Q&A: ImLive Thrives With Stellar Chloe Kirton

Q&A: ImLive Thrives With Stellar Chloe Kirton

Chloe Kirton is electrical. She hums with positive energy, zapping from ImLive cam model “hosts” to loyal members to site representatives, building a feedback loop of potent camaraderie.

And as the high-end network’s customer service manager, she happily serves as the ultimate human transistor, amplifying signals and making sure that everything is giving off beautiful sparks with nary a blackout.

On ImLive, you’re not just a number, you’re part of the family, and we pride ourselves in having our community host forums that not only allow myself and CS reps to assist hosts, but allows all hosts to work together helping one another.

From pooling together current information, to training hosts with lightning quickness, to lighting up disputes with the healing waves of conflict resolution, Kirton is plugged into many outlets. That’s because she can cycle from supercharging a single host with personal attention, to hitting the entire grid with a sizzling field of illuminating advice.

By equipping hosts with the latest and greatest tools engineered by the innovators at ImLive, Kirton turns up the frequency of private shows with charming magnetism. Get a pulse on the fine circuitry behind her thriving ImLive career and turn up your camming voltage, with this exclusive XBIZ interview!

XBIZ: Ever since you entered the adult industry in 2009, you’ve taken on a variety of customer service roles, working with both members and hosts over the years. How has this dual perspective influenced your approach to being a host representative on

Kirton: When I started with ImLive back in 2009, I was working as a customer service representative, assisting all of our clients, hosts, studios and members. A few years later, I became the customer service manager, allowing me to work very closely with our members, which gave me much better insight into what our members are looking for —both on the ImLive platform and with our models. I definitely believe that working closely with our members allowed me to see camming from a different aspect that helps me to assist my hosts and help them to see an alternative perspective that they might not have seen otherwise. I always enjoy assisting models and find that they are strong, independent businesswomen in their own right.

XBIZ: Tell us about your overall strategy for bringing hosts up to speed when new features and tools are implemented on How do you rapidly disseminate information and monitor whether or not hosts are taking full advantage of the site’s latest additions?

Kirton: As most people know, the ImLive platform is not a difficult platform to navigate. However, we do have numerous tools and features that are designed to help our hosts gain more exposure and retain their members for longer. We are very happy to see that ImLive members spend longer in private chat with hosts than on other platforms, and I believe this is due to the tools and features hosts have available to them.

As a new host, it can be overwhelming to start on a cam site and not know where to begin. This is exactly why we have a specific area dedicated to all the information of how to utilize the tools they have available.

Obviously, when a new feature is released, we inform all hosts in various ways such as banners, emails and one-on-one tutoring with an ImLive representative if needed. We have many back office tools to see if hosts are taking advantage of the tools available to them and to pinpoint and assist either on a large scale, or with specific hosts, ensuring they utilize and grow on ImLive.

XBIZ: How do you help ensure a strong member retention rate? What are the “best practices” you most often impart to the hosts, in this regard?

Kirton: As I said previously, we are proud to see that ImLive has the highest member retention in the camming industry and this is due to the personal attention that you will find ImLive hosts give ImLive members. We have numerous tools and features that allow hosts to keep in contact with their members, giving them a safe place to build their online virtual relationships.

I find that on ImLive, the host community is much more attentive to their members than anywhere else I’ve seen. Our host community understands that all members deserve to be treated well and shouldn’t be ignored — after all, every VIP was once an anonymous guest. We help them understand that the key element of success as a host is to build a relationship rather than provide a “porn show.” The entire thinking and language of ImLive supports this very potent thinking.

XBIZ: In many ways, you are the voice of the host community, serving as a bridge between them and as a company. What are the unique challenges involved with ensuring a mutually beneficial flow of information between hosts and the cam network itself?

Kirton: Yes, I definitely am the voice of the host community, and even though I am obviously paid by, my sole responsibility is to my hosts. I am the bridge, as you say, and I’m very proud that the host side of ImLive is not only built with hosts, in mind but is in part built by the hosts themselves. All ideas, suggestions and complaints are passed through myself to ImLive where we work together building a platform for our hosts, allowing them to achieve their goals. I have a lot of personal contact with many hosts on ImLive — my personal email and Skype is readily available to any host, and as most people know, I’m reachable nearly 24/7.

XBIZ: What is the most common concern that hosts share with you? What is the most frequent advice you give to hosts, to perform better?

Kirton: This would probably be related to how they can increase their earnings. The most frequent advice I give my hosts are, first of all, to know the platform and the tools and features available … such as the mobile streaming app that allows hosts to broadcast from anywhere, anytime, allowing hosts to increase their earnings dramatically and increase their member base. Or, our ImLive cash express feature, that allows a host to take her money anytime she wants as many times a day as she wants, helping hosts pay any bills or shopping that arises without the stress of having to wait for a pay period to end.

Secondly, I tell them to make sure to update their profile and gallery regularly, and not get stuck using photos they created their account with, as this is the window to their room.

Thirdly, either pick a brand or just be yourself — whichever you choose, always be attentive to all members in your room. If you’re feeling down or not quite yourself, it will show, so take a break if needed. On ImLive, you do not need to sit in FLC permanently — you can take a break and move to regular mode where you’re still online and available to members.

XBIZ: In a nutshell, what are the company values that strives to instill in its hosts?

Kirton: I think our company values are that anyone from anywhere can cam, you don’t need to have the best equipment or be a superstar … all hosts are welcome. On ImLive, you’re not just a number, you’re part of the family, and we pride ourselves in having our community host forums that not only allow myself and CS reps to assist hosts, but allows all hosts to work together helping one another. Also, we believe in hosts treating members as people, and in return they will treat hosts as a person.

XBIZ: How do you resolve conflicts between hosts and the company? How about between hosts and members? Tell us about your troubleshooting process.

Kirton: The same as any conflict is solved, with mutual respect, trust and understanding. Between hosts and ImLive, I am able to mediate and make sure the outcome is acceptable for everyone. Between hosts and members, we believe in contacting all parties involved and getting as much information as possible to make the fairest decision possible. At the end of the day, ImLive functions with harmony between all involved: Hosts, members and the platform itself.

XBIZ: For any XBIZ Cam World readers who are thinking of joining as one of its hosts, what message do you have for them, as far as why they should join your cam network?

Kirton: For anyone who is thinking of joining ImLive, just jump right in! It’s free and easy to sign up and you will be amazed at the earning potential and how many like-minded people you will meet. If you are still unsure, then feel free to call us or email us and discuss it further — we are a friendly bunch and won’t bite. Unless you like it, then we may nibble a little!