Q&A: Guillaume Tanferri Conjures Brand Magic at Jasmin

Q&A: Guillaume Tanferri Conjures Brand Magic at Jasmin

Jasmin elevates models, above all, and thus rises to the highest echelons of cam network supremacy. Its scarlet colors, gorgeous aesthetics and classy reputation have secured the brand as both a legacy institution and a cutting-edge player, not to mention its vibrant roster of webcam girls. And key to the manifesting of its grand designs is PR and communications director Guillaume Tanferri, who has a firm grip on the company’s ever-unfurling banner.

With a colorful professional background ranging from running PR for an international hot air balloon festival, to managing communications for a European NGO aiding the disabled, Tanferri has as many mainstream bona fides as adult entertainment creds. This is good news for Jasmin, given its ambitious plans to transcend the adult marketplace and bewitch the public eye on the global stage.

We do a lot for the models and studios. The technology and quality of the website and streams are essential. Jasmin is the company with the best support and account teams: 24/7 support, dedicated account managers and a dose of super cool swag!

Well-groomed, well-heeled and well-established, Tanferri is every bit the genteel brand ambassador that Jasmin deserves. Through understated elegance and a keen eye fixated on bringing glory to the beloved cam network, this PR aficionado took time out of his busy schedule to share his vision for Jasmin, in this exclusive XBIZ interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional experience prior to working for Jasmin.

Tanferri: I started my career by working in the communications field for the biggest European NGO, whose mission was to help disabled people. I then moved to the IT industry and started working as a marketing officer for a South African company specialized in telecommunication services. Prior to joining the Jasmin team, I was in charge of the public relations for one of the biggest international hot air balloon festivals, for five years.

XBIZ: What led you to join the team at Jasmin?

Tanferri: The Jasmin project itself is very challenging, diversified and enriching.

The adult live cam market is a fast growing and ambitious one and can still be very moving against all odds. I quickly got attracted and felt inspired by this industry. There is that strong technological side of it, combined with the media and entertainment factors.

I have also always loved working for companies that push employees to pursue their dreams, and Jasmin is one of them. The creativity is limitless and borderless.

XBIZ: Talk about your role for Jasmin as its brand ambassador. What is your overall mission at the company and how do you execute on your vision?

Tanferri: The role is global. The coordination between every player is crucial. One of my biggest challenges is to connect key people with the appropriate member of the Jasmin team. We are working hard to welcome every Jasmin certified studio in the best conditions.

I pilot the social media strategy; it is now very popular for the models and for the consumers. People are not ashamed anymore to follow famous models. We have realized that the conversion rate has been increasing steadily every month and put our models in the spotlight.

I also organize the events we take part in and the parties. Jasmin’s celebrations are always a great vehicle to thank and highlight the models and the studios we are close to.

XBIZ: What is your approach to model recruitment and retention? How do you partner with the talent to ensure their continued success?

Tanferri: I contribute to this part of the business through the various PR and communications tasks, but the account and product development teams truly play a major role in the achievement of our success.

We do a lot for the models and studios. The technology and quality of the website and streams are essential. Jasmin is the company with the best support and account teams: 24/7 support, dedicated account managers and a dose of super cool swag!

XBIZ: How do you plan to stay ahead of the curve in the camming industry, to elevate Jasmin further?

Tanferri: We don’t believe in a short-term strategy and we always try to think ahead. We are never scared to think outside the box as long as our motto is intact.

Our goal is to elevate the models as much as possible. The Meeting Jasmin project is a good example of this, as models have been turned into art pieces. We already carried out exhibitions in L.A and San Francisco.

Besides, launching the “Life in Red” by Jasmin’s upper segment shows the power of our brand and its ability to transform. The digital world is not the limit anymore. We really want to reach a global audience. “Life in Red” is not only for the camming industry but a state of mind, a life philosophy.

XBIZ: What is the greatest challenge you’ve conquered as brand ambassador?

Tanferri: Making the brand famous for the main-stream world is still a key challenge.

Jasmin is not only the adult website with the biggest amount of visitors per day (our global Alexa ranking in July, 2017 was 48th) but it is also the one with the best image and quality.

One of my coolest challenges was when we were contacted by a team of students from one of the most prestigious French universities for the sponsorship of a boat race. The result was spectacular: imagine a Jasmin branded boat racing in front of 3.000 European students in the Atlantic Ocean. It was very exciting and unexpected.

XBIZ: How have you evolved professionally, during your tenure at Jasmin? Any future ambitions?

Tanferri: I have evolved a lot professionally. Understanding the market was the first challenge I encountered, as I came from a completely different background. Its specificities are complicated and for the general public, we are still a mystery.

This industry is always a step forward compared to the others. So I am growing along with it, backed up by a great team within the company.