session with Kressler — savagely attack the dame with his killer (totally-fill-her-until-you-spill-into-her) driller. And, man, does he smack those bountiful butt muffins with both open hand and brutish boner! Plenty of good energy here, too, as AA does a damn fine job of tackling Brown’s monstrous meat-sicle, right down to the gobs o’ goo oozing from his ebony tube steak into her velvety vadge.

As with any creampie title, it’s hard to prove the veracity of an internal pop sequence, but “Cum Inside Me” has the guys, for the most part, blast partially inside and partially outside the big V to prove that the filling in the cake ain’t fake, making this title — in addition to a winning quartet of comely coquettes — absolutely worth a look-see.


XBIZ award winning studio proudly presents “CUM INSIDE ME,” featuring Ava Delush, August Ames, Kennedy Kressler and Aaliyah Love, who all share their passion for Interracial Creampies. This movie is about quality! It offers next level production values and is directed by award winning director Greg Lansky.

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