Q&A: M Group Mastermind Diego Hernandez Takes Charge

Q&A: M Group Mastermind Diego Hernandez Takes Charge

Multi-national live cam site staffing and consulting — that is the promise of M Group. That is its mission, backed by more than 15 years of experience and roots planted in countries like Romania, Hungary, Colombia and the U.S.

And one of its key masterminds is Diego Hernandez, whose legal background in a variety of industries beyond adult entertainment, such as e-commerce and telecommunications, informs his approach to M Group.

My mission is to work on growing the company, as well as managing new projects, to keep us in the position we want for the company.

Hernandez manages employees within the office, as well as cam models in cyberspace, ensuring schedules and company guidelines are adhered to.

Sticking to consistent timetables is critical to him, lest the endlessly falling sands of an hourglass turn into quicksand and missed deadlines.

To determine the intricacies of his methodical thought process, XBIZ sought out Hernandez, for this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background prior to M Group and what led you to jump into the cam studio business. How have you evolved since the earliest days of the company?

Hernandez: As a lawyer, I have specializations in e-commerce and telecommunications, so before our first investment in the company with Robert (Bob), I was working as an advisor for several companies, and also directed a telecommunications company in Colombia, ISP and International Calls.

The knowledge I had about e-commerce and the friendship with Robert and Carolina drove the creation of the project that led to the actual company.

In the beginning, I was only part of the board of directors and legal department. We kept it that way until Robert passed away. After that, Carolina and I decided to keep working and be more visible within the company.

XBIZ: What is your personal mission at M Group and how do you prioritize your time/resources to fulfill it?

Hernandez: My mission is to work on growing the company, as well as managing new projects, to keep us in the position we want for the company. Time is always an issue. Meetings are the hardest part of the agenda and are always important, but they take time to execute.

The way I try to prioritize is by following an ideal schedule. I answer emails early in the morning, run meetings between nine and noon and then use the afternoon to work with staff, manage models, interface with allies and resolve office matters … like accountants, contracts, etc.

XBIZ: How does M Group distinguish itself from the competition? How do you ensure it remains a top player?

Hernandez: M Group has a non-aggressive communication and behavior policy with other companies, cam models and industry allies.

Our growth plan is related to the welfare of the people in the industry. We believe that setting personal goals is one of the best ways to achieve success. Also, understanding that everybody is different and develops skills at different speeds.

We do this without forgetting our production goals and the importance of new projects. We are also always aware of what is happening in the industry, as far as tendencies and technologies, while studying the benefits of implementing them or waiting and observing before doing so. Then, we share with our allies this information, and keep growing from the feedback.

XBIZ: What are some of the most common challenges you face on a weekly basis in executing your duties, and how do you overcome them?

Hernandez: Time is still the main challenge we have. We want to share and communicate with allies, models and staff, but non-compliance is the most time-consuming problem we face. So, we have been developing a way to anticipate deadlines and meet goals, regardless of the issues involved, while keeping track of which people we need to fulfill certain tasks … helping them to finish on time.

XBIZ: Based on your experiences in M Group, what are the common habits that your most successful cam models share?

Hernandez: A successful webcam model is always respectful with the clients, meaning they start broadcasting on time according to the schedule they establish, on the site they are working with.

They should act professionally in every aspect. I mean, besides being respectful, being aware of the way they look, how they are presenting themselves as a model, their overall behavior and the quality of their rooms. They should also be aware of the trends in the industry, and the particulars of the site they are on.

We train the models all the time, encourage them to succeed and guide them to perform according to each site’s standards. We try to help them build character and establish a persona, so they can develop that every day to make it more real.

XBIZ: Where do you see M Group heading in the future, as the cam industry continues to evolve?

Hernandez: M Group will continue to be a leader in Colombia, with more model studios and allies in the country. Also, we plan to grow the number of studios and independent models in Europe and create studios of our own in other Latin American countries too.