Cam Star of the Month: Scout Has You in Her Sights

Cam Star of the Month: Scout Has You in Her Sights

Scout is as electrical and adorable as Pikachu, with a fierce intellect and passionate heart to match her youthful allure.

And when the petite blonde sets her ambitious mind to accomplishing a professional goal, she is lightning in an hourglass, infusing every quicksand second with the urgency of hurricane winds.

After all, she has ranked top 20 in the monthly Miss MFC contest nine times and has been nominated for both the 2018 XBIZ Cam Awards in Miami and the 2019 XBIZ Awards in L.A. — where she shared her hard-won wisdom as a charismatic panelist.

The influential MyFreeCams model is also widely beloved in the camming community, and she has created plenty of sexy content for her MFC Share.

With an army of fans she affectionately calls her Squad, envisioning them as Stormtroopers in her anime-infused, crown-bedecked and candy cane-filled profile page, Scout is always scouting ahead for future success.

To march alongside her and conduct reconnaissance on such formidable stardom, XBIZ sat down with the soaring cam model for this exclusive Cam Star of the Month interview.

XBIZ: What inspired you to become a cam model?

Scout: I had a massive amount of medical bills. I honestly didn’t do much research before I ended up signing up through some sketchy studio site originally. I’ve since learned so many people watch cams for months before logging on for the first time and I’m just like, “Wow, I fucked up,” haha.

I originally planned to get in and get out. I’ve always been honest about my original intention. I have learned so much being in this industry, and am still here years later. I have grown so much as a person, just in the past year alone, and this experience has become more than a job to me.

XBIZ: How would your biggest fans describe your personality?

Scout: I think “straight to the point” would be best. If I am not meshing well with someone, I will straight up tell them, right then and there. I don’t see the need to put on a front for anyone. I’d rather my room be filled with people I’m personally comfortable with.

Whenever I’m around people, whether it be online or offline, I just try to make them laugh. I’ve been described by friends as quick-witted and sarcastic. In general, I’m an open book. I think sometimes people are thrown off by my confidence and I can promise it has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I’m confident in who I am as a person.

I know I have a good heart and that’s all that matters to me. The need to prove yourself to others is such a waste of time. The only people that should matter to you are the immediate people in your life.

XBIZ: Tell us about your non-camming revenue streams and activities, like, Twitch streaming, clips, etc.

Scout: is a place for me to keep things organized outside of my main platforms that I own and control. I set up my Twitch page recently, but haven’t had time to stream on there yet, since I’ve been so busy with cam and traveling these past few months. I also don’t want to jump on there until I’m fully ready to commit a set amount of time to it.

As far as clips go, all of my clips are currently only available on MFCShare. I’m not much of a clip model. Most of my content is shoots that I style. I handpick the locations and who I work with. I actually shot with someone before for a website and ended up buying the shoot back. It’s just not for me. I learned that having creative control of my image is very important to me — I have to be represented the way I want or I’m not about it.

XBIZ: You’ve ranked Top 20 Miss MFC numerous times. What is your secret to ranking?

Scout: Pre-planning, having a lot of tip options, a set schedule and being caught up on prior months. I can’t stress enough how disrespectful it is to members to not be caught up and expect them to keep you ranking high.

I get that things take time, but keeping members in the loop on your to-do lists and your intentions is so important.

I think I’ve been around long enough that members know they can count on me, and coming up with new and original ideas will gain you a lot of respect rather than regurgitating what you see others doing. Being yourself is invaluable in this industry. Own it.

XBIZ: How do you market yourself online, via social media and the like?

Scout: I’ve had both members and models come into my chatroom because they think my Twitter is hilarious, which I never even really think about the connection until it happens. I try to use my social media almost like a personal account, not just spamming business-related posts.

They are necessary, but you are more likely going to bring someone into your chatroom because they like you as a person.

Camming vs. clips marketing is so different to me. A video preview can sell a video, but a video preview won’t sell a connection to keep a member in your life long-term … unless it’s a really damn good video.

XBIZ: What is a typical camming session like with you, as far as how often you do private vs. public chat, token goals and such.

Scout: I personally don’t like leaving an active room to go private because I feel like it’s rude to those who helped you finish goals and have stuck around. I always look at things, or try to, from a member’s point-of-view. A lot of members would contribute more if they could and it’s always good to remind yourself of that with goals.

I have kept, for the most part, my goals relatively the same over the years. If it made me happy once, it should still make me happy now. I think it’s important to keep level-headed with things.

Having a general idea of what you need to make is important, but personally, I would drive myself crazy over it. Good days/bad days — they all tend to balance out and you have to keep moving. You can’t dwell on that or take it personally. I have before and it does nothing but put you more behind.

As far as my actual live streams go, it can vary. I enjoy nights where it’s laid back and we can all just chat and goof off just as much as the active multiple countdown nights.

XBIZ: How do you reward your most loyal members, and catch the interest of new ones?

Scout: Having a room that is so close-knit benefits me in many ways, but there is also a side that intimidates new people because of it, and I’m fully aware of it. I hope that if people want to be part of my room that they at least feel comfortable enough to reach out to me, so I can personally make efforts to include them. That is never too much to ask from me.

“Most loyal” to me means you are showing up to my shows. All of my “Squad” knows that if they message me, I do my best to be responsive, even to a fault. I am easily accessible offline. But, most importantly, if you are a friend to me, I am going to be a friend to you. That’s how it works with me as a person, and it has nothing to do with business at that point.

XBIZ: You have a mix of anime, Star Wars and other awesomely geeky material on your MFC page, Twitter feed and beyond. Tell us about your geek creds with gaming and pop culture.

Scout: Star Wars is moreso for my room. I had a Star Wars theme one month and ever since then, Stormtroopers kind of took over and came to represent my Squad members. I think it works because their faces are anonymous — kind of like the characters behind an MFC account. I love it.

It has given the Squad an identity with each other as a team. As far as geek cred goes — I am way too cool for that ... just kidding, haha. But I do love Pokemon! I play Pokemon games offline, and have an embarrassingly large collection of Pokemon merch.

XBIZ: As an XBIZ regular at our events, what’s it like being on panels and repping the camming community as one of its MVPs?

Scout: I’m not much of a public speaker, which surprises a lot of people, because I am pretty vocal on cam. But I think camming has ultimately made me more of an introvert over the years, by the mere fact of working from home for so long. Still, it is such an honor to be able to speak on a subject you live and breathe, and potentially bringing new knowledge to others is a great feeling.

XBIZ: Any ambitious plans for 2019?

Scout: I really want to try to spread out — as far as where you can find me online. I have had all of my eggs in the MFC basket, if you will, for quite a long time. So, definitely that, and I want to start putting my attention back into photography.