Q&A: PascalsSubSluts Lensman Andy Baxter Talks Tradecraft

Q&A: PascalsSubSluts Lensman Andy Baxter Talks Tradecraft

"Real subs. Real sex. Real orgasms.” That is the tagline of and that is what the producers strive to deliver with every scene. What started off as a content share endeavor, filming U.K. escorts from AdultWork and distributing videos through clip sites, is now a sub-dom paysite updated daily and backed by the affiliate networking power of ARL Cash.

With a focus on finding bona fide sub girls whose visceral enjoyment of domination shines through on camera, has created a tried-and-true formula that works well for the company. That being said, the creators are anything but formulaic, which is why they seek out performers both within and beyond the U.K., of all shapes, ages and kinks.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re porn stars or girls-next-door who’ve never done a scene. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how big or small they are. We genuinely love all women. They just have to bring a sexual hunger to the shoots, an excitement.

And by partnering with tube sites, through which ARL Cash helps market video content via clips — in addition to promotional tools, GIFs and banners — the brains behind the paysite business stay competitive in the modern biz.

Slide behind the sub-dom curtain in this exclusive interview with director Andy Baxter, who captures all the Pascal White domination action for with tactical precision.

XBIZ: Tell us about the origins of What led to its creation?

Baxter: Around five years ago, a U.K. escort site called AdultWork started to give its members the option of including videos in their profiles. We started pitching a service to escorts whereby Pascal would fuck them, I’d record it, then produce it and supply them with a finished product that they could put up on their AdultWork profiles. We didn’t charge anything. We just wanted full use of the content as well — basic content share. We started distributing the stuff through clip sites and slowly building things up that way.

We decided on the sub-dom angle for a number of reasons. Pascal likes to dom girls. I like to film submissive girls having a great time — real sex with real orgasms. The best bet to achieve that, with a model you’ve never met before and within a five-hour time frame, is to match a girl who loves being submissive with a guy who loves being dominant.

We specifically approached girls we knew were subs. Job by job our reputation for quality service grew and it all went up from there.

XBIZ: Over the years, how has your content and directorial style evolved to stay competitive in today’s paysite market?

Baxter: We still have that same format we started with. More than anything, it’s the girls themselves who dictate the nature of the content, because it’s what they’re into, individually, that shapes the scenes. We’ve never taken a cookie-cutter approach to our scenes. One girl’s into this, another’s not into that. One girl’s a bit vanilla, another’s extremely hardcore. It’s all about the individuality of the girls. I talk to them on the phone ahead of the shoot to establish their dos and don’ts. Everything is focused on giving them the best time possible in front of the camera, to make them feel safe, to turn them on and hopefully to record them cumming as much as possible.

Following on from this, we started shooting other bits as well as just the sex. Because of the sub-dom nature of our content, I very much wanted to present the girls as real people, to add an overarching context to the play that took place during the scene. So, very quickly, we started shooting interviews with them, both before and after. We also shot a solo scene.

By the time we first sat down with ARLCash to discuss doing a website, we were actually able to present a lot more to them than they were expecting. It wasn’t just a scene a week. It was actually enough to update the site every single day — with a trailer on Sunday, an interview on Monday, strip photography on Tuesday, the solo vid on Wednesday, fuck scene on Thursday, fuck pics on Friday and whatever extras we had lying around went up on Saturday. ARL jumped at the idea of being able to refresh the site every day.

Bottom line, we think our content remains competitive because there really aren’t too many other outfits doing the kind of thing that we do — domestic sub-dom, domestic rough sex, call it what you will. I have a very distinct way of shooting and editing stuff that would be pretty hard for me to change that much.

The one area where we are looking to expand is our pool of talent. The girls in the U.K. are fantastic, but we are limited to models that genuinely enjoy being sub. So, we’re traveling a lot more now. Earlier this year, we visited the States to shoot, and it was a great success. We have a basic formula, we think it works, so now it’s time to cast more porn stars without losing sight of the kind of amateur girls our membership loves and who’ve helped us grow to where we are now.

XBIZ: Discuss your approach to marketing

Baxter: I’m still very proud of our stamp. At the end of our scenes, we brand the girl on her left breast using an ink stamp with our logo. The idea came from wanting to be able to promote the name of our series actually within the action of our content, so that even if people were watching a pirated version of it they’d still get to see, clearly, who we were.

And the models keep on telling us how iconic the horrible green and yellow carpet in my flat is. “Iconic” is pushing it a bit maybe, but it’s certainly become an integral part of the brand.

ARL Cash then feeds that brand into their affiliate network. They do the legwork that is essential for our exposure, creating the promotional tools, GIFs, banners and tube clips. The industry has changed a lot, even within the five years we’ve been with ARL. But it still comes down to having a well-supplied, active affiliate base.

XBIZ: What kind of performers do you prefer to cast for the site, as far as their general aesthetic and personal brand?

Baxter: As I mentioned, the girls have to genuinely enjoy being sexually submissive, in an environment where they feel safe, with a guy they fancy. The key word is “real.” Our tagline is “Real subs. Real sex. Real orgasms.”

It doesn’t matter whether they’re porn stars or girls-next-door who’ve never done a scene. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how big or small they are. We genuinely love all women. They just have to bring a sexual hunger to the shoots, an excitement.

XBIZ: You offer a diverse array of content, ranging from MILFs to BBW and teens. Which genres have proven most popular among your most loyal customers?

Baxter: They do tend to like the big girls, and the mums. Our older models — the “grannies” — actually have a substantial cult following.

XBIZ: How do you handle consent before the shoot, during the performance and afterwards, especially in light of tricky issues like ongoing consent?

Baxter: The key is communication. Obviously this is essential and it’s something that I state to each and every model I talk to on the phone before we shoot them — they’re the boss. It doesn’t look like it in the scenes, but ultimately they’re in control and they have the final say on what we shoot.

Without their full consent, it’s not the kind of real sex we want to film, and we have zero interest in shooting that. Even if they’ve consented to do X, Y and Z prior to the shoot, if they’re uncomfortable with it when the camera rolls, then we don’t do it, and that’s fine.

We operate safe words, to slow things down or stop things immediately.

We go through these safe words with the models during our initial phone chat, then on off-camera the day of the shoot and finally during their interview. The models are invited to use these safe words for whatever reason they want.

XBIZ: Given the increasingly digital nature of video content, how much of your focus is on DVDs vs. online distribution?

Baxter: Our online business is a whole lot bigger than our DVD business, like it is for everyone.

XBIZ: On a related note, talk about your work with the ARL Cash affiliate program.

Baxter: ARL Cash helped take us to the next level because of the relationships that they have within the wider industry. They get us exposure to affiliates that we weren’t able to achieve merely through our clips stores and DVD distribution.

Many producers have a contentious relationship with the tubes because of piracy, even though that’s where the traffic is. ARL has relationships with many of those tubes and can leverage that traffic, converting it into members on our site.

They also extend that leverage into getting on review sites, trade show presence and good PR. They take the time and effort required for this so we can focus on being pornographers.

XBIZ: Recently, you helped fundraise over £5,000 for a sex-positive charity with Pascal and the Porn Peddlers. What inspired you to partake in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100?

Baxter: Pascal is an extremely sensitive man with a very strong feminine side. He’s altruistic to the core. There’s nothing he won’t do to help build world peace and harmony.

XBIZ: What’s next for

Baxter: Taking what we do well — getting the best out of the models we work with — and expanding the range of that talent by shooting more in the States and Europe.

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