Q&A: Emily Bloom Blossoms Divinely

Q&A: Emily Bloom Blossoms Divinely

If ever a rose did burn with human warmth, else the whirl of cherry blossoms did dance with womanly shape, the achingly beautiful Emily Bloom would yet eclipse such marvels.

For she is the exotic allure of her native Ukraine, her crystalline eyes and painterly lips framed by a waterfall of chestnut hair, every silken strand cascading down the sculpted elegance of her elven face.

I absolutely love how many creative, entertaining, talented people there are in this community.

Were she to, with outstretched hands, beckon swallowtails and doves to alight upon the softness of her palms, a collage of rainbow wings and snowy feathers would embrace her.

And still, for all that sensual and spritely splendor, she is so very welcoming, so very real in her candor, which is the secret to her enduring stardom.

Her artistry is matched only by her entrepreneurial craft, hawking those striking wares across a great many revenue streams that span cam modeling, clip artistry, seductive merchandising and cyber wizardry on

And now, she reigns as a magisterial minx, as our first Cam Star of the Month for the brand new year. Enter her dreamlike dimension of delightful delicacies, with this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: What inspired you to become a cam model?

Bloom: In one word — freedom. I started out as a nude model posing for various websites such as MetArt and so on. Even though I enjoyed modeling, it was not a very reliable source of income. I had to rely on other people hiring me, on websites buying my content, etc.

Besides, I rarely had a chance to have any kind of creative input in those gigs, I was more of a tool to bring a photographer’s idea to life. I don’t like to not have control over my own work, especially creative control.

I discovered camming in 2014, registered on MyFreeCams and instantly realized that it was a great job for me. Not only could I pick my own hours and take breaks as needed, I had full creative control over everything I did. Suddenly, I didn’t have to rely on anyone else and became my own boss.

My income substantially increased as well, going from modeling to camming. I didn’t stop modeling completely, I just focused on camming more.

I absolutely love how many entertaining, creative, talented people there are in this community. So many models are constantly coming up with new amazing shows, concepts, games and content. My peers keep me inspired.

XBIZ: Describe the “Emily Bloom” brand. How has it evolved over the years?

Bloom: It’s still a little odd to me to think of myself as a brand, although I do realize that I am. “Emily Bloom” is the girl next door, sexy but goofy, nice but sassy and feisty if needed, sometimes a little crazy, but also pretty smart.

I have been modeling for over six years and camming for over four years. When I just started camming, I was 20 and didn’t really know the ropes. I barely spoke English, and was terrified of ever banning someone or telling them off for their disrespect. I grew up and changed. I realized that the happier I am, the more people like me and the more money I ultimately make. I learned to not compromise, to not tolerate rudeness, to be honest with myself and my members.

I don’t allow people to push me into things I don’t want to do and to manipulate my decisions anymore. I gained my own style and my own room vibe. And I think my members appreciate all of it too.

XBIZ: Tell us about your website, On which features do you spend most of your effort, and what elements have proven especially lucrative?

Bloom: My website was born about three years ago out of the same need for creative control. As I said, I’ve always enjoyed modeling, but never was quite fully satisfied from it creatively. Having my own website could fix that, as I could be deciding what to shoot, where to shoot and how to shoot it. It was definitely a leap, as I didn’t know much about running my own website or producing professional grade content. But I couldn’t be happier with it.

It was a learning curve, but today I am proud of all the content my website has to offer and the tech efficiency we provide. Most of my effort is spent on coming up with ideas for galleries and videos, styling them and ensuring the best possible execution. The most popular item on my website is obviously the monthly subscription and it was always meant to be that way.

About a year ago, I produced my first nude coffee table book, which has definitely been a success in many ways. This year is also the second year I am putting out my own calendar. It is a lot of fun to work on projects like these and see them come together from just an idea to the final product.

XBIZ: Discuss your YouTube channel, which has more than 50,000 subscribers, and your future plans for it.

Bloom: My YouTube channel is something I keep wanting to develop and work on more, but keep putting aside for the lack of time. I enjoy making YouTube-styled videos and branching out of adult is always a great way to gain more audience, however the censorship of the platform sometimes drives me insane.

Besides the obvious “no nudity” rule, there are a million ways to get your video demonetized and it has definitely been a struggle. All of my most popular videos are deemed inappropriate for advertisers.

I do still plan to dedicate more time and effort to my YouTube channel. I am currently in the process of putting together a team and developing a series of fiction projects to be produced. It is a long process, but eventually those will hit my channel, so stay tuned.

XBIZ: What are your preferred platforms to sell clips and do live camming?

Bloom: I currently cam exclusively on MyFreeCams, but I might explore other platforms in the future. All of my professionally shot content is exclusively available on with a single subscription payment, and some of my amateur content is available on MFC Share.

I’ve looked into multiple clip sites as well as other content platforms like Patreon and the like. Currently, I don’t believe that selling the same clips separately that I sell on my website as a big package is a good idea. And there are not enough hours in a day to produce even more content.

XBIZ: Explain your overall marketing strategy for keeping fans engaged and earning new ones.

Bloom: A big point of customer acquisition is social media. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, considering all the censorship and discrimination that adult performers face on there, but it has proven to be an effective resource to gain more exposure as well as new fans.

As far as keeping fans engaged, besides constantly trying to create something new, fun and different, I also attempt to build relationships with them. Friendship has proven to be the most effective and pleasant way to keep a customer around. The perk of that strategy is that now I do have a lot of friends that come and hang out whenever I’m online.

XBIZ: How do you manage your time and resources, to balance multiple revenue streams?

Bloom: That is something I am still constantly working on. Besides camming, producing content, modeling on the side, running my own website and managing a plethora of social media accounts, I have an entire alter ego that works in the entertainment industry.

I also attempt to keep learning new things and acquiring new skills constantly, which means taking classes and dedicating time to practice. And then I also have a life, you know! So, time management is a painful topic. Sometimes, I either run myself into the ground overworking or procrastinate to the point of insanity.

Keeping a balance is hard, but oh-so-necessary. The best advice I can give is to focus on one thing at a time and not overthink. Also, instead of thinking how long it’s going take to accomplish something, just start doing it. Don’t let yourself contemplate, because that’s where the procrastination gets you.

XBIZ: Let’s talk about your merchandise, which includes collectibles, polaroids and more. What do fans seem to enjoy purchasing the most?

Bloom: Polaroids are definitely the most popular item. I believe it’s because they are unique. The principle of an instant photo is such that it’s one of a kind. Even if you take a few of the same pose, they are still going to come out slightly different.

Plus, it isn’t as expensive to create and to ship as say … a book or a calendar, so the price point makes it attractive. I have a few people who collect my polaroids, which makes me happy. Books and calendars are fairly popular as well, as I mentioned previously. Panties are a whole different world. I wouldn’t say they are at the top of most popular item list, but I have a few dedicated customers who get them regularly.

I’ve been looking into expanding my line of merchandise and am planning to bring a few new items on in 2019, one being a renaissance-styled painting of me naked.

XBIZ: You produce content that often features other models, even offering it in VR. Take us through your process of recruiting performers, shooting and editing, not to mention monetizing it after.

Bloom: Often, content with other models is created as a collaboration. I take care of all the costs (location, props, wardrobe, etc.) and all the production and post-production (photography, videography and editing).

Once the product is finished, the other model or models get to use it and sell it too. Other times, when I plan on producing something exclusively available on my website and don’t give the other model rights to use it, I will pay their rate.

I mostly reach out to models through social media. Some say, “No,” some say, “Yes,” so you take it from there. I have met quite a few of my good friends through recruiting them for my website. For example, Elizabeth Reed (formerly known as Kawaii Kitty) is one of my best friends and we see each other every single day.

To shoot something, you have to find a location, come up with the concept, acquire any necessary props or costumes, get just the right model and then make it all happen (scheduling is sometimes a nightmare). I sometimes work behind the camera myself, both as a photographer and videographer, but usually I have my staff cam op Atlas Elison do the work. Editing is also in some cases done by me, while in others, by a staff member of

Producing good content always costs time and money. When it comes to monetization, I use the content for my website, which as I mentioned is subscription based. The longer my website exists, the more content people get when they subscribe, plus I do about 10-12 updates a month.

So, for example, if you were to sign up today for a month for $20, you would get 15 hours worth of HD video, 13 VR 360 videos, 114 photo galleries (almost 6,000 pics), years of candid posts, plus 12 updates in the following month, and all of that starring 40 extremely beautiful models, not just me. Sounds pretty good, right?

Considering that on clip sites, $20 will sometimes only get you a single video, this offer sounds great. That is why I believe my subscription base has been constantly growing and expanding.

XBIZ: Any ambitious plans for making 2019 an even bigger year for you?

Bloom: As I have mentioned, I am working on developing a few different projects both in and outside of the adult industry. As to 2019 being bigger and better than it already is, for one, becoming a Cam Star of the Month for XBIZ, as well as being nominated for several awards, is definitely starting this year with a bang! But, definitely keep an eye out, because I’ll be doing some cool stuff.