On the Set: Ariana Marie Crowned Cherry of the Year

On the Set: Ariana Marie Crowned Cherry of the Year

Cherry Pimps is somersaulting into the new year amidst a blitz of camera flashes, courtesy of Dean Capture’s masterful lens capturing sexy stills and video solos of the first-ever Cherry of the Year, Ariana Marie.

Crowned at a hacienda-like estate in the heart of L.A., the April “Cherry” faced fierce competition this year from other Cherry of the Month contenders like Gina Valentina, Uma Jolie, Lana Rhoades, Darcie Dolce and Sofi Ryan.

I like to think of myself as very classy, and elegant. I’m also very dirty, too. I’m honored that Cherry Pimps chose me. I think I’ll represent them well.

Against a backdrop of festive decorations heralding the arrival of 2018, Marie took center stage in the spacious foyer, as master of ceremonies Ryan Keely interviewed the dazzling starlet. Decked out in a gorgeous gold-and-black outfit, the Cherry of the Year was radiant, her supermodel good looks as intoxicating as ever.

With a princess-perfect face that belongs on the cover of Vogue, Marie smiled brightly when Keely introduced her to viewers. “At the end of 12 months, we met 12 girls,” Keely intoned, her short blonde hair styled smartly and a sleek white skirt hugging her voluptuous curves. “We loved them all, but we love one the most. I want to introduce you to next year’s Cherry of the Year, the beautiful Ariana Marie!”

Striding forth triumphantly, Marie said, “Hi! It’s good to see you again!”

“It’s good to see you too!” replied Keely. “Since the last time I saw you, what’s happened?”

“I live in Vegas, so I don’t come out to L.A. too much, but I’ve been shooting and just traveling a little bit,” offered Marie. “Living life, I guess.”

Keely said, “So, congratulations!” to which Marie, with sincere gratitude in her voice, enthused, “Thank you! I’m so honored. I can’t believe they picked me! I love Cherry Pimps. Everybody is always so nice"

With a bounce to her step, Keely pointed out, “So, you’re our inaugural Cherry of the Year!”

“I can’t believe it!” Marie cheered.

“You’re going to set the standard for all the Cherries of the Year,” delineated Keely. “How do you feel about that?”

Confidently, Marie stated, “I can’t wait to represent the company, and have fun with my scenes and everything.”

“What would you like to shoot for Cherry Pimps this coming year?” Keely ventured.

“Maybe something special,” pondered Marie. “I’m starting to do to anal … so maybe I’ll do a pretty cool anal scene. But, I don’t know, I have to think about that. I’m still in shock that they chose. I have to figure out something that’s just going to be really amazing!”

Sensing an approaching package, Marie asked, “Something’s coming up behind?!”

Keely replied, “We wanted you to have something to snuggle.”

Presented with a bundle of goodies, Marie exclaimed, “Oh my god! I literally just told my husband that I want to go to Build-A-Bear to get a big bear that I can travel with. Since, I’m on the road so much! Oh my god he’s so cute.”

Keely coaxed, “He may have something in his backpack for your cheat day.”

Marie dug in, remarking, “I don’t think I have to go trick-or-treating this year. Wow, you guys spoiled me! Oh my god there’s money in here! $1000!”

Keely said, “That’s something to kick off the year as the Cherry of the Year. This is your new friend.” Gleefully, Marie relayed, “I’m gonna name her!”

As Dean Capture and his crew set up the next scene, a solo masturbation session with Marie, XBIZ sought out Keely in the break room, to ask how she got started with Cherry Pimps.

“I’ve known Dean Capture for a long time, and I have a strong background interviewing porn chicks,” Keely said. “It’s kind of been a constant in my career. He asked if I wanted to do the interviews with Cherry Pimps! When I started doing the interviews, I wasn’t back in the industry. After a couple months seeing all those beautiful girls, I kinda had to get back in and get some for myself.”

As for her role with Cherry Pimps, Keely stated, “So, I come in and interview every single Cherry of the Month, and then today, Ariana Marie was picked as Cherry of the Year because she is gorgeous, she is personable, she is delightful ... she is everything that any company would want to represent them.

“As long as Cherry will keep hiring me, I’ll keep showing up and working with them,” she continued. “I love working with Dean and all the girls. I think they’re all just amazing, and it’s such a nice way to spend the afternoon. And I get glammed up, which is always fun!”

Soon thereafter, Marie shot her solo scene, stripping off her gold dress to reveal the black lingerie beneath. Writhing seductively, she delicately removed the rest, fingering herself with great gusto. After several minutes of utter bewitchment, she stepped away to speak with XBIZ.

Asked about what it was like being named Cherry of the Year, Marie said, “It’s awesome, for several reasons! I’m their first-ever Cherry of the Year, and I’m extremely honored. They made me Cherry of the Month in April, and I had a great time shooting on set. I had done their live webcam shows, and then they told me that they would be shooting me for a few solos. Then, they told me I was going to be named Cherry of the Month, and we had so much fun that day. We had so many different looks that we did. I think the fans enjoyed the photos and videos, as well.

“We’re doing three solos today, as I did one yesterday,” she elaborated. “I also did a boy/girl yesterday with Van Wylde. When I was Cherry of the Month, we did girl/girl, so having a guy here was kind of spicing it up a little bit! It gives the fans a little more hardcore stuff. Today is super fun, and we have this cool ‘Happy New Year’ thing going on.”

As far as what she looks forward to the most in representing the brand next year, Marie reflected, “I like to think of myself as very classy, and elegant. I’m also very dirty, too. I’m honored that Cherry Pimps chose me. I think I’ll represent them well. I’m just excited to see what my contract is going to be like, what kinda scenes I’m going to shoot for them … I’m gonna give it a 110 percent.”

For her big plans in 2018, Marie summed, “My next year … I’m out of contract with Greg Lansky, which was for exclusive anals and IRs. That ended maybe a year and a half ago, but I haven’t shot any intense scenes since then. I’m looking forward to shooting with other people, but still being very selective. I’m hoping I can maybe do a DP in my future. Oh gosh, and a gangbang! There’s so many things that I haven’t done, because I’ve been holding out on them. Going into next year, it’s definitely going to be a big year for me.”

As the afternoon light began turning orange, Marie prepped for a stairway masturbation scene. Her slender legs splayed beautifully, the Cherry of the Year played with her cherry and made use of a crystal clear glass dildo, thrusting it in and out of herself expertly. The temperature in the room definitely went up.

Then, as she cooled off and got ready for a bathtub masturbation scene, Capture walked outside with XBIZ to shed light on his background.

“I’ve known the owner of Cherry Pimps, Jack Avalanche, for seven or eight years,” Capture said. “He came to a photography workshop I did a few years back. And we hit it off … we’ve known each other ever since. And he kept saying, ‘I’m going to put you to work one day!’ And then, I guess, this past December in 2016, he hit me up and said, ‘We’re thinking about doing a feature girl of the month. We’d love for you to produce it for us every month.’ Of course, I was flattered. It’s a couple days shooting every month with some really nice gals.

"I love it, because Jack gives us a lot of freedom," he added. "He’s not too specific about what he wants. As far as my ‘signature style,’ if I have the time and the budget, I light it like a Playboy set, but shoot it like a Hustler set. I like to do the explicit stuff, but I want to light it beautifully. Also, the last four/five years, I’ve been studying cinematography and mainstream cinematographers. Now, I find myself incorporating their thought process into our photosets.”

Focusing on the Cherry of the Year shoot with Marie, Capture shared, “We shot her yesterday and today. Ariana Marie is one of my favorite girls. She really makes my work shine with a great personality and beautiful body. She loves to come and have fun … I don’t know what to say about her. She’s just an amazing little performer, and has done great with her career. She’s a sweetheart too. So, that’s a really nice thing. We did a solo scene with a New Year’s theme, and an interview with a New Year’s theme. We also did something on the stairs.

“Now, we’re on the third set of the day, and we’re going to do the bathtub scene,” he concluded. “We’re still figuring out how we’re going to capture it, but she’s going to be soaped up … lots of towels and playing in the water! Gonna work that angle. Then, tomorrow, we’re outta here! So, we got a boy/girl scene, an interview, four solo scenes and we gave her this selfie camera so she can do selfies for promotional stuff.”

Before evening devoured the fading embers of sunlight, Marie filled the promised bathtub with water, taking her time and showing off her many exquisite curves. Running her hands through bubbles and soaping up her breasts, the Cherry of the Year bathed with seductive movements, sloshing about playfully. Her skin prickled with goosebumps, and not just from the chill.