Time Management Tips for Adult Stars

Time Management Tips for Adult Stars

I began shooting porn in 2006. Back then, my schedule was pretty simple. My tasks included taking care of my appearance, shopping for wardrobe, testing and, of course, going to set. Nowadays, my schedule has changed a lot in order to fit in various other forms of possible income. As a result of shooting for so long, I’ve built a large enough fan base that I can webcam from home pretty much any day of the week or hour of the day. But as a result of changes in the industry, I have several other options at my disposal. And the biggest challenge? Time management.

On any given day, I can choose to turn on my camera, plus lights, and film a homemade clip. I can snap away on my iPhone and post to my OnlyFans, or I can even schedule a more professional production intended for my website, NatashaNice.com. Having not yet tackled the realm of clip stores, I can say my four favorite pornographic activities are webcamming, shooting for my OnlyFans, shooting for my site and shooting for other directors/producers, in no particular order. As such, the question then becomes how to organize my time and energy without losing the available revenue being offered by each one of these four activities.

If I’m booked on Tuesday and Thursday, I may schedule my live shows on Monday and Wednesday so I can produce my own content on Friday and Saturday, for example, all while making sure to go to the gym and tanning salon every morning.

Back in 2012, I took a break from shooting to pursue a degree. I moved to San Francisco in 2015. This is when I began webcamming more frequently. It was tough at first to get the hang of things, especially because I was transitioning from porn star to cam model. Learning how to interact with fans of all sorts, wrapping my head around earning a few bucks at a time, playing with my body for hours at a time instead of the standard 35 minutes a porn shoot takes, are all examples of new territory that I found annoying at first. Once it became second nature, however, I found camming to be the simplest form of earning money, despite not always being easy.

By the end of 2015, I decided I wanted to start shooting again. At this point, I was enrolled in school, traveling to Los Angeles for professional shoots and webcamming in San Francisco (or anywhere with professional lights) whenever I was home. During this period, which was rather chaotic, I learned to think ahead and schedule big projects in advance. For shoots, it definitely helps to have an agent, especially if you’re new. As for myself, I hired my agent, LA Direct Models, to schedule my bookings, and I built my webcamming hours around those bookings.

After about a year of pursuing both education and entertainment, in two different cities, I decided to lessen my load and fully commit myself to the adult industry. It was a tough decision to make but it had to be made considering I would only ever be able to give 50 percent of myself — a percentage which is unsatisfactory whether in academics or in porn. After un-enrolling from SFSU, I sought out extra revenue streams to ease the blow of my recent letdown. This is when I discovered OnlyFans.com.

In the winter of 2017, through trial and error, I developed a habit of working out in the morning, posting to OnlyFans throughout the day and logging onto my webcam profile during peak days and times. I believe the process of trial and error is not to be underestimated when it comes to finding balance. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot to do, and only so much of this can be executed perfectly, according to plan. Once I got the hang of regularly posting to my OnlyFans page, I decided to freshen up my website and schedule my own production dates alongside my shoots for other companies. This, I feel, keeps my performances at their peak without losing momentum as a webcam model or amateur content producer.

All in all, I’d say the best way to manage a multi-faceted career is to assign a couple days per week to each revenue stream. If I’m booked on Tuesday and Thursday, I may schedule my live shows on Monday and Wednesday so I can produce my own content on Friday and Saturday, for example, all while making sure to go to the gym and tanning salon every morning.

To sum things up, this industry offers a lot of revenue streams to performers who are willing to sacrifice and go the extra mile. What I have learned in my experience thus far is that, once you zero in on your goals, the rest becomes a matter of daily, weekly and monthly planning. Making to-do lists, writing things down, carefully scheduling things via apps such as Hootsuite, and delegating whatever tasks can be delegated, are all examples of how to efficiently manage a growing career in a fast changing landscape such as the adult entertainment industry.