Voracious Season 2 Volume 4

Evil Angel
Voracious  Season 2 Volume 4
“Voracious” fans take note: This special double-disc volume of the atmospherically dark, sexually intense (and we mean intense!) vampire series from Evil Angel auteur John Stagliano is supposedly the conclusion of the amazing blood-and-cum-sucker saga. So, if you’re looking for a final shot of in-yer-face sex that bites back—with fangs, even!—sink yer teeth into this tasty stuff.

Disc 1 begins with “Are You the Last One?”, in which our modern-day Van Helsing (in the form of James Deen) tracks down and ravages the city’s (that is, San Francisco’s) supposedly last vamp, disguising herself as a palm reader (played by Stoya). Deen chloroforms Stoya, takes her to his digs, binds her, and has her give him a righteous blowjobs—once, that is, he medically numbs her mouth so that she doesn’t bite off the prick’s prick. And being the freak that she is, Stoya insanely laughs when Deen slaps her around. And we mean SLAP!

“Can You Feed On Me? has Lea Lexis doing her usual gymnastic antics—and after all of the hoopla, finally (what we’re all waiting for), she gets it on with vamp devotee Wolf Hudson, who heatedly cornholes her, which is especially great in the pretzel position.

“It’s Really a Shame You’re A Vampire” has us back at Deen’s pad, wherein he finally fucks the chain-bound Stoya, who provides awesome eye contact as she’s getting reamed up her poop-pit. “Don’t You Want to Bite Me?” has Deen continuing to ravish Stoya, spending a lot of time doing her vadge doggie style this time, eventually spurting into the vamp’s hungry mouth in the mish posish. The last episode on disc 1, “Impress Me Ladies,” features the head dyke/mistress, Rain DeGrey, of a way-fucked-up half-way house (where everyone frequently goes all-the-way!), as she dildo-reams girls Roxy Raye and Ashley Fires, and has them ream each other. “The devil hides in deep and dark places,” DeGrey sternly states to four bitches in a large padded cell, “and it is my mission to cast out the devil.” Rain then makes Roxy Raye and Ashley Fires gape their mouths and holes, via huge dildos, to inhuman proportions, as the other two waifs watch. Ultimately, Raye feeds on the fresh-ass-juice-smeared device dunked in and out of Fire’s crapper, before Rain drives both sluts crazy with separate giant white vibes.

And the entirety of disc 2, “I am Foul and Corrupt,” is completely devoted to the cunt-clusion of the series—and oh what a send-off. Highlights include a gathering of hot sluts at the cursed half-way house, including naked wenches getting decorated with fluorescent paint and sucking huge glow-(blow-)in-the-dark dildos; in which fuck-slaves Skin Diamond, Ashley, and Raye all devour cunt and ass. Another highlight has big-shit bloodsucker Vlad (Rocco Siffredi) tracking down his vampire nemesis (played by Lea Lexis). But, taking a break in his nocturnal hunt, he fucks—outdoors, in the dark (of course), and against a giant granite pillar—the living shit outta Roxy, Ashley, and (get this) Rain DeGrey! Yes! Finally, Rain gets her cum-uppance, as she’s hand-choked, cock-chocked, and ass-poked. But is this threesome for Vlad perhaps a trap? No spoilers here. Find out who’ll really be the last vamp standing—and fucking!—in this (hardcore) lust for lust.

And, if all that crazed sex weren’t enough, this special package of “Voracious” (The Finale) also includes video commentaries; behind-the-scenes footage; extra sex; and a full-color, 24-page booklet outlining—with spectacular pix!—the entire series.

Get it—or regret it.


Episodes 13-18 of John Stagliano's groundbreaking "Voracious" series continues to deliver undead lust, vampire intrigue and kinky, hard-core sex.

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