Q&A: Seska Discusses Enduring Legacy as a Timeless Creator

Q&A: Seska Discusses Enduring Legacy as a Timeless Creator

Seska was raised in the suburbs of Montreal, where she experienced what she describes as a “quintessential middle-class upbringing.” An awkward nerd keen to do well in school, she was fascinated by sex ed but only had her first kiss when she was 18. Keeping to the straight and narrow path, Seska earned two university degrees and worked as an educator in after-school programs.

Then, in 1998, when she was 27, Seska and a boyfriend started going out to fetish and swinger clubs, which led them to discover the world of amateur online adult content. They saw an opportunity to change their lives and proceeded to create a paysite about their sexual adventures.

It’s amazing to be at this age and have new opportunities to make and sell pleasure-themed content.

Some highlights from her earlier years in the business include being featured on HBO’s “Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley,” speaking at SXSW as well as many industry conferences. She is also a writer who has penned articles and essays on eroticism, relationships, body image, sex workers’ rights, feminism and sexual health for her sites Seska For Lovers and Seskuality.

After retiring from the industry in 2010, she pursued personal development, studying nutrition, wellness, aging and personal growth modalities. For the next decade, she worked as an educator, burlesque performer and cabaret producer. In 2021, shortly after her 50th birthday, Seska decided to return to adult.

She now streams and creates content on sites like OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Chaturbate, Jerkmate and Slushy — not to mention her own paysite, — while working with FansRevenue to amplify her reach. She won FansRevenue’s first major contest for models and creators this year, and was nominated for a 2023 XBIZ Creator Award. Recently, Wasteland producer Colin Rowntree and director Bella Vendetta ushered in Seska’s return to studio shoots with “More, M’Lady! Seska’s Adventures in Servitude,” which pairs her with mature pro domme The Lady Katrina.

Now, basking in the XBIZ spotlight, Seska shares her triumphs, goals and vision for a continued legacy of timeless creation.

XBIZ: How have you evolved over the years, personally and professionally, since you first started out in the industry?

SESKA: When I first started my career in the adult industry, I was driven by the excitement of the unknown potential of the internet. I suppose I was naive in thinking that tech and culture were headed in a sex-positive, libertarian direction. Over the years, like my peers, I have encountered a variety of work challenges as anti-choice and anti-queer forces have tried to legislate us out of existence. Dealing with this has only made me more determined and resilient as a sex-positive anti-ageist feminist content creator.

Later, when I retired from on-camera work, I faced personal struggles — divorce, sobriety, being stalked and cancer — that led me on a healing journey. It may be cliché, but this not only enriched my personal life but also positively influenced how I engage professionally. I know what brings me pleasure but I also have a certain pragmatism that I didn’t have as a novice porn performer. Now, in my 50s, this next chapter in my career is one of embodied purpose and vision!

XBIZ: What are your primary revenue streams and which platforms are you most active on?

SESKA: My primary revenue stream for the past two years has been live cam shows on Jerkmate, followed by subscriptions to my paysite,, and PPV sales of photos and videos on OnlyFans and LoyalFans. I also do a bit of camming on Chaturbate in the form of a voyeur cam experience as I go about my day doing my admin work while wearing very little except a tip vibe. A lot of my old fans have rediscovered me there.

XBIZ: How do you stay organized and maintain work/life balance?

SESKA: I’ve always been a fan of organizational systems. I have a huge wall calendar to get the big picture for the year, and I use task lists and spreadsheets for my daily, short-term and long-term goals. I also keep a detailed inventory of all my content and spend every morning entering my sales data from the day before into a spreadsheet. It has a pie chart that lets me know at a glance where my money is coming from. I love it!

What I like about working for myself is the ability to make my own schedule so I can focus on work during my most productive time of day, early morning, and then spend the afternoon and early evening on my personal life and well-being. I had cancer in 2021. It took about a year to fully recover from surgery and I will be dealing with the side effects for the rest of my life, so I take my health very seriously.

XBIZ: What kinds of video content do your fans most often request? 

SESKA: My fans enjoy my authentic pleasure, be it alone or in partnered content. They also like role-plays that focus on me being a mature woman. They especially like my “mother-in-law,” “best friend’s mom” and “mom’s best friend” role-plays, as do I.

When I made swinger content, I shot a lot of threesomes and group scenes, and I wish I could shoot that content again for fans as well as for myself. I get asked a lot about that material. In the meantime, I take that group energy into my livestreams and present group shows as virtual orgies and gangbangs.

XBIZ: Talk about your process for making content from start to finish. How do you approach casting, consent, the filming itself and editing after? Do you have a signature style or vibe?

SESKA: When it comes to solo content, I usually base the scene around new toys, outfits or role-plays. Whatever the specifics, my signature style is authentic and passionate. I let my pleasure take the lead even when I am solo. I want to have an amazing time and showcase my multiple, intense orgasms.

I self-shoot, so I plan out all my angles to highlight my attributes. Of course, being an organization nerd, I have a checklist! So all the necessary elements for every shoot are tracked — including my own 2257 documentation — in case a platform ever needs it. I save all the raw content, edit it and schedule it. I try to do everything within the same day because my vision for the shoot is fresh in my mind.

I’ve only done a few partnered shoots since my comeback. They have been with young men in my area, with different levels of experience and professionalism. I say young, because I’m in my 50s and they were in their early 30s. That’s young to me.

It hasn’t been as easy as it was in my swinger days to meet like-minded people to shoot with. I hope that the more I network at events like XBIZ Miami, XBIZ LA and X3, the more that will change. I know I have a lot to offer the industry and our customers.

XBIZ: You have been working with FansRevenue. Which of their features and services do you find most helpful?

SESKA: I’ve been around long enough to be familiar with affiliate programs for paysites, so I was excited to learn of a program that would help me monetize my social media traffic. I work hard for my followers, but it is nearly impossible to get them to move elsewhere because we cannot link directly to our adult platforms. This is a solution to that, because FansRevenue has SFW landing pages and they are always testing out new strategies with their ambassadors. FansRevenue has also given me the data to track how fans found me, which is very useful.

XBIZ: Talk about your recently released Wasteland-produced scene “More M’Lady” and how that came about.

SESKA: Bella Vendetta, who is the owner of Treasure Cams, the cam studio I belong to, approached me about starring in an erotic documentary about my experience as a mature woman embodying her sexuality. Part of the film would include behind-the-scenes footage of a professional shoot she was producing for Wasteland. I was so honored and I cannot wait for the final product. In the meantime, we have the scene itself, which reflects a full-circle moment as I worked with Colin Rowntree back in 1999 on some amateur BDSM scenes with my Montreal friends.

XBIZ: What’s next for you in 2024 and beyond?

SESKA: I will continue to livestream and offer private shows a few days a week on Jerkmate. I’m thankful that something I enjoy so much is the foundation of my livelihood. However, I also hope to collaborate with others. I’d like to do more studio work and bring more storytelling with other performers and producers to my work. I’m scheduled to shoot with Angie Rowntree for a short film she will direct and produce for Sssh. It’s amazing to be at this age and have new opportunities to make and sell pleasure-themed content.


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