Chameleon Link List Submitter

Adult webmasters are a busy lot; constantly struggling against the clock and attempting to fit more hours into the day – hours needed to perform the often tedious, repetitive and mundane chores required to operate and grow a profitable website. Smart operators will realize the advantage that automation provides in this regard; and are thus always on the lookout for ways to streamline tasks, that while necessary, can take time away from other important items on their daily to-do list. For free-site operators, one of these tools is the latest from Chameleon: its Link List Submitter software.

As the name implies, this tool is designed to automate the submission of free adult sites to the various link lists contained in the software’s database; which numbers 339 sites at the time of this article’s writing. While not every one of these 339 sites will be a match for the site you wish to submit, with factors such as niche, quantity and quality of content determining which link lists will accept your site; this tool will give you the best chances of being accepted; and perhaps even at link lists you didn’t know existed.

It’s this database that is at the heart of the system. Unlike static databases, the one used by Chameleon Link List Submitter is constantly monitored and updated, with closed or “bad” sites being removed and new link lists added. Upon start-up, the software prompts you to update the database and its associated reciprocal links, as well as the rules set for the link lists to ensure that your site is only submitted where it’s likely to be listed.

If you’re already familiar with the popular Chameleon Submitter software used by many gallery submitters, then the Link List Submitter will present no problems for you, as the interface and submission process are quite similar.

Chameleon Link List Submitter uses a simple seven-step process, where you first enter information about your free site and its content; next, a list of appropriate link lists is generated based upon the information you enter in step one. The software then duplicates your site, adding all of the required reciprocal links for the lists you will be submitting to. Step four is to upload and test your site using the built-in FTP client. Next, steps five and six involve the automatic submission of your site, as well as its manual submission where necessary. Finally, a report provides information on which link lists you’ve submitted to, as well as the status of that submission.

Sure, you can do all of this by hand; but it will take an awful lot longer and the results may not be nearly as good…

All of this sounds simple, and indeed, it is: but having said that, I’m aware that operators come with all levels of experience and technical sophistication; so that what is easy for one may be nearly insurmountable for another. With this in mind, it’s important that I tell you that what impresses me most about Chameleon software (besides its ease of use, the results you obtain and the time you’ll save) is the quality and scope of its documentation.

Not only does Chameleon Link List Submitter come with extensive and well-written help files, complete with numerous examples and screen-shots, but several free video tutorials are available for download on the Chameleon website that will guide you step-by-step through the process of using the software – and allow prospective users a chance to see the tool up-close before purchasing it.

No small point, I’ve used many software packages that had unnecessarily steep learning curves due to the woefully inadequate instructions (if any) that accompanied them; thus giving me a high level of appreciation for the efforts the Chameleon team went through to craft such a complete documentation suite.

Be Careful What You Ask For
At this point, however, I’d be remiss not to mention that some old-time link list owners hate the idea of auto-submitters and will ban you if they believe that is what you’re using. This isn’t “a Chameleon issue” but one of experiencing past abuses, where spammers and inexperienced operators used less-sophisticated submission software to bombard link list owners with tons of irrelevant submissions. This has resulted in a prejudice against any type of submission automation within some quarters – when these guys hear the phrase “auto-submission” they freak – they don’t even want to know about it.

Personally, I believe that many of these link list owners miss the point and simply do not understand what Chameleon Link List Submitter is or how it works. Being rules-based, it should only be submitting relevant free sites to relevant link lists; for example, submitting free mature sites with a certain number of images and recips to mature link lists that will require that certain number of images and recips; instead of to teen link lists that require a different number of images and recips.

Much of the rules-checking is performed by the script, but it is based upon information the user provides; so misuse (or intentional abuse) of auto-submitters is what has led to most of the problems, rather than the technology itself. The message here being, “learn how to use this powerful tool and all its options before making an ass of yourself and getting banned everywhere.”

I will give users of Chameleon Link List Submitter the same advice I’ve given to folks that have tried search engine submission software: While you might be able to submit your site all over the place, quickly and easily, with the push of a button; if it’s vital for you to be listed at say, Google – then submit your site to Google directly and not through the submission software.

If you want to be “super safe” then use Chameleon Link List Submitter in its “manual” mode exclusively. It’ll still be much faster than doing everything by hand: building and managing your reciprocal link tables with ease; and guiding you to the link lists that will list your site. While you shouldn’t encounter any problems when using the tool correctly in its automatic mode, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry – and you do have that option available.

By know you’ve probably figured out that I really like Chameleon Link List Submitter (as I do all of Chameleon’s products): it’s a time-saving tool that will help you to drive more traffic your way – and time-saving and traffic generation are among every adult webmaster’s goals: Try Chameleon Link List Submitter yourself, and make your life – and business operations – much easier.