Q&A: KendraSummer Dominates Most Seductively

Q&A: KendraSummer Dominates Most Seductively

KendraSummer leads a life filled with riches, not only from the glimmering coins her fans lavish upon her, but also from the inner wealth of confidence and self-determination her cam modeling career inspires.

With big dreams fueled by motherly love for her child, not to mention a fiercely independent streak, this rising Rich Girls Studios star brightly graces the screens of her loyal viewers.

It’s really important for models to follow their own path because it’s the only way you can get to the best version of yourself. Just put passion in everything you do and you’ll do it right, no matter what.

Living the “Life in Red” that Jasmin offers, KendraSummer cultivates a persona of glamour and beauty. Describing herself as “a classy mistress with seductive curves to worship,” she can strike a sultry pose enthroned on elegantly upholstered chairs, with candelabras alight behind her in a smoky room, or playfully cross windswept beach sands in nothing more than silky threads. Just take a look at her photo galleries!

Such visual theatrics are part and parcel for this cam model mama, who wants nothing less than to utterly charm hearts and minds, melting all defenses with pure seduction. To showcase her scintillating self with tender loving care, XBIZ sought out an exclusive interview with the Rich Girl herself. Step into her world…

XBIZ: Tell us what led you to get into camming.

KendraSummer: Before I became a cam model, I’ve been a mother, and a very proud one. I have always wanted more for myself and for my kid. Not depending on any man to support me is one of my strengths. As cliché as it may sound, every parent wants the best for their children. Every one of us does things their own way. I chose to be independent and do something more in order to build a safer future. So, basically, this is how I ended up being a cam model!

XBIZ: How have you evolved as a cam model since your earliest days in the industry?

KendraSummer: Oh, I remember my first days as a model and it’s actually funny because it feels like I’m not the same person anymore. What I have learned is that there’s no room for hesitation on camera. I have become more confident and more open, even in real-life. I just take all challenges as they come and make the most of every moment. Enjoying yourself at work is not something everyone has the chance to do. I consider myself lucky for being part of this industry and I’m definitely grateful for every moment.

XBIZ: What is your preferred cam network and/or studio? Why?

KendraSummer: I prefer the premium websites and I am mostly collaborating with Jasmin. My favorite studio? Rich Girls Studios, of course! They are my family. They’ve had a huge contribution to my growth, both as a model and as a person. The Rich Girls team goes above and beyond to support me and my cam colleagues, and this is what matters the most.

XBIZ: Which on-cam strategies have proven most effective in taking members to private chat?

KendraSummer: The feeling that I am in control of everything makes things easier from a certain point of view. I’m being seen as I want to be seen. Sometimes, I like a little mystery, and my fans like it too. Other times, I like to be provocative and sexy. It’s all in the attitude and when you emanate self-confidence, you attract like a magnet.

XBIZ: How do you keep fans engaged when you’re not online, via social media and such?

KendraSummer: I am constantly in contact with my fans via all social media networks. I think this is one of the most important aspects of my career. I really enjoy keeping my online fans close and it’s impossible not to love the vibe of this industry.

XBIZ: Do you have any pre-cam rituals that help you look and feel your best before going live?

KendraSummer: I actually do and I’ll share a few with you. I have a wonderful make-up artist who always makes me look my best, she is a true professional and I thank her for her patience and for the little talks and jokes that always make my day better, no matter what. Apart from that, I always keep in mind how lucky I am for being there, with high quality people, online and at the studio. You cannot not look and feel your best when you’re surrounded by outstanding colleagues and online friends.

XBIZ: What is your greatest motivation for being the best cam model possible?

KendraSummer: Being a cam model is literally my life now. I want to live my life the best way possible and my career is something I am very proud of. So being the best at what you do is something everyone wants for themselves.

XBIZ: Any cam model friends or colleagues who inspire you?

KendraSummer: I do have a lot to learn from each and every person I cross paths with. Imagine working every day with so many beautiful and determined models, with professional trainers and wonderful stylists. I really can’t choose. There are so many names coming to my mind right now. Dear friends at Rich Girls Studios — you all inspire me, every single day!

XBIZ: What is the “KendraSummer” brand in a nutshell?

KendraSummer: KendraSummer is wild and classy. She is both naughty and shy. I guess you can’t really define her. Let’s just say that trying to define her will beat the purpose of my persona.

XBIZ: Do you have advice for newer cam models looking to do better?

KendraSummer: Each and every model is unique and even though the motivation is usually the same — money and a better quality of life — we all have different ways of actually seeing life. So the best advice I can come up with is just do whatever works for you, the way it works for you. It’s really important for models to follow their own path because it’s the only way you can get to the best version of yourself. Just put passion in everything you do and you’ll do it right, no matter what.