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From the great minds behind, came Streamray, one of the very first camming endeavors back in 1999. Harnessing the famed dating site’s fertile traffic, Streamray eventually evolved into, becoming a global operation fueled by potent marketing reach and strong affiliate relationships.

With full-time representation in Colombia, where model manager Steve Hamilton helms recruitment efforts, and an entire department focused on winning over models and studios around the world, keeps its roster of talent filled to the brim. And, its various interactive offerings connect users intimately with cam models, via services that include texting, calling and teledildonics.

An ongoing focus will always be continuing to improve the stream quality and site stability. Long-term, we are working on mobile broadcasting and creating an experience for models to stay connected to members when they are not on camera.

Now, is eyeing the future of adult entertainment, with plans to integrate video game experiences and additional ways for cam models to earn on the go with mobile programs. To gain valuable insight into the cam company’s staying power, and chart its future plans, XBIZ took to private chat for this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about the genesis of How did you gain traction with cam models and consumers in those early days?

Cams: AdultFriendFinder started in 1996. began as Streamray, and was one of the first companies in the camming space in 1999. The two businesses merged in 2005, so our innovation really pushed us to being the market leader in adult dating and live cams for many years. We used AdultFriendFinder’s tremendous marketing reach and numerous affiliate relationships to supply cams with high levels of traffic. It’s a worldwide operation of models, affiliates and business partnerships. We continuously work on the technology to keep up with industry innovations and customers’ needs.

XBIZ: Over the past year, you really ramped up international model recruitment efforts. How has that paid off?

Cams: International model recruitment has always been on the agenda, but we’ve made considerable traction over the last three years. We have an entire department staffed to service models and studios around the world. Our model manager, Steve Hamilton, relocated to Colombia to better represent our interests there. is currently the only cam company with full-time representation in Colombia, one of the fastest growing cam model markets in the world. A result of increased communications directly with models has been our recent focus on improving the product and modernizing the platform.

XBIZ: How does the mobile experience help users conveniently take the network on the go?

Cams: We completely upgraded our mobile platform for speed and technology to detect our member’s bandwidth and optimize their experience. collaborates with models who broadcast in HD to deliver high resolution to mobile devices. We’re testing a new mobile solution for models to keep connected on the go too!

XBIZ: Talk about the Streamray technology that powers What other innovative tech helps the site stay ahead of the game?

Cams: This is an extremely competitive market where development is constant. We work closely with models and affiliates to understand their needs and requests. Speed, connectivity and traffic volume have been constant drivers for technology projects. We focus on the model and member experiences, and believe this keeps us ahead.

XBIZ: What are the perks of being a affiliate, given the various options you offer, like model referral earnings and a percentage program?

Cams: The biggest perk for a model who has marketing skills is earning 100 percent! A huge advantage for our affiliates is our network. As a affiliate, you decide to earn on a per order, or percentage basis, but you’re also automatically enrolled to earn from our dating sites. You get global tracking across our properties, with “smart links” that determine optimal landing pages for niches, languages, and country-specific payment methods. We’re one of the only programs who pay weekly and offer multiple forms of payments (including PayPal, Wire and Payoneer).

XBIZ: How often do you have joint shows? Last year, for example, you paired up Amaranta Hank with Amarna Miller and Canela Skin.

Cams: Our customers love these! Amaranta Hank and Amarna Miller shattered our records with over 22,000 members logging into the room. We plan on monthly joint shows, and we have plans to increase their frequency. As with Amaranta with Canela Skin’s show, we aim to provide the hottest content on the market. These are highly entertaining for the members and extremely lucrative for the models.

XBIZ: Take us through the interactive experience provides. How popular are these services?

Cams: Our interactive features — Buzzmode, Call Me, Text Me and Connexions have been wildly popular on the site. All of these were developed as a result of either models’ or customers’ requests. We’ve introduced new ways for customers to interact and choose how models receive pleasure. Members wanted to bring pleasure directly to their favorite girls. The Call Me and Text Me features have given members unprecedented access to their favorite models. These features also enhance a model’s ability to earn when they’re not broadcasting. These new features bring models and members closer together and keep everyone happy.

XBIZ: What’s next for the brand?

Cams: This year, we are looking outside of the camming market to find new ways for models and members to connect with each other. The immediate focus is increasing site activity and entertainment within the model chat room and better integration with model social media.

We also have plans to provide models the ability to upload their own created content and monetize it. Another project surrounds a new gaming mode, where we utilize PlayWithMe’s platform and encourage gamers to broadcast their gameplay while doing a hot show. An ongoing focus will always be continuing to improve the stream quality and site stability. Long-term, we are working on mobile broadcasting and creating an experience for models to stay connected to members when they are not on camera.