Mazee the GOAT Shoots for the Stars With 'Amazing Films'

Mazee the GOAT Shoots for the Stars With 'Amazing Films'

In 2016, three years before he entered the adult industry, Mazee the G.O.A.T. was a male stripper on the East Coast.

Living in New York made it easy for him to pick up work at private parties and events around the tri-state area. As he was building his name in the stripping game, he came across a male dancer company called Hunk-O-Mania. While the company has many locations across the country, Mazee found himself making Atlantic City his main home base, dancing there every weekend.

Amazing Films is focused solely on gonzo content, with amazing women creating amazing and passionate connections.

He also spent time as a creator on OnlyFans in 2017, doing private strip shows for fans, and by mid-2019 he decided to take his career to the next level by filming himself having sex with his girlfriend at the time.

One thing led to another, and the next thing he knew, Mazee was expanding his online presence with various Instagram pages, Twitter, and later a Pornhub account and shoots with porn stars.

Now, after tapping into YourPaysitePartner to turn his unique brand into a professional paysite with all the bells and whistles — — Mazee discusses his business plans and how he will live up to his Greatest of All Time moniker.

XBIZ: What inspired you to create your own full-fledged paysite?

MAZEE: The inspiration for Amazing Films was bubbling within me the whole four years I’d been filming content. I always wanted to have my own paysite, but at the same time I knew I had a lot to learn about the industry and how it works behind closed doors before I could jump the gun. When you’re investing in yourself and taking financial risks, it’s best to cover as much ground as possible so you truly know what you are dealing with.

Another inspiration was my porn brother and now my current agent, Ricky Johnson. He knows what it is to be a male talent and watching him excel the way he has with Ricky’s Room is motivational beyond belief. A very big thank you to him for placing such a powerful battery in my back.

XBIZ: Talk about how YourPaysitePartner has helped bring your vision to life.

MAZEE: The people behind YourPaysitePartner are phenomenal. We met at Exxxotica New Jersey in 2022. They saw my 20-by-20 booth, plus the things I’d done with my space, so seeing my vision wasn’t an issue. The feeling was mutual for me. Once we spoke and I learned about the sites they manage, I knew instantly YourPaysitePartner were people I wanted to do business with.

XBIZ: What kind of content do you focus on for Amazing Films that seems to sell the best?

MAZEE: Amazing Films is focused solely on gonzo content, with amazing women creating amazing and passionate connections. I’ve also noticed that the fans like to see their favorite porn stars being pleased uncontrollably, as opposed to just being trashed and fucked like a rag doll. So with Amazing Films, I am aiming to please the talent I am working with beyond the measures of most videos. In my opinion, this is how one captures those moments of actual passion without acting. Selflessly aim to please the talent sexually and I can almost guarantee you a nomination for that scene. I have been nominated for one thing or another for the main awards shows since my start in 2019.

XBIZ: How do you approach casting and ensuring that talent have a positive experience on set?

MAZEE: Making sure the talent have a positive experience while on set is pretty simple, really: understand that talent have boundaries and that they are to be respected at all times. One thing I make sure to do is get everyone’s comfort spots in the open, even the camera guy, make-up artist, etc. I’ll ask the female talent to list her do’s and don’ts before we start to film, because understanding what talent likes and doesn’t like is very important. Plus, if my camera guy isn’t OK with being around squirting, I’d like to respect that if I can. We all matter at Amazing Films.

XBIZ: Describe your unique shooting style and the overall vibe of Amazing Films.

MAZEE: Even though you might find a short skit or intro to a scene on Amazing Films here and there, my unique style of shooting would best be described as gonzo. Gonzo scenes create a space for both performers to freestyle and do what feels right. Be creative! Even if that means the shot or angle comes a little closed off. This is what makes the connection real and that’s what I’m going for. A real connection.

XBIZ: How do you handle marketing for Amazing Films?

MAZEE: When my mentor, Ricky Johnson, started his own site, I thought, “Yes. This is it. This is what I have wanted all along.” I began researching and reached out to FreakMob Media and Ricky for guidance. It was a lot of trial and error, and they were instrumental in helping me to dial it in.

It wasn’t until I met up with YourPaysitePartner that everything clicked, and I realized I could be stronger by having a team behind me that could help with things such as affiliate marketing, tubes and email marketing. We are also planning on launching my DVD series to expand brand awareness on VOD platforms. The best thing is that I am already being approached by other content creators asking for advice. I am so excited to be able to help others on their journey.

XBIZ: In what ways have you grown as a content producer over the years?

MAZEE: I’ve been at this filming content thing for all of four years now and I must say, the growth has been incredible. I’m blessed and grateful to be here doing this now. Four years ago, I couldn’t even see the shadows I was creating with my lighting. I also couldn’t edit, I had no idea how to render files down or even now how long a trailer should be. To produce content, I was working harder, not smarter. Working with great minds like Lea Lexis from ZZ, Ricky Johnson, Toni Ribas and many more, my style of shooting has grown tremendously. As a businessman, I’ve grown as well.

XBIZ: What new feature titles or content types are coming up soon for Amazing Films?

MAZEE: The features coming up for Amazing Films star some pretty cool ladies — but I’d hate to be the spoiler for my own site, so sign up today to watch some of the best sex you’ll ever see. What I can tell you is that you can definitely be on the lookout for more cool shoots. I still have a drone I haven’t put to work yet and I’m working with some great studios in LA to provide a different look for certain scenes. You can also look forward to some collabs with some great websites. Who knows? You might see Amazing Films and the Ricky’s Room “Shoot House” coming together in the near future. We might be creating “Amazing Films at Ricky’s Room.” Who knows? Wink wink.

XBIZ: Discuss your long-term plans for the brand.

MAZEE: That’s pretty simple. Amazing Films will become a household name for amazingly shot content for your favorite category on the internet.

I am also in the process of filming content for a podcast that I would like to launch at the end of 2023. On this podcast, I’ll have some of the hottest porn stars talking about their hobbies and talents they developed before sex work. We all have “that thing” we used to be into before the adult industry took over — I have a background in dancing, acting and acrobatics, as well as fitness and nutrition! I’m curious to know what humanizes talent. 

Also, male stripping! I’m putting together a team of guys local to Las Vegas that will be available all summer to those coming up to Vegas to get loose.

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