James Deen's 7 Sins Pride

Evil Angel
James Deen's 7 Sins Pride
In this bizarre, at times even erotic Evil Angel title from stud-turned-director James Deen, we witness the depraved goings-on in the sterile mansion of a supposed psychopath (our stud-director) as he cunt-rols several cunts (Calvert, DeArmond, Marie, Vespoli), with the best scene, by far, being Deens’ ravaging of Calvert.

The problem here is that half of the scenes have the main three slaves/meat-puppets (DeArmond, Marie, Vespoli) wearing grotesque, totally creepy and, thus, far-from-alluring masks of James Deen’s face as the masked trio first fuck — with big, wagging, flesh-like dongs — a captured and slightly struggling Calvert, and then are fucked in tandem by Deen himself. Not only are the masks hideous, but you don’t know which woman is which, except maybe for Phoenix Marie, who has blonde hair.

Afterwards, however, Deen really lays some serious pipe on Calvert — orally, vaginally, anally — and it really is quite smoldering, including some nice ATMs. A real show stopper, indeed, seeing as Calvert is not only hot as hell, but she’s totally loving her rough-and-ready plugging.

Calvert then snaps out of her trance, chokes Deen (who doesn’t even defend himself), after which she, in turn, seems to break the spell the maniac had cast upon these enslaved women, who, in their newfound freedom, masturbate side-by-side and then fuck one another in a fairly torrid lesbo foursome.

High points to Deen for unfolding the whole story without one word of dialogue; yet, except for the Calvert/Deen & lesbo scenes, there’s far more pride (for Deen) than joy (for the viewer) in this title.


James Deen’s 7 Sins: PRIDE” continues the ambitious pornographer’s artistic hard-core series with a surreal vision of sexual self-obsession. The scenes flow seamlessly, creating a continuous dreamscape. Blindfolded Casey Calvert kneels, surrounded by dark-suited, masked porn beauties Dana DeArmond, Phoenix Marie and Dana Vespoli. It’s an eerie tableau — strap-on dongs point from their flies and they wear James Deen face masks! Casey takes the aggressors’ phalluses up the ass, gasping, groaning and sucking dildo. Suits and masks still in place, the entranced trio hotly displays ass for the real James. He drives his dick up the side-by-side butts in succession before cum-facialing their Deen masks. Silently they witness James choking, spit-smearing and cock-smacking naked Casey. He reams her pussy and asshole; she sucks ass-to-mouth, swallows cum ... and chokes him till he passes out! Leaving conquered James on the floor, Casey unmasks the mysterious beauties for a passionate, marathon all-girl orgy of mouth kissing, face sitting, toe sucking, even a fist shoved in a mouth.

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