Q&A: Stripchat CEO Breeze Builds Cam Model Momentum

Q&A: Stripchat CEO Breeze Builds Cam Model Momentum

Stripchat is a very polished cam network platform, with the right kind of catchy brand name and smooth-as-butter streaming capabilities.

Not to mention, they have the advantage of harnessing parent company xHamster’s sizeable traffic.

Our updates are made in mostly incremental ways and I think this is the best approach to implement things. It gives us time to test and it gives users time to accept changes.

All cam models are welcome to join its rapidly growing community, which includes males, females, couples, trans and just about every body type a viewer can desire.

And as a relatively new player, Stripchat offers cam models a very high potential to cement their enduring stardom, not to mention plenty of riches from those ever-elusive whales.

In just two years, they have attracted hundreds of talented people to their welcoming service, which also provides them with a digital storefront to sell exclusive content like galleries and videos.

To strip away the mysteries behind the momentum driving Stripchat to the pole position in this great race, XBIZ sat down with its CEO, Breeze, for this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background prior to Stripchat. What led you to get into the cam business?

Breeze: My background is mostly technical. A long time before we started Stripchat, I was developing things for xHamster. At some point, we decided to launch a simple experiment on xHamster: creating a page with cameras, a bit later we introduced tokens. At the time we managed to build an incredible social platform on xHamster, so it was interesting to see if we had any momentum with cams.

Soon, we realized it actually worked. So, for a few years we had been developing it as a “second-tier” product until two years ago, when we launched Stripchat and its white label — xHamsterLive. Since then, the real product appeared and started gaining new heights much faster than before.

XBIZ: Take us back to the launch of Stripchat. How did you build momentum in those early days?

Breeze: The recipe was really simple. We already had a big loyal customer database we accumulated for years. We just provided them with the new product experience and we also started building a new team, completely focused on Stripchat.

XBIZ: What is your approach to model recruitment and retention?

Breeze: I believe we provide good support and we always try to adjust our product to the models’ and studios’ needs. However, I think the main factor is when a model is trying our site and finds she can get good revenue, either more than everywhere else or in addition to other sites (both cases are viable). Of course, the clear logic here is if it works for her, she will be retained!

XBIZ: Describe the unique features that keep Stripchat ahead of the curve, when it comes to user experience?

Breeze: I don’t think it’s about any unique features. It is about how the whole product works. What we are trying to do is to invest in the user experience and the feedback we get from our users and models is quite positive. We try not to think about features, but what kinds of problems we have, how we can improve our conversion rates, retain users and ultimately build a better social experience.

XBIZ: What characteristics do your top models have in common, that seem to contribute to their long-term success?

Breeze: Good question. I believe everybody has a unique style and their own “personal magnetism” recipe, which is a mix of personality, lifestyle, personality traits and how they see their own relationships. Still, there are a few things that distinguish top models. First, they are exclusive on our site. That means they can devote more attention to users, which is a critical factor for catching whales. Secondly, they are patient. All of them start out by not making the best money. But they invest time in consolidating their fan base. Thirdly, they are consistent in their work.

They don’t disappear for a week just because enough money has been made. Users expect to see their favorites frequently, otherwise they go and see what other options they can get. Fourthly, they try to provide a real girlfriend (or boyfriend) experience and invest into relationships with users. Additionally, they are tolerant to new users who haven’t spent anything yet, because they understand this is actually a way to get new loyal users who will eventually start sending tokens and taking privates. These, I believe, are among the main points.

XBIZ: Any business partnerships with industry players that have helped strengthen Stripchat’s position in the market?

Breeze: If I name one, then I should name others, but I guess such a long list is not for the article. What I can say is we have really good relationships with many companies in the market and we are always looking to make new synergetic deals.

XBIZ: How has the Stripchat platform evolved since its launch, as far as big updates?

Breeze: Our updates are made in mostly incremental ways and I think this is the best approach to implement things. It gives us time to test and it gives users time to accept changes. And yet looking back two years, we did massive improvements that attracted an average of four times more models present online at a time, from 250 to 1000.

XBIZ: Talk about your approach to marketing Stripchat, in terms of brand recognition and increasing the number of viewers.

Breeze: It is not a secret we have tremendous amount of traffic from xHamster, but also we are constantly welcoming new partners to our traffic platform — StripCash. Stripchat itself is, at the moment, well recognized in the models’ world, but we are still in the midst of expanding widely as a brand. We also take part in different shows throughout the world to advertise. But the best approach is when the product experience speaks for itself.

XBIZ: How do you work closely with cam models, to improve their camming game?

Breeze: It is impossible to work with every model, but what we are trying to do is to offer the best customer service and respond to the client’s issues as fast and as best as possible. We often suggest working on profiles in order to depict our model’s personality, and do not forget that the “camming game” is all about positive emotions and connectedness between the model and the user.

XBIZ: What’s next for Stripchat, as far as new features?

Breeze: At first we want to achieve the ultimate performance in our core service: streaming. We are also nurturing a few projects inside Stripchat’s platform to deepen the fun of our beloved users and increase the income of our equally beloved models. I cannot go into further details for now, but what I can do, is assure you that 2018 will be the year with really interesting news.


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