Wild Riders: XBIZ Best Cam Duo BlondeRider and RobXXXRider Rev Their Engines

Wild Riders: XBIZ Best Cam Duo BlondeRider and RobXXXRider Rev Their Engines

As lovers with genuine chemistry and the depth of a committed relationship, 2017 XBIZ Best Cam Duo winners BlondeRider and RobXXXRider share an unrivaled on-camera charisma that sells very well on Chaturbate.

And with an entire camming industry built on the allure of intimacy, fueled by big spenders developing online relationships no less personal for their business foundation, cam duos are poised to rake in megabucks if they play their cards right.

It’s all about figuring out each other’s skills and how to use them to be productive. We have our off-cam life, but we always look at our relationship as a team. If we get into a little argument, we are to the point we just walk away for a minute then get right back to concentrating on what’s next.

Even casual passersby cannot help but pony up the tokens when the fiery Riders, the ultimate couple-next-door, gets down and dirty for their viewing pleasure. And with such charmers giving it their sex-positive all, physically and socially, the sky is truly the limit.

But, just like any traditional romantic relationship, being a camming duo requires a tremendous degree of finesse. Fortunately for the Riders, they are ride-or-die even when the cams are off. They talk about their conflicts with openness, seek always to improve with personal development literature and complement each other’s strengths beautifully. For instance, RobXXXRider excels at camera angles, while BlondeRider owns it on social media and on-camera chatting. By bouncing off each other, both sexually and spiritually, the Riders fine-tune their winning combo with each passing month.

Following a tremendously fruitful and successful XBIZ Miami, one of the finest duos in the industry now stands poised to accelerate their careers with speed limit-breaking momentum. And, in this exclusive XBIZ interview, the Riders take a look at the road ahead and celebrate their recent milestones.

XBIZ: How did you two decide to get into camming as a duo? What led to the decision and how have you evolved since?

RobXXXRider: We actually met at an office job and after being there for a few weeks we found that a lot of the girls there were into camming. We got some details and it all sounded pretty cool. We both tried some solo on different sites, but after reading some good things about Chaturbate, we decided to give couples camming a try. We have learned so much and met some really awesome people along the way.

BlondeRider: We were introduced to the camming world by a girl we worked with where we met. She and a couple other girls did it and said it was really fun, and you could decide on whatever you wanted to do on cam, but it was for females only. I tried it, but did not completely love it and Rob had to leave for me to cam and it was awkward. Rob researched and thoughtfully suggested (haha) that there is a site we both could cam on, so we tried it and fell in love with the interaction and intimacy that we had when having fun together. We still do couple shows, but I will get online solo too.

XBIZ: What are your unique strengths, that each of you bring to camming (on camera, behind-the-scenes, social media, etc.) in a way that complements each other?

RobXXXRider: I think my unique strength would be my camera angles. I have really learned how to move the camera around during our shows to give a huge variety of angles. Also, all the multitasking such as reading chat, responding to viewers, getting the right angles, grabbing toys and of course, keeping my dick hard and my mind in the right place during it all. Quite a few guys will offer to take my spot and I think most see it as just banging a hot blonde. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but there is a lot more to it than just that. All of the things I do help BlondeRider to focus on what she is good at. She handles most of the social media and viewer interaction while I’m more behind-the-scenes. Her innocent eyes staring into the camera running with mascara from her awesome deep-throat skills and her up close dirty talk are just a few of her unique skills.

BlondeRider: We have an awesome dynamic online because we work off of each other’s strengths. He is good with behind-the-scenes set up, recording and editing videos, and has awesome camera angles during shows. I am more about on-screen domination. I usually am the one chatting with the room and interacting. We both have our fans, but chat is mostly males that like to interact with me … but they also like (or don’t mind) Rob and his dick. We often refer to Rob as “the stunt cock,” haha. But, he is a pretty cool guy and they appreciate that. I handle social media accounts, while Rob takes the pictures.

XBIZ: Do you guys have any particular specialties that your fans love to watch? How often do you try new things?

RobXXXRider: I would say our POV BJs are for sure one of our specialties fans love, and of course, anal days. We don’t have anal sex too often so its definitely something fans love to watch and Rider and I love it, so it’s always a wonderful way to start the day. I never thought I would be getting a footjob on camera but that’s just one example of being open to viewer requests and trying new things. I do have the things I like and some, not so much, but it’s always fun trying new things. On occasion, we attempt roleplay shows … some turn out sexy, but recently we did a gym trainer roleplay and it was more of a comedy, but it was a ton of fun just doing something different and the fans loved it.

BlondeRider: I think overall our angles are what set us apart. We love our shows to be as interactive as possible. One of my specialties is my messy deepthroat. Fans love my eyes staring into the camera while mascara is running down my face. We’re also open to a lot, from loving anal to foot-jobs. I think people like that I look like the pretty girl-next-door, but down to spit all over my tits and get fucked in the ass. The best part of camming and why I love it so much is because you get to try new things you wouldn’t otherwise try. I love hearing what other people have to suggest.

XBIZ: What is your preferred cam network?

RobXXXRider: We tried a few other sites in the beginning but Chaturbate just felt more comfortable. Our mods definitely have been a huge help to us. Some of them have been with us from the beginning and it’s really great we have people like that to help us out. Sometimes the number of viewers in our room would be unmanageable while putting on a good show without our mods. We experimented with the apps and bots and started to find what worked best for us. Chaturbate has an awesome community and always has been very reliable. Chaturbate also seems to always be bringing in new features and it’s always exciting to see what’s next.

BlondeRider: We tried other sites, but like Chaturbate the best because they have awesome apps/bots and you can have mods to help manage the room. And there’s a lot of traffic … it’s not uncommon to have more than 10,000 in the room. We’ve had up to 13,000-plus in the room. I like the fast pace and high energy. I do not like sitting there just looking pretty … let’s have some fun and make me a mess.

XBIZ: Describe your brand in a nutshell. What makes y’all unique, vs. other camming duos?

RobXXXRider: We are just a normal everyday couple, but when the cam comes on, our shows can get wild. We really try hard to stay grounded and not take anything for granted. We are very humble and respectful people and I feel that our viewers can feel a real connection with us because of that.

Our shows may start off with some small goals, but once we hit a point, we go high energy and maintain it. We try to take our focus off all the outside stuff and give a good show no matter how many viewers or tokens. We spend some time just chatting, so we do build actual relationships.

We have some fans that are totally straight and mainly there to watch Ms. Rider, that still talk to me like they would one of their normal friends. I’ve had plenty of fans help me with things and it’s like a community we meet up with, but from all over the world.

BlondeRider: We are positive, friendly, outgoing, fun and sexy. I think we are both equally attractive and Rob has a big package and we like to get freaky and crazy … but also, at the end of our show, we’ll sit down and chat about life, from what books to read to what is the best way to get more sex from your partner. We are pretty chill and talk with people and it’s not all about just making tokens all the time. I’ve met some of the coolest people ever on Chaturbate.

XBIZ: How do you balance your personal life with camming? Are there similarities/differences to your “duo dynamic” off camera vs. on camera?

RobXXXRider: Well, with as much time as we spend together, it can be tough at times, but we really have learned to be a team. We do a lot of personal development reading/practices which really helps in all areas of our lives, and realizing any negative energy is not worth giving your time to. We try to focus on always moving forward so we spend as little time as possible on things that aren’t a benefit to us. We also enjoy some of the same activities such as riding street bikes and snowboarding.

BlondeRider: I am pretty reserved in my personal life and not as glamorous, so you can find me with my hair tied up with some chucks on. We love outdoor activities, we both ride street bikes, snowboard, hike, work out, kayak, etc. We have a pretty good relationship. We are all about good energy and vibes so we try to encourage each other to be positive and really talk issues out if we have something bothering one of us.

XBIZ: Tell us about your ManyVids content. How often do you update it and what seems to be the most popular types of videos, sales-wise?

RobXXXRider: A lot of our ManyVids content was shot with our webcam and in one take. We were the true definition of amateurs, both unfamiliar with making and editing videos. Now, we have a good camera and I am able to edit videos. We are in the process of moving to a new location where we will have more resources, connections and scenes for new awesome content. I’d say our anal and facial videos do the best. We have a cum shot and squirt compilation on there that sells very well.

BlondeRider: Honestly, we are not 100 percent invested in our ManyVids account. We are working on creating our own site and will have a lot of new content there. We are also moving, so that will open a variety of new opportunities and projects. The most popular video, I’d say, is our cum shot compilation. Also, anal and footjob videos. The foot guys love my small high-arched feet.

XBIZ: Any advice for aspiring duo cam models, on how to make a performance partnership work?

RobXXXRider: I would say, to have fun and learn to work together. It’s all about figuring out each other’s skills and how to use them to be productive. We have our off-cam life, but we always look at our relationship as a team. If we get into a little argument, we are to the point we just walk away for a minute then get right back to concentrating on what’s next. We put very little energy into things that do not move us forward.

After every show, we are complimenting each other on the good things and later we talk about what may need a little work, but we listen to each other and take advice. As for online, we often times say we don’t “feed the trolls,” so in other words, if someone is rude we just silence or ban them right away.

They may or may not be back, but as long as we keep our room happy and positive, things go well and viewers learn quick. We even have code for some things such as a tap, a certain look, a certain phrase, a word, etc. and it’s a sign so I know where to put the camera, what to get or what to say, so we can just keep moving smoothly.

BlondeRider: It is really hard at first. You really have to appreciate what the other one brings to the table, because sometimes sucking dick for an hour seems like a lot more work than getting your dick sucked for an hour, but you have to even out the field in other ways. Once you discover what each other is good at, let them take that lead and the other can do what they are good at. You really have to find your dynamic. I appreciated Rob so much after doing a solo show and trying to get all these angles and such, I was like ... well ... I didn’t realize how much I took this for granted. Most importantly, have fun with it!!!

XBIZ: What was it like attending XBIZ Miami this year? Did you make good connections?

RobXXXRider: Attending XBIZ Miami was a real honor. It was our first-ever industry event we attended, but everyone was very friendly and we met some great people. The workshops were extremely informative and very beneficial. I arrived home with a big handful of business cards from tax pros to virtual reality companies. XBIZ Miami was a very nice mix of business and relaxation in a beautiful location. We are very excited for next year and I would advise anyone with the opportunity to take it and attend.

BlondeRider: Attending XBIZ was an honor and an amazing privilege! It was actually our first-ever event, so I was a little nervous. It was so beneficial to have all the workshops for the models. It was not only encouraging, it was empowering. I got the chance to learn first-hand what other cam models use as far as editing programs, the importance of protecting your images/videos, how to use different programs, how to maximize profits, etc. The tax class was of most importance to me.

Being in this industry, we sometimes do not reach out as much as we should, and having someone break down all your options was great. Walter Sanders & Associates were very welcoming and put on an amazing and extremely informative presentation. They made you feel respected as a business, rather than judged for what you do. Also, Vicky Vette was wonderful and very educational, speaking of realities of the business and how to maximize profits and the importance of an exit strategy.

XBIZ: How did you feel when you won Best Cam Duo at the inaugural XBIZ Cam Awards? What’s next for you guys?

RobXXXRider: Winning at the beautiful Versace mansion was a wonderful feeling. There are so many other awesome cam duos so it was a real honor to win. All of the connections, fun and information made it an experience we will always value greatly. As for what’s next, expect to see more solo shows from each of us, scheduled couples shows on a regular basis and we are stepping it up big time on content. We have big plans for our future.

BlondeRider: I felt wonderful … and then nervous! On cam, I can chat with 10,000 people in the room, but when it came down to a thank you speech, I was hesitant! Rob thankfully took the lead, which everyone was surprised to hear since I never stop talking, but it all worked out! Winning validated we are on the right track and are able to do anything we put our mind to!!! We are so excited for the future and have so many plans to branch out on many platforms. We plan on maximizing on this wonderful opportunity and transforming it into a lifetime of success.