Tasha Reign Reflects on Life as a Creator, Author and Mother

Tasha Reign Reflects on Life as a Creator, Author and Mother

Tasha Reign counts herself lucky to have been a performer and creator in the adult industry for over a decade.

“Being able to have that longevity in an ever changing world is incredible,” she ruminates. “Serving as a contract star, shooting centerfolds, starring in numerous showcases, winning awards, serving on APAC and feature dancing around the world have all been incredible milestones.”

I try to be authentic and genuine, and most of all, transparent.

Over the course of a storied career, she has produced movies, been interviewed by CNN about consent and advocacy work while earning her master’s degree at USC, starred in more than 530 scenes and attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to her social media accounts.

Yet when asked about her greatest accomplishment thus far, Reign responds: “My ability to be transparent about the predators in the adult business and speaking out against their behavior on set.”

“Being a part of why Wicked Pictures changed their protocol for safety on set was a rewarding part of my career,” she shares. “I’m lucky to have many supportive companies and people within the business that have helped me tremendously throughout my career.”

She finds this network of supportive professionals to be crucial, as she believes the key to success is being able to delegate work to “competent people that are passionate about what they do.”

“It’s the toughest part of being an entrepreneur, delegation,” she says. “But it’s also the most important part!”

As a businesswoman, Reign focuses much of her energy on — which now has all of the glamour content that she has shot over the years — as well as on her OnlyFans page.

“I love my fans and I love shooting, but OnlyFans has really evolved into the next hub for personal websites,” she explains. “It’s where I’m most active. I think OnlyFans is where the industry is really moving. The best part is that it’s transcended porn and merged mainstream entertainment with adult.”

When it comes to content requests, Reign enthuses, her fans are “truly incredible,” letting her be creative, casual and express herself in any way she wants.

“I have known some of them for so long!” she says. “It’s amazing. I’m still surprised that they like candid stuff the most.” Reign muses that fans sometimes ask for content that contains “very specific random details” that she would never in her wildest dreams think of.

Time permitting, Reign also performs live shows, though usually when she cams, it is primarily to catch up with fans, filling them in on what is happening in her life.

“I love just chatting with the subscribers and getting to know them, asking questions about themselves,” she explains. “I love the intimacy that live shows allow.”

Another profitable venture in her multifaceted business lineup is Reign’s merchandise, which she produces through

“Fangear is the best brand to collaborate with for merchandise production,” Reign says. “I saw their work with other models and started following them on Instagram. They have great quality pieces and it’s super customizable.”

“Their price point is also perfect for fans,” she continues. “They produce and ship out items quickly and have new ideas and merchandise all the time.” Of all her merch, calendars are the most popular, but Reign is also looking forward to creating clothing pieces down the road.

As for how she markets her content and merchandise, Reign avoids overstrategizing or scheduling spammy posts, and instead just tries to be real with her fans.

“I don’t really have a strategy,” she admits. “I try to be authentic and genuine, and most of all, transparent.”

Beyond her independent content, merchandise and marketing efforts, another feather in Reign’s cap is a recent book deal with Cleis Press for her upcoming memoir, “From Princess to Pornstar: A Real-Life Cinderella Story,” which comes out June 2023.

“I couldn’t be more excited!” she exclaims. “The book is being distributed by Simon and Schuster. It’s surreal being able to say that.”

Looking forward to the rest of 2023 and beyond, Reign will be focusing strongly on a recent addition to her many duties: motherhood.

“I’m a new mom!” she says. “So that is literally my whole world right now. I wake up, then live and breathe the baby. It’s so fun. It’s been my dream my entire life. Can’t wait to raise a strong, feminist man.”

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