Q&A: Emerges as Taboo Playhouse

Q&A: Emerges as Taboo Playhouse

What began as a used panties business to help pay for college expenses, soon blossomed into a custom clips venture, before emerging as a full-fledged paysite player in the form of

This ceaseless evolution truly defines the pioneer spirit driving the MissaX brand, for the creative forces fueling its ascendancy adapt to consumer demand with finesse and boldness.

I started with myself as the actress, a $200 camcorder and a couple industrial lights that my husband used to work with at night for his home remodeling business.

And when sales climbed steadily in the girl/girl domain, sister site was born, lest loyal members be unable to slake their thirst.

Focusing keenly now on story-driven scenes that invite viewers to partake in a veritable taboo playhouse, is flashing ambitious plumage, with flamboyance as artistic as it is seductive.

To spotlight the innovative magic taking this unique brand to the next level, XBIZ sat down with the brains behind the beauty, in this exclusive company profile.

XBIZ: What inspired the creation of and girl/girl site

MissaX: MissaX began in 2011/2012, while I was selling my used clothing on eBay and a customer offered me money for my used panties beneath a pair of jeans I was modeling for sale. I made a lot more money on the used panties than I did on the jeans, so I started a used panty business — it was supposed to be a way to make a few extra dollars while I was finishing my degree at the University of Wisconsin.

My used panty business grew to where I had to commission other women to keep up sales, and then customers wanted more in private sales: pin-up style photos, then nudes, then solo masturbation and then custom POV sex videos with my cameraman/husband. It never occurred to me that I was creating porn until I saw one of my personal custom videos on a tube site next to huge companies with famous porn stars!

Imagine my shock when I thought that my business was my own little secret, just me satisfying individuals with very specific kinks, but someone took the liberty of exposing my secret, and my video had millions of views! We had made dozens of amateur videos at this point in 2013 and we considered they all might someday be exposed, so why not go all in and try to turn this into a real business?

I started with myself as the actress, a $200 camcorder and a couple industrial lights that my husband used to work with at night for his home remodeling business. Our erotic video business started out tiny but was slowly snowballing. I took on a variety of custom videos: horror-erotic transformation scenes with special effects, female domination and submissive females, but customers preferred my edgy taboo family roleplay stories and they steered me to produce more in the taboo genre. Soon, I began to hire amateur actresses and then professional actors.

I needed more creative freedom in my work and stopped creating custom videos, but I currently take on suggestions from members, and I try to satisfy as many members as I can. The customers were (and still are) everything to me, and I’d spend my free hours ping-ponging emails with them, learning as much as I could about the intricacies of their fetishes, the origins of their kinks and what I could create for them.

We spent years selling content on clip stores before hitting a ceiling when we were consistently ranked number one for over a year — that’s when we began to look for other ways to grow. We decided to start a membership site, and that was a scary time. We had loyal customers buying our little 20-40 minute productions for an average of $25 per piece, and two to three updates per week, but we worried that when we moved our sales to a membership format, they would plummet as our customers could see every new scene for a fraction of what they were paying. We kept reaching out for more customers on tube sites, fetish message boards, other miscellaneous online communities and found more members to join our MissaX family. MissaX grew to the point where I could move behind the camera entirely in 2016 and focus on my favorite part of production: writing and directing.

The last couple of years we have had a growing number of members who ask us to hire actors for G/G scenes only, which is why we started at the insistence of a handful of members. AllHerLuv is story-based, as MissaX is, but there are no male actors involved in the explicit parts of the stories.

XBIZ: How would you describe the overall style and aesthetic of content?

MissaX: I treat as a taboo playhouse. The actors play out stories that are tension-filled, moody, romantic, scary and sometimes funny. I do not want to limit myself branding-wise with one genre or a particular lighting aesthetic, because the goal is always to entertain and satisfy the customer.

The look of the scene is determined by the story. I like to use natural light as much as possible, the warm light from a table lamp and embrace the moody shadows that it can create. The scene should look like you are with the actors as an invisible voyeur, the camera will move as you might choose and I try to predict what your eye will focus on while filming and in the editing room.

I will strive to improve as a writer and a producer, and promise to work every day for my customers. We are a mom-and-pop shop — as we grow, we work with like-minded people who are also passionate about video art. We’re passionate about and, dedicating the last six years to creating. We’re always available to our members and we can’t wait to show them what’s coming up next.

XBIZ: Who is your target audience for

MissaX: Anyone who enjoys the process of the story and the build-up. Gonzo fans that specifically ask for our films to spend four minutes on doggie, for example, or four minutes on oral, will never mesh well with our style. If you are fans of a certain actor, and want to see her play many different roles, you’ll get a lot of value being a MissaX member. We have a growing number of female members, and as a woman, it makes me proud to see that other women enjoy what I do.

XBIZ: What kinds of performers and genres do you enjoy spotlighting on

MissaX: The actors oftentimes impress me so much that I believe many could cross over into mainstream roles. Just to name a few:

Ivy Wolfe is a new actor that puts so much emotion and passion into her acting and the explicit part of her roles. It looks like she’s completely and utterly happy when she’s performing, right down to her pupils dilating during her G/G lovemaking for I would include her in any movie I create.

Penny Pax consistently gives a thoughtful performance. I know I can write any role and Penny can conquer it, be it a naughty stepdaughter getting punished or an elegant stepmother full of feminine manipulation. She brings a whimsical feeling to any role we put her in, giving the viewer the sense of watching a proper Disney princess perform erotic stories.

Katrina Jade gives a scornful glare so powerful that I oftentimes dream of her (and her many facial expressions) when a character needs revenge, or I need a great villain. She also has vulnerability and I suppose she’d cringe if she read that, but I often like to write her as a sensitive young woman asking to be loved. She is someone I feel is underutilized as an actor.

Jessa Rhodes — the first time I worked with her, she would joke around in these accents — Russian, southern, etc. and I was so impressed with her talent. I asked her, “What else can you do?” Because she has such a huge personality that basically writes itself as various characters, just by virtue of her being her cheery self.

Then there’s Tyler Nixon. I try to write roles that showcase Tyler as a victim of circumstance, constantly aggravated by the stubborn females in his life, or as a character using boyish charm to manipulate others. I like him to write him in the same neurotic character type, but he also impresses the MissaX members when he plays a romantic role.

Cherie Deville puts a lot of energy into her performances, adding her study of dance and knowledge of muscles into her work. She’s always a joy to watch and work with.

Chad White dominates his acting roles with his layered emotions. He steps inside the characters, whatever their mood, but I like it best when he plays a masculine and dominant type. I like to let Chad direct the sex portions of the scene, because he puts so much thought and passion into the sex that you’ll find yourself holding your breath when his character finally enters the actress.

Scarlett Sage brought a lot to her character’s role. She asked me if she could layer her bras when she was playing a conservative role, she had ideas on choreography and she wanted to extend the sex portion of a scene to another location (and that was the first time that has ever happened). She asked about the backstory behind a character, how the character is feeling and what her character wants, and I believe her roles are special because of the extra time she spends studying her roles.

There are many actors that I am so grateful to have worked with, too many to list, but you can get an idea of how much I like to work with certain actors based on how often I have them come back. I spend my working hours writing with some actors in mind, and some actors enjoy the work so much that they collaborate with me and own a character. If we did our job well, you will dream about the characters long after the scene stopped playing.

I hire intelligent actors that understand their character’s role does not define who they are in real life. I’ll write the same actor in many different roles ranging from submissive to aggressive, older/stepmother to younger/stepdaughter, from evil and dark to light-hearted and mischievous.

The analytics show that stepmother roles are most popular, and I’m grateful that my customers don’t mind if I put a talented young woman in an older role as long as she performs the role with maturity and elegance. I want the actors to feel the customers’ appreciation for their hard work. If a customer is reading this, you can show your gratitude to an actor by dropping a line or two on their social media, or taking the time to comment on the site. I will share your words with the actors.

XBIZ: Given your focus on taboo and story-based video erotica, how are you looking to build a sense of community with members?

MissaX: Our draw is the stories and the hard work that goes into them, but this year we added a comment and rating section to each one of our videos and actors. Our members no longer need to email me to tell me what they like, what they don’t like and which actor they prefer.

We’ll also be interviewing our actors and taking in questions from our members. Our actors like to get more involved with the members, whether it’s just saying hello, giving a little behind-the-scenes backstory and/or answering some questions that the members raise to them. wants to change the way you view porn. It’s our ambition to bring you stories that are just as enticing as explicit sex. We’re excited about the upcoming days and months, and are planning stories for next year. It’s going to be a lot of fun!