SayUncle Talks Taboo as Niche Network Eyes Long-Term Growth

SayUncle Talks Taboo as Niche Network Eyes Long-Term Growth

When Charged Media first decided, several years ago, to gather an array of niche all-male paysites underneath one marketable umbrella, the plan quickly hit one minor stumbling block: what to name the new company.

Numerous brainstorming sessions focused on the central concept behind many Charged Media brands: the eponymous erotic "charge" between studly, masculine authority figures looking to impose order, and frisky young pups eager to explore their boundaries.

Since we release a video every day, we get a ton of chances to experiment with new concepts, stories and styles. The one unifying factor of everything we do is that it must be taboo.

“We also wanted a name that captured the vibe of the old-school vintage porn magazines and movies that we love,” Charged CCO Golden Kimball recalls. “‘SayUncle’ does both.”

“Another thing we love about the name is how innocent it sounds,” Kimball adds. “You can wear a SayUncle T-shirt out in public and the normies will have no idea what it means, but a connoisseur of gay porn will see it and understand!”

During the course of their research, the Charged team initially assumed that the phrase “Say Uncle” might be overly familiar to their target audience, but that was not the case at all.

“It turns out a lot of people have never heard it,” says Kimball.

The phrase originated among bullies who would pin their target to the ground and refuse to let them up until the magical phrase was uttered. Kimball’s team enjoyed its old-fashioned origins and coy callback to the power dynamics and dominant/submissive sex often on display in its brands.

DadCreep and FamilyDick follow the industrywide obsession with taboo stepsibling and stepfamily dynamics, while LatinLeche, which Kimball touts as among the world’s leading Latino gay porn sites, centers on amateur men in Buenos Aires and Mexico City, among other cities.

Role-play on BullyHim showcases nerdy young twinks getting picked on by the jocks at their school, or sometimes by a coach or a teacher, with a focus on intimidation, humiliation and domination.

The network’s newest site is PigBottoms, dedicated to sweaty gangbangs in abandoned office buildings and other sketchy spots, while VarsityGrip turns the spotlight on young, athletic studs and their coaches wrestling in their singlets — and meeting up in the shower or locker room for private sessions.

Elsewhere on the SayUncle network, DickRides follows the sexcapades of a sleazy taxi driver who invites his passengers to fuck on camera; MissionaryBoys tracks morally pure young missionaries dealing with sexual temptation; DoctorTapes explores hunky older medical professionals and their unorthodox healing methods, many of which happen to include anal examination; and YoungPerps role-plays blackmail scenarios as horny loss-prevention officers trade sexual favors with young criminals.

The SayUncle network now features over 2,900 videos across 55 channels, including 21 premium channels, each with a distinctively kinky angle and storytelling style. New scenes roll out seven days a week, including the launch of Premium Series episodes and licensed content, labeled X Series.

“We are constantly looking for new fantasies to deliver to our members; we’re always cooking up something new,” Kimball says, quipping that two new premium sites in the “SayUncle Cinematic Universe” will launch soon.

Kimball describes “consistent and constant growth” following the network’s launch, marked by the milestone of an all-time-high active member count this past April.

Shortly after its launch in early 2020, however, the nascent brand was forced to pause all activities due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“We shut down production on all of our sites as soon as it became clear how dangerous the virus is,” Kimball recalls. “It was painful to shut down at the moment when we had just launched this platform we had worked on for so long and had put so much love into. But the safety and well-being of the models we work with is a top priority. We know that our experience was nothing compared to how difficult the shutdowns were for the performers in our industry.”

Three years later, SayUncle is moving full steam ahead with a burgeoning roster of exclusive hunks.

“Dakota Lovell has been exclusive with us since he started filming porn more than three years ago,” Kimball notes. “He’s angel-faced, a talented bottom and he has a huge dick, but what we loved about him from the very first shoot is what a fantastic actor he is. He’s vulnerable and emotionally convincing. That’s not easy to do under any circumstances, let alone when you’re having sex on camera. It has been great to watch him grow as a performer over the years we’ve worked together. When he started, he only bottomed in our videos, but lately he’s been putting his big dick to great use.”

Kimball also has praise for Rob Quin’s charisma and enthusiasm.

“He was a big fan of SayUncle before he applied to shoot with us, and we love to work with actors who really get into the taboo storytelling and role-play we do best,” Kimball enthuses.

The newest SayUncle exclusive is Brody Kayman.

“He’s everything you could want in a daddy,” Kimball notes. “He’s tall and handsome. He exudes authority but he’s very gentle. He’s sensual and he really takes care of his bottoms — and he has a truly massive cock.”

In addition to the new premium sites launching in early summer, as well as a cheeky Father’s Day promotion planned for June, SayUncle will be releasing more long-form, multichapter content to follow on the successful premiere of limited series like “The Bartender” for LatinLeche and parody series “I’ll be ‘Hole’ for Christmas” from FamilyDick.

Another new venture is the “Anonimo” limited series starring younger guys cruising for sex in a park in Buenos Aires, which will introduce more Brazilian content to the network.

With the pandemic gradually receding, SayUncle has rebounded with industry kudos from the Cybersocket Awards and Pornhub Awards, as well as a 2023 XBIZ nomination for Gay Site of the Year.

“Our members get to watch a huge variety of stories and shooting styles,” Kimball says. “There are cinematic sites, and gonzo sites intended to feel gritty and real. Since we release a video every day, we get a ton of chances to experiment with new concepts, stories and styles. The one unifying factor of everything we do is that it must be taboo. Older-younger pairings are at the heart of what we do. Our secret sauce is pairing the hottest older men with the cutest younger guys. We tell stories that get your heart racing.”

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