Q&A: Terra Storm Crackles With Nerdy Passion

Q&A: Terra Storm Crackles With Nerdy Passion

Terra Storm electrifies gamers and geeks with unbridled passion, sharing her love for everything from comic book cosplaying to online roleplaying games like EvE and Diablo 3.

Pixie petite with short-cropped hair and a bangin’ nubile body, this cam model knows how to conjure seductive spells with down-to-earth charm and lovable enthusiasm.

About 99 percent of my loyal fans are true blue nerds at heart.

Swaying back and forth in her spritely way, Storm bares it all against a backdrop of Star Wars and sexy silk.

And her fans are the real deal themselves, with enough nerd creds to identify fake “gamer girls.” That is why they’re loyal to their camming queen, for they know without a doubt, Storm is as much an aficionado as they!

It certainly helps that she has delightfully perky nips and a million-dollar smile, with edgy makeup that is darkly alluring … not to mention, an upbeat attitude that is absolutely radiant. As she bounces from conversation to conversation in response to her fans’ quest for chatroom entertainment, Storm makes it clear why she’s a rising cam star with a bright future.

So, kick back, turn on your PlayStation and get ready for an exclusive XBIZ gaming session with the February 2018 Cam Star of the Month, Terra Storm!

XBIZ: What inspired you to become a cam model?

Storm: In all honesty, I never initially planned to do camming. I got completely stressed out with my customer service job, so I quit it on a whim. I had a major struggle trying to find a solid job after doing so, so I started branching out and looking in multiple places for things that could be a potential option. That’s when the idea of being a cam model actually spawned. The cams that I typically viewed, and still view, are so full of life and the models seemed to always be so happy and genuinely love what they do. So, I figured what was the worst that could possibly happen if I was to give it a try for myself? I am very glad that I did, because I love every minute of it! And the overall experience has been beyond fantastic.

XBIZ: Tell us how you’ve evolved as a performer (and entrepreneur!) since you first started camming.

Storm: When I first started camming, I was doing it off the couch in my living room. The only tool that I really had that was in good shape was my computer. I was using my gaming headset as a mic, had no music to play and I had a really crappy quality webcam. Also at the start, I would only be online for maybe an hour or two a day, then call it a night. As I learned that this was something that I wanted to take seriously, I began to invest more time and effort into my work. I bought an entirely new cam setup that I now have in one of my spare rooms. I have a new high quality mic and camera (multiple of them). I upgraded my internet — that way I have fantastic speed so I can stream without any lag issues. I have gotten multiple outfits and toys for the viewers and have gone from one hour of daily camming to making it a full-time job where I cam for eight or more hours every day.

XBIZ: What is the “Terra Storm” brand, in a nutshell?

Storm: The “Terra Storm” brand, in a nutshell, is me taking the initial cam expectations (naughty bits and sexy time), and adding my own nerdy flair and true self to it as well. I don’t shy away from having full-on nerd conversations, having cosplay days or even gaming while camming. It is one of the things that my viewers love the absolute most. And from what they have told me it makes them feel more “at home” and makes me more approachable with them knowing that I’m not just there to play with sex toys and call it a night.

They can come in and we can do all of that, but then have our unique quirky shows and nerd out at the same time. I have built my focus more on building a strong room community rather than hounding people to meet any token goals that I may have set. That’s because with a solid community you will have people to always look forward to having in your shows when you are on.

XBIZ: How would you describe your most loyal fans, as far as their fetishes, personality types and hobbies?

Storm: About 99 percent of my loyal fans are true blue nerds at heart. They have fetishes that range far and wide so it’s somewhat hard for me to narrow that down to any specific ones. But as long as there are fun nerdy themes, maybe even some sexy elf action and plenty of ass and oil to go around — then everyone has fun!

XBIZ: Talk about your approach to social media and self-promotion. What platforms seem to work best for gaining followers? How do you keep folks engaged when you’re offline?

Storm: I am the absolute worst at social media. Although, I have made it my mission this year to stay on top of it and be as active as I possibly can be. While I do enjoy Twitter, I feel that Instagram is my favorite. I’m not sure how much traffic it drives to my sites, but it does result in a lot of love on there, at least, which is nice. Also, I’m a massive selfie addict so it helps to feed into my monstrous addiction.

XBIZ: What is your preferred camming network and why?

Storm: I choose Stripchat, because it helps newer models really get their foot in and do well. Stripchat is constantly innovating with new helpful features for us models. I love that Stripchat allows me to have maximum flexibility with my shows. I game, draw and do all sorts of naughty shows. It really is my show to do, and almost anything goes! Stripchat support is second to none, which is super important to me. It means a lot to me for support to be there when I need them or their team just checking up to see how I’m doing. It’s kinda cool that they make sure I’m happy and satisfied.

XBIZ: Tell us about your favorite activities to do while camming. What kinds of interactive shows/events seem to be the most profitable?

Storm: My favorite activities on cam would have to be dancing and any type of quirky show that I happen to think of. As far as the dancing goes, I find some fun peppy songs and then lip sync and dance like nobody’s watching. The viewers love it and it feeds fun bubbly energy to everyone who joins. It also serves as a fantastic workout session which is never a bad thing. Then, there are my quirky shows. These vary from what they are, but they can be things ranging from balloon prizes filled with glitter and confetti for people to tip and win fun show goals, or whipped cream cum shows which are really messy but oh so tasty to play with and watch!

XBIZ: As a gamer, what genre do you like playing the most? How do you incorporate your passion for video games into camming?

Storm: As a gamer, I love any solid MMORPG the most. My absolute favorite game is EvE Online, because it serves as a good challenge, has a relatively high learning curve, you have to put thought into the actions that you do in the game. It is an open world sandbox, and you get to enjoy it with other players. It has one of the most supportive and fantastic communities since everyone understands the struggles and hardships that you have to go through while playing the game. I have made some good and certainly lifelong friends while playing this. So, I adore games like that. Not only can you get lost in the game itself, but the community of the game brings forth even more life.

However, when streaming games on cam, I lean more towards the action shooter games, where the viewers can have a better chance of trying to distract me and throw me off guard while playing. I simply set up my broadcast the same way I would if I was to be streaming on Twitch, but I use XSplit broadcaster for cam rather than OBS. So, if I have had a really good day overall on cam, or if I’m not feeling good but still want to have some time with my viewers, then I will have our game night streams where I will game and have a lush pussy, face and game cam running for them to enjoy.

XBIZ: What do you love geeking out to, as far as comics, movies, TV shows, fantasy novels, etc.? Any particular characters you absolutely love?

Storm: I love geeking out to anything and everything, ranging from comics to shows and movies, fantasy novels, conventions, cosplaying and yeah, this list could go on and on forever. I love going to conventions the most and I’m hoping to get some awesome cosplays this year as well. Life goal is to do a beast Diablo 3 demon hunter cosplay! And hands down my favorite comic character would be Hellboy. I used to have tons of Hellboy comics that I sadly don’t have anymore, but I am considering stockpiling my wishlist with them and hoping to get some nice treats.

XBIZ: Give us a preview of what 2018 has in store for you.

Storm: There is “oh so much fun” in store for 2018! I have officially gotten a set schedule, that way my viewers can know exactly when to expect me online. I plan to bring forth even more awesome nerdy themes, outfits and fun. I am aiming towards a few fun vacay trips this year where I can tune in from a hotel for a change of pace and some unique fun as well! And we are going to work on getting me a kick ass cam bod and back to prime fitness. I even added in a tip goal for squats, haha. I’m only a few days in on that and I didn’t expect so many people to actually bite at the offer, but long-term it will be all worth it!