Q&A: Ethan Joy Slays as 2018 XBIZ Male Cam Model of the Year

Q&A: Ethan Joy Slays as 2018 XBIZ Male Cam Model of the Year

Ethan Joy flexed serious star power last year, landing the coveted 2018 XBIZ Award for Male Cam Model of the Year, with an athlete’s fierce dedication.

Yet for all his muscled might, Joy still manages to be down to earth and gritty, smiling big with wolfish charm.

I stay in excellent shape by going to the gym, by smiling a lot, by eating healthy and by sleeping when I should. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke and I don’t party all night.

His winsome attitude and masculine energy attracts thousands of loyal fans that show up for the hunky sex appeal, and return for the confident conversational game.

Playing to his audience with equal parts entertainment, education and engagement, Joy makes sure that everyone is enraptured by his charismatic prowess.

Armored with chiseled good looks, bulging biceps and pecs carved from steel, Joy looks ready to wield a blade and shield like the warriors of ancient Sparta. And through that instantly eye-catching strength, he can entice members to come hither, surrendering to dominant loving.

To etch the likeness of so dashing a gladiator, XBIZ sought out the dashing rogue, for this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: How did you get into camming?

Joy: Well, I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but I used to work as a fitness instructor, and so I met a couple of guys who introduced me to camming! Since I’m a curious and open-minded guy, I found it natural to become a cam model. When you focus so much on breaking so many barriers with your body, you start thinking about yourself in a different way and you become more aware of your sexual desires. Plus, I was really shy and I’ve always wanted to overcome this.

XBIZ: What is the "Ethan Joy" brand in a nutshell?

Joy: Enjoy the simplest joys in life. I have a thirst for life and living it to the fullest, while giving away smiles to each and every one of you. That’s what defines Ethan Joy. I welcome anyone and everyone to my room to have fun, to laugh and just have a great time. The “brand” is in my smile. I’m always a jokester. I’m all about creating memories and moments. I’m fun-loving, I’m excited about everything and I share this with anyone that wants to come and spend time with me.

XBIZ: How do you stay in such excellent shape?

Joy: I’m a gym rat by definition. If I could spend 24 hours in the gym, I’d do it. I’m crazy about working out and I’ve created a life around it. There was a Latin saying — “mens sana in corpore sano” — which actually means “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” so whatever I do is meant to ensure a healthy way of living my life. I also put a positive spin on everything.

I stay in excellent shape by going to the gym, by smiling a lot, by eating healthy and by sleeping when I should. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke and I don’t party all night. One can say that I’m boring, but I’m far from that. I’m actually a very fun-loving person, but the way I have fun is so different from other men my age. I enjoy walking a lot, hiking and spending time with friends.

XBIZ: Tell us about your website How often do you update it and what kind of content can your fans find?

Joy: is an extension of myself. I must confess, I didn’t update it as much as I wanted to in the last few months, but that is due to a really busy schedule. My fans can expect to find lots of behind-the-scenes videos, selfie videos and all the goofiness that is me, as well as lots of pictures and a blog.

Building a website through the ModelCentro platform was a great opportunity for me, as I think it is for any model that wants to have a say in the business. The platform is really easy to use and my fans gave me great feedback about how good the website looks.

XBIZ: How did you get involved with Studio 20 and what has the studio done to empower you for long-term success?

Joy: When I decided to take this step, Studio 20 was already my first choice. So. I called, set an interview date and the rest is history. The way I’ve been empowered is incredible. The thing is, not a lot of people understand how and what a male cam model does, and I actually think that people tend to judge us more than the girls. So, of course, I needed support and guidance. It was the first time I got in the industry, and that’s exactly what they gave me!

XBIZ: Talk about your involvement with

Joy: We can all see that crypto has become the new way of payment. It’s safe, it offers total discretion to the members and the models, so of course, when I was offered to be a part of the brand, I took the opportunity. I also got a bit in this “game,” so I invested in a new crypto coin. I’ll let you know more about it when it becomes official but until then, let’s just say that I am in tune with the times and can speculate about the new opportunities and what I can get from being involved in this.

XBIZ: What is your preferred cam network and why?

Joy: My favorite cam network is Flirt4Free. I don’t want to sound like a robot, but they are leaders in the industry. Over the years they have won numerous awards and they offer a lot of opportunities to their models. It’s a very easy platform to work on and since it was the first one that I’ve started on, it was something that I got accustomed to really fast, so it comes as second nature for me to work on.

XBIZ: Describe your social media strategy. How do you keep fans engaged?

Joy: I’m a very sociable kind of guy and I always make a point of keeping in touch with all my fans. Everybody can find me on Twitter @EthanJoy. I choose to keep up with my fans and friends from the industry through Twitter. I wouldn’t say I have a strategy per se, because I just post from my daily life and try not to “sell” my content. I keep my posts organic and never have I ever chosen to use fake followers. I consider social media to be a very important tool to use when you’re a cam model or any kind of influencer. I follow the rules of the three Es: Engage, Educate and Entertain. So, my posts have to be just that: engage with my followers, educate them about my life or myself and offer a source of entertainment.

XBIZ: What was it like winning the 2018 XBIZ Award for Male Cam Model of the Year?

Joy: There are no words to describe how happy I was. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day. I was nominated last year also but I didn’t win so I made a promise myself to win the next year’s XBIZ Award for Male Cam Model of the Year. I was determined to keep this promise and I did it. Ever since the nominations were revealed, I drove everyone crazy with this, asking them to vote and talking about it. I believe a lot in the law of attraction and that if you wish and work for something really bad you will achieve it.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the ceremony in Los Angeles due to some Romanian legislation that didn’t allow me to move forward with my Visa. I found out that I won through Twitter and then I got the photo of the award. I didn’t sleep the night of the awards, I was crazy excited to find out if I won or not. When I did, I was speechless for the first time in my life.

XBIZ: Any major career goals for 2018?

Joy: Keep the same promise I made myself last year: be the best male cam model. Work hard and increase my fan base, keep smiling and do the best I can do to have a great life and provide the same for my family.