Q&A: Chronic Love, the Chieftess of Cams

Q&A: Chronic Love, the Chieftess of Cams

Primal lust is a shamanic fire, crackling brightly to banish darkness from somber woods. And around that spiritual flame, humanity has gathered in tribal dreams that still ignite our veins to this day. With memories of shelter from biting frost, hungering wolves and aching loneliness, we yearn for that warmth of skin on skin.

Dancing with ghostly furs and feathers, aglow in all the rainmaking majesty of her natural beauty, is Chronic Love.

Winning the biggest award of the night was such a fulfilling sensation. After five years of camming, my fans still have a burning passion for me. It was reassuring that putting in the promotional time and dedicated cam hours are worth the effort!

It was she who knocked her exquisitely fletched arrows upon an angelic bowstring, letting loose with eagle-eyed aim to land the biggest prize of the night.

It was she who knelt, a huntress whispering prayerful gratitude, as she carved out the 2018 XBIZ Best North American Cam Model trophy, raising it high above her headdress and rising skyward as our newly crowned Chieftess!

For no matter the shifting stonework that has evolved from makeshift cave dwellings to the mighty pillars of Miami Beach’s Fountainebleau, when we gather in the darkness … when lights race across the walls and shadows flicker … we are captivated by legends, uncoiling amidst raven-black smoke and resonant voices.

For it was there, in the blazing heat of summery weather and the cooling waters of the Mondrian Hotel, that a band of savage lovers gathered with all the colorful magnificence of a tribe, for the biggest XBIZ Miami ever. Tied by shared conquests, fears and dreams, this patchwork band of brothers and sisters unleashed their sexuality through the digital portals of mirage-casting cameras, conjuring a great spirit that roared with all the force of a power animal made flesh.

For love is chronic and Chronic Love is a living totem to that truth. When distant souls enter her magical dimension on Chaturbate, embarking upon a vision quest no less filled with mystery and reverence than the most hallucinogenic pilgrimage imaginable, she laces their beating hearts with untold wonders.

Now, strike the drums, dear readers! Fill your lungs with song and call forth the pack, as this exclusive XBIZ interview howls triumphantly. Chant the name of Chronic Love, a medicine woman, a healer whose presence cures our deepest longings.

XBIZ: Tell us what inspired you to get into camming.

Love: I started acquiring applications for vanilla jobs that any other normal high school students would consider, but none were sparking my interest. My fiancée suggested checking out becoming a cam model. At first, I wasn’t open to the idea of going against how I was raised, but decided to check it out. I watched a few chat rooms on and instantly fell in love. The chat interaction and how much fun the cam models were having while earning an income led me to want to find out more. I decided to listen to my heart and give it whirl!

I was nervous to spend $100 on a webcam, not knowing if I would earn it back. I took a chance and within my first broadcasting, I made the money back and more! This was inspiring to make webcam modeling my full-time career.

Along with how much I enjoy interacting with my fans, this career is a dream come true for me.

XBIZ: Describe the “Chronic Love” brand, in a nutshell?

Love: Chronic Love is the girl you wish lived next door. I like to think that people are drawn to me for my sincerity and for simply keeping it real. Chronic Love isn’t just someone that is fun to look at, but someone you look forward to talking to everyday.

Chronic Love is a chronic lover. Full of simple joys, down to earth, open-minded and playful! I strive to spread positivity and happiness worldwide!

I love creating beauty with my body through artistic dance, photography, cosmetology and fashion. Chronic Love is guaranteed to leave you with something to remember and wanting more.

XBIZ: What is your preferred site for camming and why?

Love: The only site I’ve ever broadcasted on is! The company and fan base have been so supportive to me over the years, I just can’t imagine ever needing more. Its user-friendly interface, customizable profile settings and high traffic makes it irresistible. You can find me there every weekday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. (PST).

XBIZ: Which of your camming peers have been most influential in shaping you as a person, and as a model?

Love: I would have to say Melody Kush has been most influential in the way I view productivity! She’s an independent woman that’s able to do everything on her own.

There’s a lot more work that goes into building a brand than people realize. Our brands require skills in technology, editing, cosmetology, time management and marketing. Not many models can do it all, but Melody Kush does. I find this empowering and strive to master this myself one day!

Witnessing her accept the Best Cam Model Site Award at XBIZ this year is even more proof that I chose a great mentor.

XBIZ: Talk about your approach to marketing, in general, via social media.

Love: I focus most of my time being online, spending intimate time with my followers. I spend eight hours per day throughout the week on Love.

And I’ve got a Twitter page to keep fans updated with what’s going on in my chatroom. I’ll post when I’m going online, so loyal and new fans can find me easily. I use a variety of hashtags to attempt to reach a larger audience.

I also post promotional tweets alerting fans of when I post new exciting photography on Love69 — where fans can also sign up for my Snapchat.

XBIZ: Tell us about creating and promoting clips. Which ones seem to do best?

Love: I’ve started making content for The inspiration for my videos comes from popular requests submitted by my fans and previous broadcasts. I post promotional tweets alerting fans of when I post new exciting videos on Chronic

I’ve also made a Pornhub profile, Chronic Love, to help my name and content reach a larger audience. I’m new to selling content, so I haven’t discovered which videos sell best in this industry just yet! I think this can differ between each model, but for me personally so far, my anal and jerk off instruction videos have done the best.

XBIZ: How was your experience at XBIZ Miami this year and what was it like winning the biggest cam model award of the night at the 2018 XBIZ Cam Awards?

Love: It was everything I hoped for and more! Meeting your fellow webcam models for the first time is surreal, similar to a dream or déjà vu! The seminars were educational on some of the most important subjects in the webcam industry.

Winning the biggest award of the night was such a fulfilling sensation. After five years of camming, my fans still have a burning passion for me. It was reassuring that putting in the promotional time and dedicated cam hours are worth the effort!

XBIZ: What’s next for your career this year, and beyond?

Love: I’ve started focusing on making my own content this year! I’m also looking forward to making new connections for future collaborations.

I’m working towards being able to travel the world making erotic content for my fans as well. I’m curious to explore more ways to participate in the industry.

I’ve got so many ideas and look forward towards the future!


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