Q&A: Unwrapping 2017 XBIZ Best Movie Cam Star Shawna Lenee

Q&A: Unwrapping 2017 XBIZ Best Movie Cam Star Shawna Lenee

As glittering snow blankets the mountains and millions of dazzling Christmas lights crown the cityscape with holiday rainbows, the gift that is Shawna Lenee just keeps on giving.

From sugarplum adult stardom to candy cane cam modeling, thousands of fans have warmed their south poles and spilled hot cider in celebration of her visual feast, singing orgasmic carols with lyrical lust.

I try to channel my personality into a lucrative online persona by just being who I am and standing up for what I believe in. I’ve never been the ‘sit down and just look pretty’ type of girl.

Unwrap that lacy lingerie, strip off those silky mittens and jingle these sleigh bells, because Lenee is wreathed in the perfect blend of naughty and nice.

She can stretch her elven legs from crimson stockings, flashing sapphire eyes that twinkle like tinsel to make every warm-blooded chimney or hearth smoke with yuletide festiveness.

And when she slides her hands past poinsettia petals into the manger betwixt her thighs, with the graceful slickness of a slippery toboggan, the heavens rejoice with greater acclaim than every angel dancing atop an evergreen.

Chestnuts roast over the open fire she lights in her viewers, inspiring mistletoe desires and messianic worship in every wise man, gingerbread woman and partridge in a pear tree.

Goodwill comes aplenty from the wonders she produces in her workshop, melting Frosty the Snowman, jacking Jack Frost off, crinkling Kris Kringle’s toes and cramping Krampus’ hands, for this merry minx deserves all the myrrh, frankincense and gold tokens in the world.

So, lay out the nooky and cream. Heat up those apple bottom pies and fulfill her wish list, because the 2017 XBIZ Best Movie Cam Star is skating into these Cam Star of the Month pages, ornamenting the December issue with a very special season’s greetings!

XBIZ: Tell us about your earliest days in the biz as an adult movie star. What inspired you, ultimately, to start camming full-time?

Lenee: My earliest days of being in the adult film industry involve a lot of shooting and a lot of meeting new people from different companies. While it was a little intimidating at first, I learned what to do and not to do over time. After a decade of performing, however, I became very bored with what I was doing. I wanted more control over my work and schedule. I lost interest in working with co-talent and really wanted to move on to just doing solo work. When I found camming, it was truly a dream come true. I was able to work around my own schedule and be in charge of everything I perform in!

XBIZ: How did your experiences in adult movies influence your approach to camming?

Lenee: My years in adult movies was helpful in ways. The experience immediately gave me a fan base to build on and there is always a topic to talk about. We frequently chat about fan favorite movies or magazine layouts and even the business of adult movies, as well. One negative thing that I had to get past was learning how to play the real me on cam instead of a made up character like I did for films. Camming, for this reason, has helped me understand who I am and what I stand for.

XBIZ: Over the years, how have you evolved as a cam star?

Lenee: Since I started camming, I am a lot more confident in what I do while filming. I am not afraid to make mistakes like I used to be. I used to be very embarrassed if I tripped or messed up a dance move. Now I just roll with it, make a joke about it and laugh at myself. Camming, in my world, is all about being the real me. It was difficult at first to figure out how to portray my real self on live video. My style has evolved to be higher quality than it was when I first started. I didn’t really understand how important it was to white balance but now it’s a pet peeve of mine to get white balance perfectly done!

XBIZ: What is your preferred cam network and why?

Lenee: My preferred cam network is Chaturbate. My only regret in my camming career so far is not switching to Chaturbate sooner. I love the apps and bots because they save me a lot of time and make tokens with little effort. I get really into the games I play in my chatroom. When I know the winning answer and someone is close to guessing, it takes a lot for me to not shout out the right number or word. I also love the social media promotion from Chaturbate, they show so much love to all of the models. But one of my favorite things about Chaturbate is their expo exposure and how much they sponsor amazing events in the industry!

XBIZ: Talk about the “Shawna Lenee” brand. In a nutshell, how do you channel your personality into a lucrative online persona?

Lenee: I try to channel my personality into a lucrative online persona by just being who I am and standing up for what I believe in. I’ve never been the “sit down and just look pretty” type of girl. If I see something going on that is wrong, I’d rather be the type of girl that puts herself on the line by speaking out rather than the girl who plays it safe and says nothing at all. I’ve been so lucky these past 12 years. I have collected such a wonderful fanbase that has allowed me to speak so freely without judgment. These loyal fans who back my ability to speak freely are worth more than any amount of money. I love making money from being myself. I think it’s one of the coolest things ever.

XBIZ: What is your approach to marketing, keeping loyal fans engaged and attracting new ones?

Lenee: My approach to marketing is very complex. To keep loyal fans engaged, I must keep new advertisements, deals and graphic designs constantly rolling. I come out with new promos every single week. Many times, I also recycle old promos that I haven’t used in months. To attract new fans, my best way to find them is on Chaturbate. The traffic levels on Chaturbate can be helpful to anyone looking to promote to new customers.

XBIZ: What kind of content do you create for OnlyFans, that is distinct from your camming on Chaturbate? Any other revenue streams you pursue?

LENEE: My OnlyFans content is daily content which many times does not make it to my Chaturbate profile or clip stores! Members also get one free video clip per week for their membership, plus all photos, and they also get personal messaging with me that they can’t get anywhere else. OnlyFans is the only place online that I respond to all my messages! I love taking part in affiliate programs and the Chaturbate program seems to be my favorite one. It’s very addicting!

XBIZ: Considering how supportive and close-knit the cam model community is, who are your greatest allies and favorite colleagues?

Lenee: I love all of my friends in the cam community. I’ve met so many amazing people that truly have a place in my heart! My favorite ally is AngelNDemon4u. She has been such a close friend of mine since XBIZ Miami! We say that we are forever bonded, and it’s very true. There may be physical distance between us, but she is really one of the best friends I have ever made. I wish I could spend more time with her! One of my favorite colleagues from Chaturbate is Cordell Jordan. He has been such a close friend to me and keeps me motivated to get all of my cam tasks completed. It’s very important to be surrounded by those who believe in your true potential and those who motivate you to do the best you can, while at the same time not judging you for each of your failures. Those are the best types of friends and colleagues.

XBIZ: Tell us about XBIZ Miami. What was it like being a panelist and winning Best Movie Cam Star at the first-ever XBIZ Cam Awards?

Lenee: I will never forget how amazing XBIZ Miami was. I am still finding photos from the event online! I’ll never forget those amazing moments, meeting new friends and being so connected with the other cam models. We all just became close friends so quickly! We still talk all the time on Twitter and I can’t wait to see them again next year! Being a panelist was truly a dream come true, too! I love public speaking and thanks to my amazing co-host for the panel, Nikki Night, we were able to have the crowd laughing and applauding. It was an amazing feeling up there, to be able to share all of the information I had learned with those who may not have known it yet! Winning was a grand ending! I remember spending 60 days straight to campaign for votes. Every single day I would spend over 12 hours a day campaigning online. I look at my trophy everyday, and I am so proud to have it. I can’t wait to see who wins next year!

XBIZ: As we approach the New Year, what are you looking forward to achieving in 2018?

Lenee: I have countless goals for 2018! My number one goal that I haven’t completed yet in my entire career is to be an award show host. I hope to work on bringing that closer to reality next year. I also plan on building my fanbase on Chaturbate and Twitter. I will have almost daily new content being released to my OnlyFans page. My style has really changed in 2017. I hope everyone comes to check out what I have been up to!