Tips of the Trade: Cam Models Share Lessons Learned

Tips of the Trade: Cam Models Share Lessons Learned

A rapidly maturing marketplace, today’s camming scene continues to grow, but that expansion raises both the barrier to entry and the barrier to success as more competitors vie for a piece of the pie. It can be a daunting process to step in front of a cam for the first time, and an even more daunting experience to profit from it. Fortunately, many top cam networks, models and studios alike are willing to provide their expertise for the industry’s mutual benefit — with some companies offering extensive training programs, while at the other extreme, independent models must learn on their own.

XBIZ wanted to share this vast wealth of experience and information with cam models everywhere, and so asked a group of pros, “What advice or ‘best practices’ can you recommend for other cam models?”

Think about the persona you want to craft and integrate authentic aspects of your own identity into that character. The best long-term fans are built on a foundation of intimacy and human connection, not just on sexual performance.

Angels Studio model UrCuteSarah (@UrCuteSarah), a top earner on ImLive, advises taking a back-to-basics approach, recommending models “try and take care of their looks in front of the cam.”

“A little lipstick, some eyeliner, a touch of mascara and there it is, you look fresh as a Mojito,” she explains. “The way they interact with the guys is important too, and since it’s a virtual space, I think it is necessary to be as real as possible and act like they’d met that guy in a normal social environment. At the same time they are free to create their own persona. Something that makes them feel confident and sexy.”

XBIZ’s 2017 Cam Award winners, professionals at the top of their games, offered a lot of great advice.

XBIZ Best Movie Cam Star Shawna Leneé (@ShawnaLeneeShow) notes her best counsel for cam models “is to be true to yourself.”

“Members can tell when you aren’t authentic or following ethics. I believe honesty goes a long way. While you don’t have to dish out every detail of your life, just be true to yourself and who you are,” she told XBIZ. “Never compare yourself to other models or their stats. Keep a record of everything you do and compete with yourself!”

Leneé tells models that if they have a platform, to make sure they use that following for productive causes and not negative ones.

“It is extremely important to not perform offensive acts on cam, as this can push away a lot of potential viewers from your room. How you treat others goes a long way, so make sure you are making friends in the industry for loving reasons and not selfish ones,” she explained. “I also recommend being as consistent as possible, even if that means being on a social media network where your fans can follow you and chat with you when you are not online.

“Make sure to interact with your followers instead of just posting, otherwise, your profile can come off as selfish to loyal fans,” Leneé added, exclaiming, “Most of all, just be yourself!”

XBIZ Best Trans Cam Model Mrs. Kelly Pierce (@MrsKellyPierce) also notes the need for consistency.

“Keep to a regular schedule, and if you aren’t making money on cam it most likely means you aren’t spending enough time online!” Pierce declared. “Treat camming like any other job, and you will always be successful!”

XBIZ Best Cam Model — North America Vera Sky (@VeraSkyLive) says, “Be a model of your word.”

“More times than you think, models will not follow through on something a customer ordered or tipped for, they will just take the tip and never do the work/make the video/do the Skype show,” Sky explained. “This is the worst situation because when models do that, they give us all a bad reputation. Not only are they hurting themselves and their brand and keeping themselves from potentially making more money in the long run from the customer that they decided to scam, but they are hurting our community!”

Sky says when guys get scammed they want to leave the community.

“It makes it hard for them to trust any models, which just takes away one more of the very few paying customers in this industry,” she told XBIZ. “Keep your word. If you feel that you cannot follow through, or handle what is presented to you, it’s best to just kindly decline.”

XBIZ Best BBW Cam Model Raquel Love (@LoveRaquelxo) says, “As cliché as it may sound, stay true to yourself and take things at your own pace. Don’t negatively compare yourself, and remember that your success is not based on the success of others, but what you believe success to be.”

Likewise, XBIZ Best Fetish Cam Model Vicky Vixxx (@RealVickyVixxx) says, “Don’t compare yourself to other top models/producers. Each one of us in this industry is unique and not like any other. After all, your fans will love you for you!”

2017 XBIZ Industry Trailblazer winner and VR camming pioneer Ela Darling (@ElaDarling) explained, “Think about the persona you want to craft and integrate authentic aspects of your own identity into that character. The best long-term fans are built on a foundation of intimacy and human connection, not just on sexual performance. No matter what you look like, you are somebody’s ideal. Focus on the people who are going to love you rather than the people who decide that they don’t.”

XBIZ Best MILF Cam Model Jenny Blighe (@JennyBlighe) suggests finding a time-frame that works for you and sticking to it.

“Being on cam consistently allows your fans to know exactly when/where to find you and this is how you will develop regulars in your chat room,” Blighe says. “Setting up a Twitter account to let your fans know when you are broadcasting is also a great idea. Advertising on Twitter has been a huge help with getting sales even when I am not online, so I highly suggest using that platform to promote yourself.”

Meanwhile, XBIZ Best Cam Duo BlondeRider and RobxxxRider (@Blonde_RiderXXX) say “just have fun.”

“If you are not having fun that will reflect very clearly to the viewers and will negatively impact your performance,” the couple confided. “Chaturbate has a cool community and many models that would be happy to help, so don’t be scared to reach out and remember there’s plenty of tokens out there for everyone.”

One network with a reputation for excellent performer support and training is CAM4.

Ava Moore, a.k.a. “Chiennette” (@AvaMoorex) says, “It is your personality that your fans appreciate.”

“Most of all you need to love sex and exhibitionism,” Moore explains. “Be patient on bad days and present on social networks and Snapchat to stay connected with the community.”

Sammy Shayne (@SammyStrips) told XBIZ, “Consistency is key (and I say this from having been very inconsistent in the past). When your fans know when and where they can find you, they will. Treat this job like you would any other: give yourself a schedule, set daily, weekly and monthly goals and give yourself a space dedicated to your work.”

Shayne says perhaps the most important advice is to get to know other cam models.

“Often we aren’t able to talk about what we do with our friends and family, so it’s important to create a camming support system, full of models that know what you are going through and will be your biggest cheerleaders for success!” Shayne says. “Personally, I found my cam girl support system at XBIZ Miami — the friendships I forged there will last a lifetime.”

“I would say that this question is what really defines me as a cam model,” Yolandi (@Missjunngle) told XBIZ, saying, “I learned to be myself. I took control of my show and made it fun for me.”

“Don’t just act sexy in front of a camera, be natural, because you are naturally sexy,” she says. “I chat about stuff, I play my XBOX, I do all sorts of things to make my show fun. There is absolutely no need to be bored waiting for those tokens to come. Nobody wants a bored model!”

“Of course, the number one step to follow is to read through the tutorials that most sites offer you,” Yolandi adds. “One must walk before she can squirt!”

Layla Savage (@xLaylaSavagex) echoes the need for treating camming like a real job.

“The best advice I can offer to other cam models looking to grow their brand is by keeping a consistent schedule,” Savage says. “I recommend being online for a solid block of time. The best way to gain regular viewers is by being online regularly, even if it is only two hours a day you can dedicate to camming.”

Lady Serra (@LadySerra69) says the best advice she can give is to not give up even when you have super slow days.

“It’s really hard when you work all day and make nothing, but know that those days are not always the case,” she told XBIZ. “Also do not go on cam unless you are feeling up to it. If you are not at 100 percent your fans will be able to tell and your shows will reflect it.”

Serra also advises models to have fun, as it makes the job, and the earnings, better.

“People sign onto your site to be entertained. If you are boring and not having fun then they are not going to have fun either, so make sure to always have fun and stay positive,” she tells cammers. “I personally do not focus on the goal. I focus on the room and then the money comes to me. Don’t be afraid to act a little crazy — One of the best things about being on cam is you can play different roles, so use that to your advantage.”

Sofia Star (@SpanishStarX) told XBIZ it’s always best to never say “no” to a fan.

“It’s always best to say ‘I will try, I will do my best.’ Of course, it has to be within the law,” Star explains. “Be yourself. Be open and honest with your fans. Show your best side. Look after yourself. Make an effort and make conversation. Offer things to the guys — ask them what they like and what you could do for them.”

Lala Capri (@Lala_Capri1) exclaims, “Consistency is key! Create a reliable and professional reputation with your fans and always keep your ears open for good advice. I recommend watching the CAM4 coach Nikki Night’s classes.”

Jasmin, another cam network known for its professionalism, also focuses on cultivating performers.

“Every model really needs to interact with their members, fans and friends, out of camera, and an easy massive way to do that is by social media,” Jasmin model Alis Ribeiro (@AlisRibeiroLJ) told XBIZ. “A model who is known nowhere other than in her room, for no one else other than her members and not on a global scale like the celebrity she could be, is a model who probably will never get the success she could have, being on top.”

Ribeiro advises models to use Twitter to make and post unique rather than common content.

“People will recognize you as a brand and not just as another model,” Ribeiro explains. “Put a watermark on all of it, make a gif image, just upload pictures and videos with very high quality and get allies on these networks no matter what it is — people who can boost your account and share your pictures and videos helping you to be stronger and better known.”

Demmi Dee (@Demmixx1) says the best advice she can give (and uses herself), is to “act as you are and don’t fake it when streaming.”

“I’ve always been natural because it’s making my job easier by not pretending to be someone else, which can get to be exhausting if you’re doing it for a long time,” Dee told XBIZ. “A heart-given smile and a real conversation can bring lots of benefits to everyone.”

“Also, investing in myself helped me to grow,” Dee adds. “I think it’s a well-known fact that if you don’t add money to something, you can’t get more.”

Guilty Caprice (@GuiltyCaprice) says she can write a book of advice from her experiences and maybe someday will...

“I do have three golden rules that I use for myself: work hard, believe in yourself and be patient,” Caprice told XBIZ. “If you can make all these with a smile on your face, success is around the corner.”

“On my first day as a cam model, a girl from our studio told me, ‘Megan, you can conquer the world with your smile. Don’t forget to smile every minute and it will be great, you will see,’” Jasmin’s Megan White (@Megaan_Whitee) told XBIZ. “Whenever I am sad, I remember her advice.”

Megan advises cam models to “Be you and be soft.”

“Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree with you, you still believe it to be a beautiful place. Don’t forget to find a reason to smile every day and don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing. And be different — be you,” White added. “‘Believe in yourself and you are halfway there,’ as my mother used to say.”

Stripchat models Angelaxxdemir, DeliciousAngel, IsabellaEtthan, sweetreya_love97 and SweetRoxxy, each offered XBIZ good advice for cammers seeking a competitive edge.

“First, everyone is unique, so the copy/paste strategy doesn’t apply in cam modeling! Therefore, I would recommend being yourself even if it sounds cliché. It’s really important to be spontaneous, so it doesn’t look like you’re copying another model’s style,” Angela Demir (@WildLovelyAngel) says. “Also, do your best to make a regular schedule and stick to it. That’ll help your fans trust you, as we humans cling to some kind of routine.

“It’s like marriage. It seems more difficult to leave when you get used to living it! Models need to build a solid relationship, day-by-day and when users choose you and decide to become regular viewers of your show every day it’s such an amazing feeling. That’s how you build trust in your room,” Demir added. “It’s common that sometimes your fans might feel a little bit bored, but still, they’ll be loyal to you and by your side.”

Demir also advises models to not give up.

“If there’s a slow night, don’t compare yourself with other models, since we are all different,” she explains. “That’s why you have to be genuine, crazy and yourself. Open up your personality and try to find the mood of the people in your room. Have various options, so if ‘A’ doesn’t work, try ‘B’ or ‘C.’ Also, don’t just sit there being a you-know-what and tell users you want tips. It doesn’t work like that.”

Delicious Angel (@DeliciousAngell) agrees that models should be themselves and be confident.

“Never try to act as somebody you are not, and most importantly, never try to copy somebody else!” Angel says. “The most important thing is to just be yourself. Each person is unique in their own way, and people around will appreciate and love you more for your own personality than for a fake act.

“Also, I think it’s important for models to try every day to be a better version of themselves, which will help them find their way in the cam world. The road to success is not a hard one as long as you have the ambition and desire to grow within,” Angel adds. “This is an industry that helps you develop on a personal level. It further helps you discover yourself as a woman and it teaches you what your limits are. It also develops your mentality and changes the way you see things in life.”

It is a powerful sentiment that shows the depth of the industry and how it can uplift its participants.

“I have three pieces of advice,” Isabella Etthan (@IsabellaEtthanX) told XBIZ. “Respect your members, have fun and never give up!”

“It’s pretty simple, but overall, every model will have her unique approach with users,” Etthan says. “But as long as you’re respectful and acknowledge members, you’re being a good host and users will take that into consideration.”

Sweetreya_love97 (@Sweet_Reya) says, “Be natural and authentic on cam. It’s also very important for models to be friendly to users, to love themselves and to be confident. Bad days are unavoidable, it happens to all of us, and models should understand that it’s normal. But, it’s good not to be depressing or sad on camera as users come to enjoy your company. So, don’t throw negative energy out to users in your room.

“There’s no one cookie cutter way that works for all models in regard to ‘best practices,’” she explains. “Each model will find her way to be unique and engaging if she’s willing to stick with it while keeping a positive attitude.”

Sweet Roxxy (@Roxxy_Sweet) sweetly advises cammers to be patient.

“Do not assume that just because you are beautiful, you are entitled to earn money easy. No! You need to work your ass, tease the users, show them what you have!” Roxxy reveals. “Also, do not forget that camming is real life. What I mean is that your body might bring them to your room, but your personality will hook them and keep them there.”

One of camming’s most popular platforms, ImLive enjoys an excellent reputation for performer support and as such, attracts many top models seeking to go the extra mile for fans.

“I would like to offer my fans more videos, clips and personalized photos,” MsKristine (@MsKristinex) told XBIZ. “In the near future, I will be adding a personal website with this content.”

SabrinaGrey (@SabrinaGrey) says, “The best advice is to never give up, always be yourself, trust yourself and be the best because you are!”

“There are good days and bad and even sometimes bad periods, we have all been there and done it and it happens to the best of us. In this case, try to smile and be positive and don’t get mad at your fans,” HottyTEEN69 (@HottyTeen69) says. “If you can’t stay positive just go offline, take a break, watch a movie — it always works for me.”

“The other things like makeup and lingerie etc. is overrated in my opinion. I make the same money with makeup or no makeup as long as I have my mood on,” HottyTEEN69 adds. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying cam in your pajamas — always try to look pretty on cam but don’t overdo it. As they say, ‘less is more,’ and this is so true.”

MalibuBomb (@IamMalibuBomb) says, “Do your best to look good and always stay positive. As long as your hair is done, your makeup is done and you’re looking sexy, smiling and engaging, the money is gonna come rolling in.”

“I believe it is very important to have a life outside of camming and to try to pursue a healthy lifestyle,” says MAMMICHULA (@IamMammichula). “If you are not mentally and physically healthy, it shows on camera. I think everybody wants to see a happy and cheerful person on the other side of the camera to put a smile on their faces, so girls, stay positive, healthy and happy!”

One of the big benefits of working with a professional cam studio is the education and support it offers.

AJ Studios model Tiffany Daniels (on Instagram @Tifany17daniels) told XBIZ she used to work on a very restrictive site, but when she switched over to a freemium platform, it was kind of a shock to see how much freedom she now had.

“I think being random and being yourself is definitely a key to success. Show members your personality, your sensual side,” Tiffany says. “And never lie to members, that’s the fastest way to lose fans. I see models all the time telling members they will do a show, or sell them things and never come through.”

“If you’re going to get into camming, do it with love — eat, breathe and live camming,” Vanessa a.k.a. “Elettra” (on Instagram @Vanessa_Vidal11) told XBIZ. “I can honestly tell you I love this with a passion.”

“Don’t make the mistake of being monotonous. Camming is very competitive, and if every day you’re doing the same thing, wearing the same clothes, same toys, same show, people are not going to watch you anymore,” Vanessa reveals. “I love to wear different wigs, buy different types of clothes, change my hair color, etc. I love the different reactions I get every time I change my look!”

“I’m a baby in this amazing cam world, but I can say to all models, new or not, ‘breath deep and love what you are doing, even in the bad times,’” Anastaxia Lynn (@AnastaxiaLynn) told XBIZ. “I think that this is one of the most satisfactory jobs, but at the same time could be really stressful. So love it, even if you have only one member in your room. Continue making great videos even if they are not selling for a while, all the work will pay off!”

Lynn says another very important thing is to use social media.

“Publish videos, pics, thoughts, schedule, prizes, answer questions, tell everything about your cam life. Let the people know you,” Lynn says. “Post three or four times a day and use all the exposure the internet could give you now. On Instagram, use hashtags, on Twitter follow all the people you like, other cam girls, photographers, magazines, your members (of course!) and even psychology accounts.”

“And finally, study, a lot,” Lynn adds. “Read about social behaviors, news about the adult industry, cam girl blogs, and forums. Study your members too: learn about them, about their life and preferences. Read the wiki on your cam site, watch movies and videos on YouTube, watch porn, everything is going to help you to be a better cam girl and a better person.”

Offering an intimate, tight-knit performer community is, which attracts its share of top talent to the cam world.

CamWithHer exclusive Layla Lynn (@LaylaLynnCWH) says her advice is to be personable.

“Obviously it’s important to show your sexy side, but also guys like to see your personality as well,” she told XBIZ. “Be friendly, confident, and have fun with it!”

Alexandra Steele (@AlexandraSCWH) has also been telling models since day one to “Be yourself!”

“It sounds crazy, right? But this is what sets you apart from everyone else. I mean, look around. Our site is nothing other than 9s and 10s. Seriously. Soooo hot,” Steele explains. “The point being, there are loads of beautiful women, but how many can carry on a really good conversation? How many will go the extra mile to make you feel welcome? How many consistently make you feel like you want to see them again and again?”

Steele says it’s a model’s personality that makes the difference.

“I’m known for some really good dirty talk, to the point that some regs have had to mute me during shows to continue. So one minute I’ll be dirty talking, and the next minute, I’ll make a super unexpected silly remark and get them laughing, depending on the guy I’m with,” Steele told XBIZ. “It’s about reading your guys. Knowing what they want/need and relating to them. Make them feel comfortable. It’s something I’ve always done well with, and it has translated amazingly smoothly into the cam world.”

Steele says this is the reason she’s been chosen as “Camgirl of the Year” twice in her almost six years at CamWithHer.

“Represent yourself, the site you choose to work for, and women for that matter, well,” she adds. “Camming is a job like no other, and if you’re having fun doing it, it translates into your shows, and your bottom line. I know, insert clever booty-related pun. I couldn’t resist!”

Katherine Knowles (@KatherineCWH) echoes her peers in advising models to be themselves.

“You need to have fun as much as your customers are. Putting on a show all the time, and being something you are not, just drains you, and people will eventually end up noticing it. Being authentic and true to yourself not only allows you to have a better time while camming, but it also leads to a better experience for your customers as well. It also enhances your self-confidence, sexuality and sensuality,” Knowles told XBIZ. “So put on your makeup, your sexiest outfit, a smile on your face and just be yourself and enjoy it!”

If much of the advice presented here seems remarkably similar, it is because it is comprised of proven keys to camming success. Models that heed these experts’ tips will find more cash in their own tip jars and be well on their way to the pinnacle of their profession.

One final bit of advice — stay tuned to XBIZ for more valuable info on the world of camming today!