Q&A: SpankChain Maestra Janice Griffith Talks Cams, Crypto

Q&A: SpankChain Maestra Janice Griffith Talks Cams, Crypto

Sultry and sophisticated adult star Janice Griffith has already cemented her bona fides in the biz as a performer, in the past five years.

She has also amassed a loyal following as an impassioned social activist and stellar contributing writer to all manner of mainstream and trade pubs.

Our payments to models are in crypto as well — this means that our users never have to give up their credit card info and the models are paid out directly into their respective wallets.

Now, she is repping cutting-edge crypto company SpankChain as its strongly forged link to the talent pool, as well as its public voice.

The cleverly branded blockchain company and industry disruptor par excellence is tackling the crypto market with an eye towards camming platform power, fusing two hot sectors into one blacksmith-melded blade of profitable majesty.

To unsheathe the intellectual weaponry Griffith is bringing to bear upon crypto and cams, XBIZ sparked a conversation with the multifaceted maven, in this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Tell us what attracted you to the crypto and camming biz, parlaying your adult stardom into newfound heights?

Griffith: Honestly, I love innovation and moving forward. Taking advantage of new technology and opportunities is something I think the porn industry is simultaneously very good and very bad at. The potential for advancement is there. It makes perfect sense to bring crypto and adult together.

XBIZ: Describe your role at SpankChain. What's a typical day look like at the "office" for you?

Griffith: Hahahaha, okay. I’m the adult industry liaison and media witch, so I handle making sure we have our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening within the adult industry and how we can stay ahead of the game, catering to what both fans and models want.

On any given day I’ll get to the office and fight the door open because it sticks. I get inside, make some green tea and basically sit on my laptop with a bunch of other people sitting on laptops talking and typing about the future.

Sometimes the topic of conversation is harmful legislation, sometimes we’re watching our beta models live on cam, other times we’re discussing design particulars or features we might want to include — we’re all very hands on in making it all happen at SpankChain. It’s a team effort!

XBIZ: How is SpankChain getting the word out about its services, via brand ambassadors and other marketing avenues?

Griffith: As of right now, we’ve been in a closed beta for our cam site and working on the “hush hush” with a few partners for our initial services rollout. We’ll be announcing all of this in due time, don’t you worry! We have had the wonderful Brett Rossi and Kayden Kross star in our educational Spankcademy videos that aim to teach our potential users about crypto.

XBIZ: Why Ethereum, vs. other cryptocurrencies?

Griffith: We use Ethereum because of its applicability and potential. Ethereum is unique in that it is the only prominent cryptocurrency which allows for software to be built on top of its infrastructure.

This type of software is referred to as decentralized applications (or DAPP), and is why we can create things like the SpankBank. Ethereum has a strong and growing community dedicated to DAPP creation and solving scalability problems, and is gaining more and more recognition worldwide, making it a clear choice for SpankChain. It just makes sense.

XBIZ: Let's discuss SpankChain's new camming branch, following its debut at XBIZ Miami. How are y'all planning to hit the ground running this summer?

Griffith: Opening up our cam site that’s been running a closed beta to a public beta, and showing some of what our tech can do at XBIZ Miami are a great start. We’re really excited to have built something that works and we can continue to grow with. We have feature shows, brand ambassadors and events that we’ll be announcing in the coming months. We’re excited for the future!

XBIZ: What does SpankChain offer that truly distinguishes its camming platform?

Griffith: The use of cryptocurrency within our platform is different than the ways other sites utilize it. Our payments to models are in crypto as well — this means that our users never have to give up their credit card info and the models are paid out directly into their respective wallets. Unlike traditional banking institutions, you’re not depositing your funds into an account that can be shut down or frozen.

Plus, our tech is pretty sweet. We have streaming with latency under half a second, even on slow internet connections. This means that less than half a second will elapse between a model saying something and the viewer hearing it.

Our user interface is clean and new with model input at the forefront — we’re trying to make the best experience for our models and users. We also engage with our community daily, incorporating feedback into upcoming development sprints and paying attention to what people want.

We really care about making it easy, fun and profitable for everyone. And we have the lowest fees in the biz.

XBIZ: Given SpankChain's tagline of "adult entertainment on the blockchain," discuss where you envision blockchain tech heading in the future, especially as it pertains to camming.

Griffith: The adult industry has a long history of being on the cutting-edge of technical innovation and blockchain tech is no exception. With the increasing popularization of cryptocurrencies, we will see more sites turning to crypto as an alternative to traditional payment methods for a multitude of reasons.

Our cryptoeconomic infrastructure will allow this to grow even further, allowing for ease of payment channel creation, direct access to funds for performers, an absence of steep transaction fees, and more.

XBIZ: What's on the horizon for SpankChain and how do you envision your mission evolving at the company?

Griffith: We have a lot planned for our future, including, but definitely not limited to creating more micropayment processing options, improving adoptability of cryptocurrency and mainstream understanding, utilizing the power of the adult world and moving into the future.

We are consistently working for a better place for everyone, with adult performers and industry members in mind. We know the discrimination and oppressive policies our community has faced forever and are working to minimize the damage of those effects by creating alternate options with more reasonable and sustainable actions.