Q&A: ClickDirectPay Unlocks Powerful Crypto Gateway

Q&A: ClickDirectPay Unlocks Powerful Crypto Gateway

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, disrupting business as usual with the allure of increased privacy for consumers and significantly lowered transaction costs for payment processors.

Enter ClickDirectPay, with a crypto gateway that will readily equip merchants with easily integrated options for discerning clientelle.

This landscape is growing and changing every day and our goal is to create utility and real-life uses for these coins. As this space matures, we want to make sure we are also adapting to provide quicker, cheaper and accessible options for both our merchants and customers.

Backed by the experience of GH Capital’s fintech and capital markets advisory services, ClickDirectPay is aggressively expanding its reach to meet the demands of both modern and futuristic economies.

With Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ether as accepted cryptocurrencies, ClickDirectPay is ensuring its clients take advantage of the most valuable options currently available.

To make crypto less cryptic and unlock the secrets of ClickDirectPay’s unique service, XBIZ took a trip down the blockchain for this exclusive company interview.

XBIZ: Why should online merchants consider adding crypto payment options, beyond traditional offerings?

CDP: The appeal for merchants in accepting cryptocurrencies over other means of payment such as cash and credit cards could be any of a number of reasons.

There are no banks, central entities, clearing houses or middlemen involved when validating a transaction, making the speed of transaction quick and low cost.

Cryptocurrencies are truly borderless and international, giving merchants and businesses true access to the global market.

Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies not being owned by any particular government or organization, the process to accept cryptocurrencies is much quicker, with less hurdles to jump through.

There are also no chargebacks, since every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and is immutable, making accepting payments much like cash, but with all the components mentioned above.

XBIZ: What makes ClickDirectPay a cost-effective alternative to current payment gateway systems?

CDP: In the high risk payment processing world, you can typically expect rates ranging from five percent to eight percent on transaction fees.

Apart from the high fees, merchants are required to pay for and partner with local payment providers in order to accept payments in certain jurisdictions, which increases costs. Most importantly, current payment systems are at risk of chargebacks and fraud.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, you now have a payment instrument which is not governed by any jurisdiction or organization and is immutable by nature. The coins can be transferred almost instantaneously across the globe with minimal fees.

With products and services being delivered to customers globally, payment methods have always been an obstacle in the process. Cryptocurrencies allow anyone, anywhere, to pay, creating new opportunities in markets which otherwise may have been restricted.

Crypto also has a layer of privacy built in, meaning the sender address itself is masked by mathematical hashes. So, not only does crypto allow micro-payments around the world, they can stay private as well.

XBIZ: Discuss how ClickDirectPay’s Express Coin Payment (ECP) service facilitates integration and minimizes security issues.

CDP: Express Coin Payment offers merchants an easy way to accepting cryptocurrencies, by offloading the security aspects and technical workings of the coin payments to CDP. The ECP flow redirects the consumer to CDP’s secure payment site and allows consumers to complete their payment in a safe and secure environment.

From issuing a per-use token for each generated transaction, to the encrypted data used to fulfill the payment transaction, CDP has extended efforts and continues to ensure the safety and security of the service for both merchants and consumers.

XBIZ: Why did you choose Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ether as the accepted coins for ClickDirectPay?

CDP: It comes down to a combination of coin market capital and general adoption. That said, the aspect we need to focus on is the ability to solve a payment challenge with the lowest fees for both merchants and consumers. This is the reason we are looking at launching with coins which are low cost and fast, yet still uphold the qualities of what the blockchain has to offer.

We know cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This landscape is growing and changing every day and our goal is to create utility and real-life uses for these coins. As this space matures, we want to make sure we are also adapting to provide quicker, cheaper and accessible options for both our merchants and customers.

XBIZ: How is GH Capital leveraging its background with fintech and capital markets advisory services to ensure ClickDirectPay stays ahead of the curve?

CDP: Being involved in the finance technology space and working with various organizations in payment solutions, we understand the opportunities new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies, bring to the market.

As with any new technology, there’s a learning curve to fully realize the potential impacts, therefore CDP is aiming to create solutions which are useful, intuitive and offer easier ways for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies.

XBIZ: Can you give us a preview of any exciting upcoming features that ClickDirectPay plans on rolling out soon?

CDP: We are currently working on launching popular shopping cart integrations, easier and hassle-free ways to collect payments and we will continue to expand the accepted cryptocurrencies as we assess the markets over the next while.

XBIZ: What are your predictions for the overall cryptocurrency market in the coming months?

CDP: Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The overall cryptocurrency market will pick up over the coming months, with coins having the most utility likely seeing the higher gains in value. There may be several smaller coins which may not last the year. We just need to be ready to adapt to the changing landscape.