Picking a Platform: What Cammers Look for in a Network

Picking a Platform: What Cammers Look for in a Network

XBIZ recently asked some of today’s top cam models, “What are your preferred platforms?” in hopes of learning more about the networks they like; the features they use most (or wish were offered); where they sell clips/memberships/and other items, etc.

Their answers were most illuminating, with 2017’s XBIZ Cam Award winners providing a glimpse at the diversity of platforms that performers prefer — and the reasons why.

They (Jasmin) give a nice percentage to the models, growing up to 60 percent, plus extra income from surprises, snapshots, messages or my fan club, where I can earn from my pictures and video galleries.

XBIZ Best Movie Cam Star Shawna Leneé (@ShawnaLeneeShow) says her current focus is on Chaturbate.

“I started camming full-time two years ago and my biggest regret is not starting on Chaturbate sooner!” she exclaims. “I am able to stream without any tech issues there and my HD quality on that site is a lot higher than other sites I have used in the past.”

Leneé says Chaturbate’s apps and bots make every day a different experience.

“I love to play games like ‘Guess the Lucky Number,’ where my fans can win 50 of my at-home clips for tipping the correct answer,” she continued. “I also put together fan packages (autographed DVD, magazine, glossy and panties) that my highest tipper can win on select days.”

“Having everything automatic is such a timesaver and allows for more fun in the chat room rather than keeping a list manually,” Shawna adds. “I also try to sell as many fan club memberships as possible so fans can access all of my uploaded clips and videos for a low price each month.”

XBIZ Best Trans Cam Model Kelly Pierce (@MrsKellyPierce) says her two favorite cam sites are Chaturbate and Streamate.

“They are reliable, no charge-backs, and they both offer features I love,” Pierce told XBIZ. “Streamate offers gold shows and Chaturbate offers many apps and features to help you earn money easily.”

XBIZ Best Cam Model — North America Vera Sky (@VeraSkyLive) prefers, telling XBIZ she never had success in the camming industry until switching there.

“I love that there are so many amazing features on the site to keep the members entertained. They’re constantly adding a new bot or game to keep our chat room fun and exciting,” Sky explains. “Plus it’s a newer website, so fewer models, which means more opportunity for me.”

She points to an increasingly popular feature on many websites — the Lovense — which she calls “super fun and a great way to generate tips!”

“The Lovense is a toy that literally vibrates when you’re tipped online. The higher the tip, the higher the vibration,” Sky says. “So literally users with tokens have the power to make their dream girl orgasm with the press of a button!”

Saying she’s “never been the kind of girl to sell clips,” she told XBIZ ManyVids is huge for the industry.

“Fetish-friendly, lots of traffic, high payout, what’s not to love about that? Plus they (like many sites have developed lately) have an auto-tweet tool that automatically tweets your video on your Twitter and the ManyVids Twitter when you upload it,” Sky explains. “Another huge feature recently released in the auto-tweet of a preview of your video and a link to purchase it every time you sell any store item — a great way to promo your videos doing zero work!”

She says an increasing number of cam sites and clip sites are implementing auto tweet features, making it easier for models to promote themselves, but notes the business isn’t all sunshine and roses.

“Unfortunately due to terms of service from websites like PayPal/Google wallet, adult transactions are not allowed through their app. And if you do try and do it through their app, they catch on very quickly and will delete your account or put your funds on hold, so it’s impossible to sell items through there,” Sky laments, adding, “I think it is very important for models to remember that even though you may not be caught instantly by PayPal it is better to just leave it alone and find another form of payment, because if or when PayPal does find out they will delete your account, potentially freeze your money, and in certain cases will take legal action against you, so it is just better for you to leave it be and find something else.”

“My preferred payment method is Amazon gift cards because you get 100 percent of the profit,” she concludes. “If you don’t like Amazon, offers a really high payout.”

XBIZ Best BBW Cam Model Raquel Love (@LoveRaquelxo) says she’s been a Chaturbate cam model for almost three years now, but makes use of other platforms as well.

“I love how they are continuously trying to grow and trying new things to make streaming easier and more fun for the fans,” Raquel told XBIZ. “I have three different clip stores on ManyVids, iWantClips and Clips4Sale, where I offer memberships, various options to chat with me on a daily basis, and many other things such as panties, Skype shows and custom videos.”

XBIZ Best Fetish Cam Model Vicky Vixxx (@RealVickyVixxx) reveals she’s not one to put all of her eggs in one basket.

“I sell my content on Clips4Sale, iWantClips and ManyVids. They all have pros and cons, but I really like what iWantClips is doing for the industry,” Vixxx says, adding, “Models and customers alike say that iWantClips is becoming one of the fastest growing top competitors!”

XBIZ Industry Trailblazer Ela Darling (@ElaDarling) says CAM4 is obviously her favorite platform, hands down, noting that in addition to camming, you can sell clips and create fan clubs on the site where fans can get better access to performers.

XBIZ Best MILF Cam Model Jenny Blighe (@JennyBlighe) says she prefers the site she started on and made the name Jenny Blighe come to life back in 2012 — MyFreeCams.

“On there you can purchase pretty much anything I offer: vids, photo sets, custom-made videos, panties, cock ratings, teases, Snapchat, Skypes and much more. Some have even tipped me to do some crazy, funny things as well,” Blighe told XBIZ. “One time I cut open the back of a teddy bear and then put my entire body inside and danced around on cam like a living, breathing stuffed animal. It was great!”

XBIZ Best Cam Duo BlondeRider and RobxxxRider (@Blonde_RiderXXX) told XBIZ that Chaturbate is their preferred platform.

“We love the app ‘Keep it Going’ and we always end with a ‘Crazy Ticket Show.’ These apps allow us to get our energy going until its peaking just before we go into a hidden show and maintain a sexy high energy show,” the couple explains. “We also like to keep things very reasonably priced and focus on quantity of viewers and the quality of our show as we feel this helps tremendously with exposure and gaining followers rather than high priced and only a few viewers.”

Angels Studio model UrCuteSarah (@UrCuteSarah) told XBIZ her favorite adult website is

“I use the vibe option the most,” she says. “I wish they could sell the guys toys too and make an option where they make them pay for us to vibe them too, that would be awesome.”

One intriguing platform held in high regard by performers is

Ava Moore, a.k.a. “Chiennette” (@AvaMoorex) says that although her favorite site is her own website,, after that, “CAM4 is a great webcam site for me — the best in the world!”

“Being able to use connected sex toys that the participants can make me enjoy with their tokens creates an interaction and a unique complicity with the viewers,” Moore told XBIZ. “I try to be present on many video sites like CAM4, ManyVids, YouKandy and PiggyBankGirls in order to have great media exposure.”

This exposure isn’t always wanted, however, with Moore revealing how she was offered a TV appearance on a large French channel “but I refused because my family is not aware of my activities” — something for models to keep in mind when choosing the platforms they wish to be seen on.

Sammy Shayne (@SammyStrips) says she cammed on many other sites, but none offered the sense of community and support she found on CAM4.

“I love that CAM4 has Live Touch built into the site for my toys that react to tips. They also feature fan clubs and a video shop, so I am able to offer everything to my viewers while I am live,” Shayne told XBIZ. “For phone and sexting, I use SextPanther. You can offer calls, texts, photos and video clips all from your cell phone, plus they have the most incredible referral program.

“For video sales, I am on ManyVids, iWantClips and Clips4Sale, as well as my own personal website with Adult Member Sites (who are amazing and also have an incredible referral program),,” Shayne adds. “I also feature a selection of videos on PornHub, which has been a huge boost for me and brought me a ton of new fans. I regret not joining their Model Payment Program sooner.”

Yolandi (@Missjunngle) is a big fan of CAM4, citing pluses such as “the way the website search filters are set to be easy to find the kind of model you are looking for.”

“The chat room has a feel of closeness between the viewer and myself, with simple app modes such as ‘Roll the Dice’ and ‘Live Touch,’” Yolandi explains. “Live Touch is for the control of my Lush, and the other one is a rolling dice game where you can get different prizes from a flash to a video. Also, the goal and tipping are really clear — they even warn everybody when I am about to reach my goal!”

Yolandi told XBIZ she sells her clips anywhere she can.

“From chatting to a fan on Twitter to my contact list in Skype, I use any opportunity I have to let them know all the material they can have of me,” Yolandi says. “At the end of each show, it is important to remind them they have those videos, panties, etc. available.”

“Sometimes they come to see you and leave in a rush,” Yolandi concludes, “not considering that like any good theme park there is always gift shop at the exit.”

Layla Savage (@xLaylaSavagex) uses her personal website and CAM4 to sell her content and items.

“On my website,, I have a store where I can create unique items based on what I have to sell such as panties, posters and other custom items,” Savage told XBIZ. “On CAM4 there is now a video store available and I use this to showcase exclusive content for my fan club members.”

Like others, Lady Serra (@LadySerra69) prefers CAM4 for selling videos and live streams; while Sofia Star (@SpanishStarX) is a fan of both CAM4 and Chaturbate.

“CAM4 offers many great things which I love [including] direct contact with the coaches and site admin. They always answer very quickly. Support is offered in most European languages which makes things so easy and is something you do not get on other platforms,” Star says. “It’s a real family environment, which is great.”

Star notes that she has a fan club on CAM4 which is available for a monthly membership fee, and says the site’s ability to sell videos to fans “has been a great success” for her, although she also uses video selling sites such as ManyVids and YouKandy.

“Chaturbate is completely different. There is greater traffic on the site which allows more exposure. Again there is a fan club and I can sell videos there,” Star explains. “One cool thing about Chaturbate is the apps you can run — they can be bots that advertise a new video I have for sale or apps that work with interactive toys.”

For her part, Lala Capri (@Lala_Capri1) offers her videos, Snapchat and fan club membership on CAM4.

“I’m also up on ManyVids, but I’m very new to it and will continue to add my videos there as well,” Capri told XBIZ. “I’m also on SextPanther [so fans can] reach me via text anytime.”

Another cam network with a devoted following, Jasmin offers a range of useful features for models.

Alis Ribeiro (@AlisRibeiroLJ) leverages her Jasmin shows through social media.

“I use platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote my career as a webcam model,” Ribeiro says. “I like so much that many people can see my pictures, videos and all I offer right away when I make a post. It is a really good benefit of these networks. I can get people from different age ranges and get the richest people around the world, just with a click.”

Demmi Dee (@Demmixx1) has preferred Jasmin for a long while.

“They give a nice percentage to the models, growing up to 60 percent,” Dee says, “plus extra income from surprises, snapshots, messages or my fan club, where I can earn from my pictures and video galleries.”

Guilty Caprice (@GuiltyCaprice) is proud to be a Jasmin girl.

“I love the site and the features. I write a lot of messages and upload pics to my fan club almost daily,” Caprice told XBIZ. “It would be perfect to have a wish list option there, and maybe my own shop to sell personal stuff.”

Megan White (@Megaan_Whitee) told XBIZ she really likes Jasmin’s MyWebSite feature, as it is very easy to use.

“Whatever I upload in my channel on Jasmin, appears there immediately, so my number one fans always find my new content quickly,” White explains. “It helps a lot with branding, and also I love the fact that on my own website I am not competing with other models. Whoever is there, is there for me only.”

Stripchat models including Angelaxxdemir, DeliciousAngel, IsabellaEtthan, sweetreya_love97 and SweetRoxxy, all applaud the unique advantages of the company’s approach and platform for camming.

“Currently, I work on Stripchat only,” Angela Demir (@WildLovelyAngel) says. “ManyVids would be something interesting to try, but I haven’t gotten there yet as I’m doing great selling my photo content on Stripchat (and I’m sure video content will be soon, too).”

Delicious Angel (@DeliciousAngell) says Stripchat really impressed her due to the fact that a model can advance very quickly, giving her the feeling that she is growing and developing with the site.

“Unlike other sites where the model is used just as a tool, in my opinion, I find Stripchat in this sense quite unique,” Angel told XBIZ. “At the moment, I’m selling photos in the ‘paid albums’ feature on Stripchat, but I plan on expanding my own platform for my fans on a subscription basis where they can get daily news from me.”

Isabella Etthan (@IsabellaEtthanX) says Stripchat is where she spends time with members to enjoy each other’s company.

“On Stripchat, I love the possibility to set goals and achieve them, and my members love the diversity of my goals. For instance, I recently had a goal for my body painting activity. We had great fun!” Etthan says. “If I could change something on the Stripchat platform, it would probably be the possibility to have a private group show because sometimes there are so many members in my room, and I’d like to bring in those who are my kings and knights.”

“I only earn money from camming and Stripchat is really helping me grow my earnings with all the new things that it comes out with,” Reya (@Sweet_Reya) reveals. “There’s the mobile app, so I can stream from anywhere, and I can also sell my sexy photo albums to users.”

“I’ve been working on Stripchat ever since it was still associated with xHamster, and I can say that I fell in love with it since the very first stream,” Roxxy (@Roxxy_Sweet) told XBIZ. “The users here seem different than other sites I’ve tried.”

Roxxy says the site is “super interesting” because it is very easy to treat users as real people, because they acknowledge that you’re a real person, too.

“I love the fact that not everything revolves on performing a particular kind of show, but around the communication between the user and model,” Roxxy adds. “Because of that, I meet so many great people, and even though I do not travel too much, I’ve gotten to see every corner of the world through my friends’ stories.”

Powerhouse platform ImLive also has its share of dedicated devotees, with MsKristine (@MsKristinex) telling XBIZ she strives “to work smarter, not harder.”

“ImLive has proven to bring me a satisfying, steady income when I put in the effort. Therefore, I focus my energy on improving my skills on camera,” MsKristine confides. “Days that I am not on, I review my recorded past shows. Not only do I enjoy the revenue, but reviewing the shows helps me to see areas that need improvement.”

SabrinaGrey (@SabrinaGrey) calls ImLive her “first and only love.”

“I always have my toys connected to get the most of the vibes my members send me,” SabrinaGrey says. “I regularly use the internal messaging/emails with my members. We are constantly chatting there.”

HottyTEEN69 (@HottyTeen69) told XBIZ that despite trying many other sites, ImLive was her first one, “and somehow I always come back ‘home.’”

“On ImLive you have the freedom to be yourself and sell yourself as there are loads of tools to help you. One thing I sell the most is my phone number — members love phone sex, and it helps give them a personal touch which definitely sells,” HottyTEEN69 says. “The second thing I love doing for my fans are custom videos. I usually give this prize to my best tipper in vibe games and then upload the video on ImLive, which I earn from and my fans get a personal video.”

MalibuBomb (@IamMalibuBomb) says she has been very successful with ImLive for years now.

“I love the vibe shows. It’s by far one of the easiest ways to make quick money,” MalibuBomb told XBIZ. “I also love that I can cam from my phone.

“I don’t sell videos or pictures through any platforms and I don’t charge my fans for social media,” says MalibuBomb, who provides this content gratis after fans have spent a certain amount. “It’s more like a bonus and it makes them spend more in my private chat room.”

MAMMICHULA (@IamMammichula) is another model exclusively appearing on ImLive.

“I try to use their promotional tools are much as I can, such as sending personal messages, sending blast emails, free live chat, and vibe shows, etc.,” MAMMICHULA told XBIZ. “I try to let the members know that I am currently online.”

Of course, every platform offers unique advantages that gain traction with models.

For example, popular AJ Studios model Tiffany Daniels (on Instagram @Tifany17daniels) is partial to MyFreeCams and CamSoda.

“I do wish, however, that there was some type of app, maybe a ‘spin the wheel’ for members to play with,” Daniels told XBIZ. “On CamSoda, I’d love it if they had somewhere I could see my all-time top members and highest tips.”

“CamSoda is my number one site,” Vanessa a.k.a. “Elettra” (on Instagram @Vanessa_Vidal11) told XBIZ.

“I love the members there so much and I know they love me back!”

Anastaxia Lynn (@AnastaxiaLynn) says that when she started, she tried other cam sites but found that CamSoda offered the best support.

“They have an incredible model support and are for you all the time,” Lynn explains. “Their social media management is amazing, and they are more interested in a model as a person than as just a moneymaker.”

“For clip sales I use ManyVids. It’s amazing the way you can find videos of your preference in that site. It’s super easy to manage and their model support is great too,” Lynn adds. “For other items, a model website is the option I need now. I’m still working on my new site and I hope to launch it soon!”

CamWithHer exclusive Layla Lynn (@LaylaLynnCWH) says she only cams on CWH, and “everything I do is through them.”

“I do not sell on other sites,” she told XBIZ. “I just feel very comfortable with how CamWithHer is run. CWH takes very good care of the models.”

Likewise, Alexandra Steele (@AlexandraSCWH) cams on CamWithHer, asking, “If you’re with the best, why look elsewhere?”

“I only do chats, but there is a ton of opportunity on our site to make even more money if you want to put the work into a fan club, sell custom videos, do premium Snapchat and things like that. The choices are endless, really,” Steele says. “They give us the tools, should you wish to make it a full-time job.”

“I love that our boss, Steve, listens to us,” she told XBIZ. “Ask, and you shall receive. Isn’t that the old saying? Well, it’s true in this case. We ask for a feature to use, he adds it. Honestly, I just mentioned a feature a few weeks ago, and boom, it’s up and running in our broadcaster now. They’re that good!”

Katherine Knowles (@KatherineCWH) loves the CWH platform for camming and doing live shows.

“I get to interact with people either in groups, or one on one,” Knowles explains. “I like to please my fans as much as possible and doing one-on-one chats with them is the best possible way for me. I can set up a show to the exact detail for what they’re looking for.”

While many models express their preference for a select group of platforms, each adds “special sauce” for her fans — that unique quality which separates one model from another, even on the same network. Through diversity driven by individual strategies for maximizing the profit potential of their preferred platforms, these performers push the boundaries of business, relationships and technology, to succeed.