Q&A: Stripchat Marketing Guru Tina DiLuca Delivers Publicity

Q&A: Stripchat Marketing Guru Tina DiLuca Delivers Publicity

Stripchat marketing manager Tina DiLuca smoothly blends social media smarts with public relations passion, executing brand-boosting campaigns that attract cam models, fans and even mainstream attention.

From working closely with new broadcasters on their profiles to cultivating warm relationships with cam studios and trade shows, DiLuca knows that making noise takes serious hustling.

I’m a firm believer that if you’re trying too hard, then something is not jiving. I’m proud to say that attracting and retaining Stripchat models has been amazing and we’ve had triple the increase of models online since 2017.

With a big heart, confident voice and focused mind, this dynamic dame weaves a vast web of larger-than-life personalities and profitable publicity, empowering everyone she touches. Her responsiveness is matched only by her reliability, because DiLuca pays close attention to the ever-evolving adult biz and its major players, staying ahead of the curve at all times.

To capture the spirit fueling Stripchat’s growing popularity, XBIZ sought out DiLuca’s sagely wisdom, for this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: What was your professional background before joining the adult industry?

DiLuca: I have a long history in the entrepreneurial space and digital marketing area in a wide span of industries. I’ve always sought opportunities to work with up-and-coming companies because I love the challenge of being a part of their growth. And even moreso, contributing to their expansion. Stripchat as a company is such a rewarding experience and its growth is incredible, which makes me so proud to be a part of it. The team is simply amazing and I’m grateful to be in such a positive environment!

XBIZ: How did you get involved with Stripchat?

DiLuca: Honestly, it was by chance. At the time, I was working on my own digital marketing brand and organizing entrepreneurial conferences/events. I was approached by someone within the company and told that a position with my qualifications was open and they thought I would be great. I knew it was for adult, and I thought it would be so cool. I know that’s not people’s initial thoughts, but if you have a creative marketing background — you have a sense that it would be fun. Working with Stripchat has been such a great career move because projects are always interesting and the team here is always pushing for your professional growth.

XBIZ: Describe your role for Stripchat. What does a typical workday look like?

DiLuca: Well, I can’t say there is a “typical” day because we’re constantly innovating on the tech side and trying to stay creative with our PR marketing initiatives. So there are always interesting updates happening which make it a really exciting environment at Stripchat. I can say a typical day requires multitasking with different projects and using your thinking cap to be creative.

But some tasks that definitely happen daily are things like assisting models, especially new recruits with their profiles and improving their social media accounts. We email them as soon as they sign up to give them some advice and let them know how to make the most of their broadcast. They have the chance to ask us questions about their shows, social media advice and much more that could help grow their brand.

XBIZ: Explain your overall strategy for marketing the Stripchat brand.

DiLuca: We use many different marketing approaches according to departments. My core energy goes mostly to public relations and social media for model recruitment and user acquisition. I love getting Stripchat into mainstream media. I mean, sex is mainstream — it’s obviously everywhere. So some of our projects get Stripchat models involved, which in return helps them grow their brand on social networks and traffic to their model room with us.

Some recent publications have been released in the DailyStar, Glamour, UPROXX, plus other media outlets. We’ve found tremendous success with models reading about Stripchat and other cam models in mainstream articles as well as new users hopping over to our site.

Also attending worldwide events and keeping warm relationships with studios have contributed to our great success with models. It’s always a pleasure also when models come onboard from word-of-mouth through camming forums and personal recommendation.

XBIZ: Which of your social media campaigns have proven most successful?

DiLuca: We recently did a social campaign in response to anti-bullying calling #StripchatCares, more specifically targeting adult cyberbullying. Every day we had a different theme of awareness and the severity of what can happen when it’s taken too far. We had cam models get involved in a Q&A on Instagram, a YouTube video with them reacting to the deaths of porn stars, and insane attention on social media arose during that week. It was a campaign to show exactly that — Stripchat does care. As a company, it also helped us get feedback on how we can keep improving to keep models safe.

XBIZ: How does Stripchat stay ahead of the curve?

DiLuca: We're constantly working on tools and games that will help make the shows more interactive and fun for both the users and the models. We’re constantly coming up with new features for both because, as we all know, the tech scene is ever rising and you have to stay on top of your game. Recent site additions for models have been the ability to sell photos and videos, add their social media accounts and some interesting money giveaway contests. We’ve also given some extra benefits to users and special offers that no other cam site gives. More is coming up, but I can’t share everything just yet!

XBIZ: Discuss your approach to attracting cam models and customers to the Stripchat platform.

DiLuca: I’m a firm believer that if you’re trying too hard, then something is not jiving. I’m proud to say that attracting and retaining Stripchat models has been amazing and we’ve had triple the increase of models online since 2017. Models and studios are signing up every day, and we are actively recruiting new performers.

Now is a great time to join the Stripchat community, because of the rapid growth of the site. Now is a great time for models to sign up because we give new models a two-week site placement boost. It’s a great way to grow their fan base, establish their ranking and propel their social networks. No cam site is perfect, but the fact they can email me or another community manager, send a message to our Telegram group, DM on Twitter, or contact support makes them feel that there is a real person there to help them.

We attract customers of course with our gorgeous cam models, but also by keeping our site simple and easy to use. When you go to the site, it’s comfortable. We make it as user-friendly as possible so anyone can stick around and play without being confused or bombarded by a circus of distractions. The buttons are easy to find, the commands are simple to understand and the tokens are a steal, a bargain!

XBIZ: How do you help promote cam models and partner with them for greater success?

DiLuca: We really take cam models by the hand and help them grow if they answer me and say, “Yeah, Tina, I really need your help on this.” Our community managers and marketing team are in personal contact with models to provide advice and answer their burning questions on how to succeed on Stripchat.

If they want to grow their social accounts or drive more traffic to their shows, we do our best to help guide them until they get the hang of it. Luckily they learn the “secret” and do it successfully on their own. It’s incredible to see Stripchat newbie models who started from $0 go up to $5,000 in a month because they were committed to doing so on our site.

XBIZ: What's next for Stripchat?

DiLuca: The future of the cam industry is limitless and we’ve got a team that sees endless possibilities. New technologies, new toys and greater bandwidth speeds will change the way users interact with models and eventually provide a completely customizable experience that will take live cams to a new level.