WIA Profile: Erika Greenberg

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What do you like most about working in the adult entertainment industry?

I was a copywriter for several large advertising agencies

Before I came to WantedList, I was a copywriter for several large advertising agencies. I got really tired of the corporate infrastructure with all the rules and dress codes. Now, I can wear jeans and tees everyday. And, I don't have to cover up my tattoos or take out my piercings.

What do you like the least?

When I go to industry events and the photographers find out I work in the industry, think I'm talent and want to take topless shots of me.

In your opinion, what sets WantedList apart from other online adult DVD rental services?

We are all about our customers. We carry over 20,000 titles and add about 100 titles weekly. Plus, we offer out of the ordinary content such as the Wet Bar Interviews (where we ask porn stars about their favorite drinks and worst pick-up lines used on them) and Dear Betty, a sex advice column. Additionally, we have WantedList Rewards, a customer rewards program where customers get points just for being customers, writing reviews and buying products on our site. They can take these points and get items in the store and/or bid on auctions.

Do you think that as user-end bandwidth grows in capacity, we will see a move away from hard media like DVD in favor of direct-download of movies?

Yes. There are two positions we take here at WantedList to this question. The first is that porn is about instant gratification. The faster the user can get their content delivered to them, the more likely they'll use that service. Secondly, downloading content is an even more anonymous way to get adult content. The current need for the WantedList DVD rental by mail service is to move people out of video stores and allow users to get DVDs through the mail without the prying eyes of people. However, as bandwidth grows and people have the ability to quickly download high-quality DVD-clarity content through the Internet, people will switch from our DVD rental by mail service to VOD.

What's the biggest barrier to entry into the VOD market, in your opinion? The cost of licensing content? Technical infrastructure costs? Something else?

All of the above. My job is to coordinate the encoding process, as well as help with content licensing and it seems to be an endless job especially with a library of 20-30,000 titles.


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