Q&A: Maddy May Sizzles as Insatiable New Starlet

Q&A: Maddy May Sizzles as Insatiable New Starlet

With a primed-for-gonzo sex drive that is palpable in her enthusiastic scenes for the likes of Jules Jordan, Naughty America and Evil Angel, Maddy May is already racking up dozens and dozens of titles as an in-demand performer.

Making the jump from her exotic dancing roots and libertine lifestyle to studio-shot content was as natural for the bubbly Arkansas native as making a splash in L.A. And thanks to her Southern charm, she has the warmth, realness and pleasantly flirtatious personality that attracts fans as readily as the directors who love to work with her, with Mike Adriano, Jacky St. James and Mike Quasar among her favorites to shoot for.

I wanted my first anal to show my true first anal experience. I wanted to look back and see the face I made and know it was genuine. And I loved it!

Already clocking in 50K followers on Twitter and filling up her scorecard with an impressive list of top-tier companies, despite the pandemic putting a dent in production last year, May hasn’t skipped a beat with seizing opportunities whenever they arise. Even her OnlyFans is quickly amassing thousands and thousands of likes.

To spotlight the fast-rising star, XBIZ pulled up a chair and filled a tumbler with May’s smoother-than-silk liqueur, for this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Discuss your journey from exotic dancer to adult film star.

MAY: Going from exotic dancer to adult film star was a no-brainer for me! I loved being on stage and I loved engaging with new people, so after living the night life for five years (which was so much fun) I knew I was ready for more… ready for a bigger adventure.

XBIZ: With productions encompassing Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Naughty America and more, you’ve hit the ground running. Which directors have you really enjoyed shooting for and why?

MAY: I absolutely love working with Jules Jordan, Jacky St. James and Mike Quasar so incredibly much. Not only are the photos fucking bomb, but so is the filming environment. I’ll show up and it’s always a day full of laughs and tons of goofiness. I cannot wait for you to see what else is in the works. Jules Jordan gave me my first big Dredd scene which was killer and I’ve got some very fun upcoming scenes for St. James.

XBIZ: How do you strike a work/life balance given the demands of studio shoots and producing your own content?

MAY: I made it a point that when I joined the industry, I wouldn’t lose myself to it. This job and everything it encompasses can be a lot to handle. When I’m starting to feel overwhelmed or just a little off, I like to take my bong or a few joints to the mountains. I have a favorite spot on the way to Malibu where I’ll climb to the top and relax. No phone. No music. Just me reconnecting with nature. When I do this, I always end up feeling more level-headed and better. I also have a guilty pleasure of buying plant babies. I have 12 plants and the collection isn’t anywhere near completed. I want to live in a jungle!

XBIZ: What led you to sign with Motley Models and how has that been going so far?

MAY: I was at an industry trade show in 2020 where I ran into the Motley booth. I first met with Ryan Kona about signing me. They were slightly hesitant due to my tattoos, but after telling them I’m a huge hoe, it worked out! I told them the story about when I was a stripper and reached 50 total people that I’d slept with, that my friends threw me a “halfway-hoe party” that eventually led to a “full-blown hoe party” when I hit 100 people, haha. So, aside from me being a low-key comedian, I was a certified slut. After them watching how I engaged the crowd, they signed me and I became a #CovidBaby.

XBIZ: How do you channel your natural personality and style into a unique brand that resonates with fans?

MAY: I try to be as authentic as possible, presenting my flaws, weird humor and just my straight enjoyment of the job to the fans. Anything from being the bratty sub they love, to the freaky anal-loving slut. I’m just me and plan to stay that way. So, be prepared for all the weird jokes like, “What’s brown and sticky?” and the punchline: “A stick!”

XBIZ: Share your strategies for staying in such excellent shape and being healthy overall, inside and out.

MAY: I try to go to the gym four to five times a week. I’ll work legs three days, but every single day consists of the StairMaster. Cardio on the StairMaster is everything to me! I feel so refreshed when I finish.

XBIZ: Which other stars do you have amazing on-screen chemistry with, and which ones are part of your support network behind the scenes?

MAY: I’d have to say my biggest connections would be Scarlit Scandal, Kenna James and Kylie Rocket! All my scenes with them literally have me drooling. The scene with Scarlit and Kenna hasn’t come out yet, but when it does, brace yourself. As for Kylie, she and I have worked together many times. It never ever disappoints. I’m lucky enough to have them as support alongside my two roommates, Haley Reed and Freya Parker. I feel very lucky.

XBIZ: Are there any scenes that really challenged you to grow as a performer? How about new releases on the horizon you’re thrilled about?

MAY: The biggest thing I did that changed my career was definitely my first anal scene. I had never done anal in my personal life at all. I knew I wanted to try to jumpstart my career being a CovidBaby, so I figured, why not anal?

Mike Adriano gave me my first anal training kit. I practiced and practiced and practiced, only having to postpone twice because I was so nervous. The day finally came and I was prepped and ready for entry. Mike Adriano was so kind and was willing to put it in before they started rolling just so I could feel what a real dick felt like. I said, “No way! I want it on film.” I wanted my first anal to show my true first anal experience. I wanted to look back and see the face I made and know it was genuine. And I loved it! Now, I absolutely love anal and ass-gasms!

XBIZ: What are a few of your real-life hobbies and passions, that fans might not know about?

MAY: It’s known I love the outdoors but did you know I love puzzles? My first puzzle was 1,000 pieces and my largest is 3,000. There’s just something so therapeutic about it and satisfying when finished. I also love my plant babies so much. As I mentioned earlier, I currently have 12, but I plan to have a jungle.

XBIZ: The sky’s the limit in this industry, so what do you hope to achieve in 2021, as well as the long haul?

MAY: I hope to make my fans so turned on. I want every kink I explore to resonate with who I am. I would love to be known for my anal scenes at the minimum. I plan to go far in the industry. I have my eyes on all the companies, all kinds of shoots and awards for sure! I want to use my platform to help other women feel sexy in their own skin, encouraging them. I also want to use my platform to help animals as well. My long-term goal would be to set up an animal rehabilitation center specializing in special-needs animals, called “Pornstars & Pups.”


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