Angels Studio Takes Cam Models Skyward

Angels Studio Takes Cam Models Skyward

For seven years, Angels Studio has reached heavenward, lifting high its cam models on wings of majesty.

From humble roots as a virtual studio, to an ever-expanding enterprise offering comfort and decadent splendor to its cam models and their loyal fans, this progressive company is very serious about achieving grand dreams for all involved.

We understand the success of a webcam studio as a happy balance between three pillars: models, facilities and webcam platforms.

Relying on positive word-of-mouth, spread as much by a shining reputation as well as targeted marketing campaigns, Angels Studio knows the importance of projecting brand supremacy at all times — for this is a fiercely competitive industry, like no other.

Offering resources, education and support to its cam models, not to mention partnerships with networks like ImLive, CamContacts and Flirt4Free, Angels Studio is primed to fulfill its destiny. Thus, XBIZ sought out the celestial studio, for this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: Tell us about the creation of Angels Studio. What inspired the founder(s) to jump into the highly competitive cam studio market?

AS: Angels Studio has been in the business for nearly seven years now. Back in 2011, the webcam studio business was very far from the competitive and organized industry that we see nowadays. It actually started almost by accident when the founder and owner, Daniel Mates, decided to offer his help to a few of his friends who wanted to try to be webcam models but didn’t have the resources to buy their own equipment. The opportunity was appealing, and the studio was virtual initially.

The models were working from their houses and the services offered were facilities to acquire the equipment (PC and webcam), logistics and issuing internal payment. Soon it developed into something more formal with the opening of the facilities in Timisoara. Once we had a good group of models, it was time to reach out to the sites and get closer to the ones we felt more identified with. This was crucial, because it defined our particular way of training, the type of models that succeed with us and it definitely changed the course of our history.

XBIZ: What is your recruitment strategy for bringing new cam models into the Angels Studio family? How do you retain them long-term?

AS: The recruitment of new models is not an easy process. The most difficult issue is to determine the right people to interview, then getting them to know our studios and familiarize themselves with the benefits and features of the job.

We are using an integrated promotion strategy for the recruitment, which is part of the marketing plan. In terms of communication channels, we advertise in multiple ways, both offline and online. Social media and word-of-mouth are the ones that bring better results.

I will say that the moment a person decides to become a webcam model, it’s easier for us to motivate them to collaborate long-term, because our business philosophy is based on quality. We provide modern studio amenities, customize training in accordance to models’ personalities/beliefs and offer top-notch professionalism — our models are working with employment records and confidentiality is on the agenda. We also motivate cam models with the package of benefits enjoyed by our models. It is a generous one with very high income, bonuses, trainings and everyday support.

XBIZ: Describe the kinds of perks that Angels Studio offers cam models, as far as training, special rooms, social media, etc.

AS: We are the most modern studio in Timisoara, taking into account not only the design but also the technical equipment that we use and the everyday delights which we offer to our models. From the comfortable and stylish rooms with shared relaxation areas where our models can play a dozen games, to a cheerful kitchen and terrace with many goodies for the breaks and the make-up area — they are all part of what Angels Studio means.

We offer all the models specialized training tailored to their needs to make them feel comfortable and confident in themselves … all these can be seen in the attitude they have in front of the camera. We know that the most important resource in this business is the human one, therefore we establish friendly relations with our models, helping them whenever they need it, even with the problems which may arise in their private lives. Our philosophy? We are a family!

XBIZ: Talk about your studio’s relationship with cam networks. What is the overall approach to teaming up with top sites?

AS: We understand the success of a webcam studio as a happy balance between three pillars: models, facilities and webcam platforms (i.e. partners). We are working with a closed group of webcam sites, all premium and with all of them we maintain a strong, close and loyal business relation. ImLive, CamContacts andFlirt4Free are part of the Angels Studio family. We have an open, ongoing channel of communication with all three and we don’t plan to ever integrate a fourth platform in our business in a permanent way unless we have a solid and mutual relationship.

XBIZ: How does Angels Studio cultivate a strong team of company employees, as far as leadership skills and professional development?

AS: The main ingredient for a strong team is their involvement — in a word: caring! We are paying attention to the individual needs of each model and try each time to meet their requirements. Our trainers are beside them, day by day, guiding, motivating and supporting them, even during unfortunate days each of us has, and Daniel — the business owner — is more than just a leader. During the interviews our marketing team had with the models for a specific campaign we want to launch, every single model declared, “Daniel is the first person who I call whenever I have a problem.” Their response demonstrates maximum confidence and friendship, before all other professional aspects.

XBIZ: What are your plans for expanding the company further, in terms of new locations and better brand awareness?

AS: The year 2017 has been a year with lots of gains and favorable changes for Angels Studio, and we are keeping this ascendant trend going for the New Year. The development of our brand strategy involves constant marketing activities which increase brand awareness, positioning Angels Studio prominently in the minds of women who wish to become financially independent.

They can choose a lifestyle in which they explore their femininity, build confidence and still have time for their personal lives or family. After all, we live in a society where earning lots of money often involves sacrificing other life plans — we strongly believe that a webcam model can successfully tick all the boxes that are essential for a woman to feel fulfilled. Angels Studio fights for it every day!

XBIZ: Angels Studio has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Timis (CCIAT) as being a market leader in Timisoara for three consecutive years. To what do you attribute this recognition?

AS: We are honored by the awards received from the Chamber of Commerce and they come to strengthen the leadership position we have on the market and the confidence that we lead this business in the county with commitment, professionalism and seriousness. The criteria by which we were nominated as market leaders are low annual turnover, fairness and transparency, as well as our contributions to the budget of the local administration, plus the professionalism we show by increasing the efficiency of business from one year to the next. We strive for quality, not quantity, in regards to the growth strategy of the Angels Studio and we strongly believe that perseverance, the relationships we develop with our models and the desire to have a significant impact on a personal level in the life of “Our Angels” are the ingredients to success.

XBIZ: Give us a glimpse of your future plans. What ambitions are you pursuing as a company in 2018? How about five years from now?

AS: We hope that 2018 will be the year we continue reaping the benefits of the strategy we have been following in the past two years: recognition of Angels Studio as a trustworthy brand for anyone that wants to start or who simply wants a better option for their webcam model business. In addition, we want to continue working with our existing models to attain their goals while helping new ones get to the top. As far as expansion goals, we have several projects on the table we’re considering. However, we want to remain faithful to our identity, so we will never be the 100-plus models studio. That’s really not in our plans. We do want to grow, but only with a closed number of models, working with the best.