A Focus on Cramming

Some personal observations – it's that time of year again when college coeds are stressed out from studying for exams; when guys are thinking about shopping for holiday gifts but procrastinating actually doing it until the final hours of the final day; and, when I feel a tad bit guilty every time I enjoy the views of young women at the beach areas of San Diego. If you're wondering if that guilty feeling is going to keep me from doing my daily routine at the beach again tomorrow – the answer is "NO!"

Lots of coeds in my part of town like to party, but it seems many of them like to "cram" being wild into an efficient period of intense un-stressing for 3-4 hours of beach area clubbing, then they return to their dorms or rentals and "cram" for exams or to work on deadlines for class project submissions (or they sleep so that they can awaken fresh in the morning, ready to attack their academic tasks). I can't help but be impressed by their dedication to do well in their studies. And, I like the way some of the girls masturbate or stop by for some sexual "cramming" as a way for them to better focus on their college requirements.

Meanwhile, the guys, however studious and focused they might be on making their parents proud of their academic grades, aren't as efficient with their personal time-management skills; instead, they set their priorities upon partying specifically for the purpose of getting laid; and, if they don't hook up with a coed or local girl, they often drink to excess as their college-guy excuse to cope with the stress of not getting a piece of ass. Very inefficient! Admittedly, I did a lot of the same thing when I was in college. In order to financially afford attending a Catholic College 30 miles from my hometown, I lived at home but bunched my classes into morning and early afternoon periods so that I could drive home and work 6-days a week at a supermarket. I had little time to party, but I usually drank my share of "coping" beers on Saturday nights when I didn't score some college or local girl. Unfortunately, Sunday church attendance was often with a throbbing headache, something that interfered with Sunday night studying, focusing, and cramming.

Now, lest you think that I presently spend every day behind my dark glasses jogging/walking the beach boardwalk and getting erections from the visuals of younger adult females sunbathing or jogging nearby, I need you to know that I don't do it everyday, just almost everyday – I don't do it on rainy days in San Diego (instead, on some rainy days I try to let one of the over-stressed horny coeds come by for some groupie girl playing).

Do I feel guilty about my beach fun? Heck, no. I think I'm just a normal guy, just like those driving by or looking at the ladies from the open fronts of the boardwalk bars and restaurants. We are all-American guys who appreciate pretty coeds, and MILF ladies. Maybe you're also one of today's normal men?

Ok, where am I going with all the stuff I've talked about here? Bottom line is that more and more females seem to be asserting their right to enjoy sex as sex, as well sex as a relaxing form of stress relief. No longer is it mostly men who use the Internet sites of women for there own one-sided sexual fulfillment; instead, I've noticed that lots of women now admit to also getting off via the Internet. I've also noted in recent years the increase in women hitting on other women for sex. I welcome the female gender into the sex-focused world that we men use, and hope that somehow we can expand mechanisms such as the traditional world of swinging to find ways to include everyone looking for a way to guiltlessly enjoy sex between and among consenting adults as God-given gifts to be welcomed and practiced as natural, normal, and healthy (e.g. stress relief, more attentiveness, higher productivity, and better focus – I think masturbation before embarking on a long drive will save lives!).

Emotional lovemaking is indeed fantastic, but while finding a mate for that ultimate form of sex, let's not forget to have sex as sex while we're awaiting the meeting of that special someone as our lifetime lover!

Happy Holidays!