Promoting Paysites With Discount, Review Sites

Promoting Paysites With Discount, Review Sites

Finding partners who can drive quality traffic to top-notch paysites is no small feat, especially in today’s highly competitive market.

Consumers expect stellar content, frequent updates and a good reason to invest in a subscription, when they are faced with freely available porn and numerous adult entertainment options ranging from cam models to clip artists.

In the long run we are looking for the best per-member return for both the site owner and sites. We try to find that happy medium that shows great conversions with the best dollar return per join.

That’s where sites like and enter the equation.

By offering carefully timed promotional offers and cultivating trust with potential paysite members through multi-pronged reviews, such traffic-boosting sites form a symbiotic bond with the content creators they spotlight.

And as video producers and distributors become increasingly reliant on digital media channels to peddle their wares, with viewers turning more and more to streaming, VOD and online downloads for their porn fix, such marketing vehicles become pivotal.

To gain insight into the modern traffic-driving scene, XBIZ sat down with the director of KP Traffic, Adam — who oversees operations for and —in this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Why should a webmaster team up with and Give us your elevator pitch.

Adam: The adult industry has been built on the relationship between traffic and paysite webmasters. Some of my team has been in the adult industry for more than 15 years and we have great relationships and understanding from both sides of the industry. The adult industry has changed a huge amount over the time I have been involved, but we have always focused on sending paysites high quality members, and this has been a successful formula for everyone involved.

XBIZ: How do you recruit new paysites to join you, as far as advertising and direct outreach? What analytics do you share with them, to encourage participation?

Adam: We are always actively looking for high quality paysites to add to our review and discount sites. If a site looks good, we will reach out and speak to them about partnering with their program.

We also have contact pages on our sites where webmasters can submit their site and program details for consideration. It is well known that review sites offer a great way to promote your site, so we don’t generally need to go too deep into the analytics. Since we target those who are interested in paying for a site subscription, the business model speaks for itself!

The discount market targets a sub group of people that are willing to pay for their porn, but only at a lower price point. I guess you could think of it as a hybrid review site that offers site information, as well as a lower price point for those that are price sensitive.

XBIZ: Typically, how long do deals on last? Are some of them offered for a very limited time, while others are ongoing for quite a while?

Adam: The sites we list on are always discounted, however, we run them at a number of different price points at different times. The lowest price is around $9.95, which we run for very limited times. The rest of the time, these sites are offered at a higher price point, but still discounted from full price.

XBIZ: Any particular genres or niches that have proven very popular, based on your analytics for

Adam: As has been the case for quite a few years in porn, teen sites remain a popular niche that converts well. We also find that high quality lesbian sites and network sites do well on

XBIZ: What monthly subscription rate seems to be the most lucrative on

Adam: We try to work with programs on this, and it varies from site to site. Of course, the lower the price point the better conversion rate your going to see, but this may not work out to be the best approach for both us and the program owner.

In the long run we are looking for the best per-member return for both the site owner and sites. We try to find that happy medium that shows great conversions with the best dollar return per join.

XBIZ: ratings cover quite a few different categories, ranging from content exclusivity to site navigation. What is your approach to testing a site’s features in order to rate them accurately?

Adam: Our reviewers have been in the adult industry for many years and are knowledgeable when it comes to things like video quality, exclusivity and overall site experience. When reviewing a site, we always require full members area access so our reviewers can look at update schedule, video quality and overall site feel and ease of use. They use a set of guidelines to come to a score for each of the various ratings categories, which, when put together, add up to an overall score out of 100.

XBIZ: How often are your reviews updated to reflect the latest version of a site?

Adam: Active and popular sites get priority, and are updated at least every four months. With less active sites, the facts don’t change substantially, so we try and revisit these on a 12-month basis, or earlier if there are significant changes such as a members area change.

XBIZ: What is your reviewer team like for Are they made up of freelancers and/or in-house writers? Take us through your process for assigning sites, collecting reviews, editing them, etc.

Adam: We have a team of experienced reviewers that add new reviews and update content on These are made up of both freelance and in-house writers. Once a site is scheduled for review, it is added to the admin area of the site and assigned to a reviewer. The reviewer then accesses the members area, writes the reviews and scores the site. The site admin then takes a look over each review to ensure the score and review spelling are accurate and then it is scheduled for live release.

XBIZ: Discuss your strategy for increasing traffic and conversions to both of your sites.

Adam: We use a variety of approaches to try and increase traffic and conversions. We are always buying and testing quality traffic from various sources including content relevant sites and members areas. We also constantly work on the page content on including text, images and site flow to test and refine conversion ratios.

XBIZ: How do sites like and help revitalize the paysite and affiliate markets?

Adam: For me it is not just and, it is a much bigger picture! In 2018, we have far less traffic affiliates than any time before and getting less every month. We have been actively acquiring high quality sites like and, whose old owners have moved onto greener pastures in mainstream. My team not only has the ability to rebuild these sites, but also get them prospering. Maybe it’s nostalgic, but I love this industry, its history and I love bringing these projects back to life before they are lost like so many others.

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