Sara Jay

Sara Jay combines an ample bosom with a wide backside and an insatiable taste for high-energy action, especially interracial.

But given all that, we were surprised to find out that Jay also is a loving dog-owner and an avid techno-geek. Read on.

Desperate eyes of passion met Sara Jay in an Atlanta mall.

Here was the scene: Jay, her curves undoubtedly breaking every neck in the mall, ran into a google-eyed fan who stopped her and thrust a scrap of paper with his phone number in her hand.

"He had this urgency," Jay told XBIZ while discussing her upcoming movie "Sara Jay Loves Black Cock." "His eyes were all watery, big and desperate, like he was making a plea for his life. 'You don't understand,' he said."

Jay's assistant managed to separate her boss from the urgent fan, but on her way out of the mall, a pair of teenage guys came running out of the mall, telling Jay they loved her work.

On another trip, this one to Amsterdam, a fan pointed at her and said, "You're Sara Jay," then showed her a steamy clip he had of her on his phone.

As much as Jay enjoys The Beatles-like adulation, she likes her boundaries, too.

"I love my fans," said Jay, a Cincinnati, Ohio, native. "They're great, but ahhh! Please don't touch me."

It's easy to see how and why Jay inspires such passion in her fans. The "how" is wired into her DNA, with an assist from the surgeon's knife: Her measurements are 36-27-41, with a fabulously enhanced E-cup rack. She also boasts a cute face and a perpetually scheming grin. Clad in an Uhura-length skirt, Jay looks like a goofily buxom comic-book heroine escaped from a nearby panel.

So she's got the looks for professional sex, but as for the "why" of Jay's popularity, that goes right to the heart of how she exploits the dazzling relationship between her huge boobs and 41-inch hips.

"I like to fuck guys who like to fuck me," she said while describing her perfect sex scene. "My ideal scene would be on-time and smooth, and I'd come five times, my eyelashes would be glued to my forehead, my hair would be soaking wet, my mascara smeared, and I wouldn't remember my name. I call that getting 'sexed stupid.'"

In her career, Jay estimates that she gets sexed stupid 85 percent of the time, which means she's attacked the vast majority of her scenes with an intensity that makes her booty (and her fans' belt-lines) shiver with ecstasy.

But back to her new movie: Jay said that she hand-picked such super-hung cock-smiths as Byron Long, Peter Panther and Rod Diesel for what she calls a "typical" Sara Jay movie, though she doesn't mean "typical" in a bad way.

"There'll be lots of T&A, big cocks and lots of fucking," she said, though you big-booty fans out there will have to be content to simply watch her rump shake while she fucks — Jay has received all kinds of offers to do anal, but she never has.

And just in case any overzealous fans out there get any kooky ideas about trying to persuade Jay to do anal (or anything for that matter), be advised that she keeps in great shape and acts as den mother to a pack of six gigantic dogs at her Las Vegas home.

Notice how I didn't say that Jay "owns" her three pit bulls, two Neapolitan mastiffs and one bull-mastiff. She specified that as a serious dog-lover, her dogs aren't pets or property — they're her family.

"I'm just the head of the pack," she said.

Jay also lamented the nasty reputation that huge dogs like hers have.

"It's all about the owners and how they treat their dogs," she said. "There are a lot of stupid owners who don't know how to train them."

Jay's dogs get as heavy as 185 pounds and patrol her grounds behind a five-foot concrete wall that they could vault if the mood moved them.

"I don't even lock my doors," Jay said.

Jay's self-professed tomboy past infuses her current personal and professional life.

She's a gadget geek, with an iPod and a Treo, and she has plans to get an Apple iPhone and AppleTV as soon as possible. She already has downloadable iPod episodes on her personal site, and she wants to add more mobile content in the coming months, including SD cards, small memory devices that can plug into most cameras and computers.

Naturally, Jay wants to sell these little suckers packed with big-booty action.

And even if you manage to pull Jay away from her technology, she'll still have tools to work with.

She loves doing handiwork around the house. She can fix your plumbing. If she had a boatload of cash to spend on her pad, she'd lay down hardwood floors and upgrade her kitchen with a Sub-Zero fridge.

But the best news about Jay isn't her technical skill or her upcoming slate of steamy movies. The best news is that after six years of sharing her mind-blowing curves with the world, she sees no end to her fun in sight.

"When it stops being fun, I'll quit," she said.


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