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There are many types of operations, and operators, in the online adult entertainment industry. Some run their websites as a hobby, some as a business; but for others, it is more than either – it's a lifestyle. While some in this industry are more vocal than others in their advocacy of an adult's right to view the material of their choosing in the privacy of their own home, other folks get out in front of the public to provide a counter-point to other viewpoints and agendas, which are typically biased against us. One such couple gaining national media attention is Brandi and her husband Chris. They sent me the following about their recent exploits and I wanted to share it with you all:

According to some, the lure of the adult Internet industry has created a whole new avenue of infidelity. Guests on the February 28th Larry Elder Show are experiencing its aftermath firsthand. Internet addiction and marital infidelity have gone hand in hand for several of the men on Larry's show and their wives feel helpless to make it stop.

To defend and provide a balanced look at the adult industry, dispel the myth of pornography addiction, and support alternative if not controversial marital situations, Larry Elder invited Brandi and husband Chris, founders of NakedRhino Media, Inc.,, and featured personalities of

The premise of the show was to contrast their successful, alternative, lifestyle and adult Internet business from the broken relationships and misguided animosity of the first two guests.

Brandi and Chris say the Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to them and their marriage. As adult industry entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, the couple shares the experience of exploring traditional sexual taboos together. Though they acknowledge that their lifestyle isn't right for everyone, they say it adds more value to their own relationship.

Larry and guests hotly contested Brandi and Chris's ideas at the onset. Judging by the audience applause toward the close of the show however, it seemed as if Brandi and Chris had won the host and at least a majority of the attendees over.

This wasn't the couple's first television appearance, however:

The success of television shows such as Desperate Housewives and Gastineau Girls has generated fertile new territory for the controversial radio "shock jock" Howard Stern.

Brandi Love, Chief Financial Officer of NakedRhino Media, Inc. and featured personality of visited Howard's studio for a lively discussion.

Brandi's recent appearance with Howard Stern touched on a number sensitive issues leading to over 20,000 emails and a 760% increase in traffic to the companies various sites. The premise of the show was to discuss her potential appearance in Playboy Magazine featuring the country's genuine "desperate housewives." Howard said he appreciated how fit she kept herself and that in fact, her body might be in too good of shape for the publication.

A key component to the success of the E! segment and recent re-broadcast rests in the deal put together between NakedRhino/XclusiveCash and Tom Leach of

Brandi agreed to test Howard's now infamous Robospanker with the assistance of E! Producer Doug Goodstein. The show aired within a week on E! and is scheduled to repeat throughout the 2005 season.

"I wanted to come on the show for a number of reasons," stated Brandi. "One of my primary goals is to raise the level of education and tolerance for people who lead a lifestyle that is intriguing to many, intolerable to some and successfully enjoyed by more than a few."

Brandi and her husband Chris are scheduled guests on March 4, 2005, attending a gathering and signing with the Gastineau Girls of E! on March 5, 2005 and have also been asked to speak at LaGuardia Community College in March.

I was really interested in these stories not only on their face value, or because 'solid figures' were given to demonstrate the value in exposure and website traffic that an appearance in a major media outlet can provide; but as an example of a well executed marketing plan that not only attempts to provide a positive public image of the industry, and those who are in it, but effectively "markets the message."

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