Q&A: Vanessa Eve Orchestrates Stellar Talent Recruitment

Q&A: Vanessa Eve Orchestrates Stellar Talent Recruitment

Strike a pose, Vanessa Eve.

The stage is set. The lanterns are lit. And the audience? Well, they are eager to see the latest and greatest cam models Streamate has to offer.

Given the volume of new models that are joining Streamate every week, I’ve found that creating informative content that is applicable to all has been most effective in terms of serving a larger majority of the model population.

And come they will, performer and paying customer alike, because this talent recruiting director has amassed a richly ribald roster of randy starlets.

Flexing an ever-evolving deck stacked with shifting tactics and glad-handing finesse, Eve exhibits genuine (and deliciously infectious) passion for her work.

She doesn’t merely clock in and clock out, like some reliably dull packhorse trotting quotas uphill with a meandering gait. She strikes the anvil as soon as that alarm awakens her, striding confidently with a bang towards the horizon, the glow of dawn painting her radiant smile in cheerfully exuberant shades.

Like a badass blacksmith, she hammers steamy sexiness into her cam models, dipping them in the cooling waters of well-researched wisdom before tempering them all over again like finely wrought steel.

And because Eve knows when to dive deep into the trenches for one-on-one love, and when to refer performers to her impressive library of content-rich online guidance, she maintains equilibrium in her own life and the lives of the fine-as-hell flock she shepherds.

To unlock the secrets of her erotic pedagogy, XBIZ invited Eve to teach a cam model recruitment class in this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: As director of talent recruiting for Streamate, what is your marketing strategy for attracting potential talent to join the platform? Has your approach evolved at all over the years, and if so, how? What avenues, be they social media, trade shows, etc. are most effective at bringing folks onboard?

EVE: My approach for attracting new talent to Streamate has certainly evolved, especially as live cams continued to boom over the past handful of years. When I began recruiting for Streamate in 2010, I marketed for talent using more traditional avenues, running print ads in alternative weeklies and college newspapers, and posting banner and classified ads on adult job sites. I took unconventional routes at times, like responding to local escort ads. On a couple of occasions, I was kicked out of gentlemen’s clubs because they suspected I was an escort trying to poach patrons, when really I was there to talk to dancers and just maybe slip in a few business cards. Shamelessly, I had to try!

What was challenging was the fact that, when I started, I did not have the advantage of utilizing the brand power of the name “Streamate” right out the gate. Rather, this division operated under “AWM” (Adult Webcam Model) until eventually re-branding as “Streamate Recruiting” in 2014. The challenging part to this was that AWM appeared as just another studio. American studios, at the time, did not have the same polished reputation and grandeur as we’ve seen in some of today’s European counterparts. Back then, an American studio, in cam model culture, carried a negative stereotype. It conjured up visions of some keyboard warrior named Larry sitting at a computer in his mom’s basement, mustard stains on his shirt, making money off of hot girls with little to offer them in return.

I had to prove that I wasn’t a Larry. I did this by digging my fingers and toes in and doing everything I possibly could to make sure that the models who did sign up had a positive start, and show them just how awesome our platform was to make incredible money. Essentially, I had to legitimize myself in addition to promoting Streamate. It wasn’t easy. I eventually decided to join cam girl forums. Cam girls are an intimidating breed. They’re beautiful, raw and can smell bullshit like a shark can sense blood in the water. They don’t have an agent or a PR person, so they have to look out for themselves and each other.

I feel like this was risky, as I had no idea how it would be received. However, a genuine willingness to help others, timely responses and product knowledge is what led to friend referrals from existing models and, eventually, reaching models who hadn’t previously considered our platform. These leads didn’t come from any sort of brilliant marketing strategy, per se, but good customer service. It’s what I feel has helped to solidify so many relationships for the long-term. That, and really just being a nice person. It’s pretty simple.

All the while, social media has continued to be an effective way to reach new talent. Over time, I’ve realized that I had to change my attitude and approach in terms of how I use it, my message and delivery. This is something that I’m constantly working to perfect. My energy these days is spent shifting my focus toward creating information-rich content.

In terms of effectiveness in new model sign-ups, it is a two-pronged answer: social media always results in higher numbers of sign-ups, but it is actually model referrals that have resulted in longer-term and higher-earning models. If I were to choose, live events would absolutely be my preference when it comes to recruiting. Face-to-face interaction is so much simpler to me. I just naturally love connecting with people!

XBIZ: Once you’ve enticed a cam model to join, how do you set them up for success in the “before” stage? Take us through your guidance process. Is there a blend of hands-on training and online resources, while they get acclimated?

EVE: I work mostly with independent models who work without the advisement of a studio or studio manager. To set models up for success, Streamate has created an entire site for this very purpose, This site acts as a guide for new and existing models and contains all of the basic info they’ll need from start-up and beyond. has alleviated much of the back-and-forth between myself and new models since the answers to most of their questions are all in one place, and they are able to reference this info at any time.

It’s been a great help not just to models, but to myself, and has freed up more of my time to assist those who do require more one-on-one time and attention. Accessibility, especially to support independent models, is very important. Given the volume of new models that are joining Streamate every week, I’ve found that creating informative content that is applicable to all has been most effective in terms of serving a larger majority of the model population.

XBIZ: After a cam model is plugged in and cruising comfortably on Streamate, how do you help them up their game? Are there any intermediate or advanced lessons that seem to have a strong impact on revenue streams? How do you balance tailoring management to specific models vs. a more “meta” approach?

EVE: What I love about Streamate is that excelling on the site starts with laying a solid foundation: a superior set-up (equipment plus internet) and consistency of time spent online. It’s easy to overthink it, but what we are looking for when it comes to determining placement is really quite simple, and it all begins with this. Regardless of your experience or if you have a “following,” if you have access to the tools of the trade and you have time to invest, you’re halfway there.

Of course, not all models will start with an ideal set-up, so I assist models with upping their game by showing them how to work with what they’ve got. The next step is to develop their shows. This can be taught, but to a degree. As much as I’d like to say that I could preach a one-size-fits all program, what’s real is that what works for one model may not work for another, and not every model is going to be into the same things. The sexual benefit from a cam show isn’t always just on the viewer’s end, after all.

Two different models could approach their shows the exact same way, charge the same rates, be online for the same amount of time, but one will make more than the other. Why is this? Je ne sais quoi. It comes down to attitude, and really just being yourself, or being a version of yourself (a persona) that is able to connect with viewers.

As a recruiter, you get a sense right away which models will just need extra assistance, and stay receptive to helping in whatever way you can. This has gone on for years with some of the individuals that I’ve worked with.

XBIZ: Given the importance of internet speed and visual fidelity in camming, what kind of streaming modalities do you offer cam models, to ensure they are meeting your company’s standards? How does your site design and functionality keep viewers hooked and coming back for more?

EVE: I’ve gotten the sense that we tend to have high standards and requirements for stream quality, according to the models who’ve experienced other platforms. To accommodate different at-home set-ups, Streamate offers a variety of ways to stream in HD that meet our minimum requirements, and are still user-friendly for even the technically un-savvy. You’d be amazed at how many people have all of the latest mobile gadgets, but their computers are super outdated.

To remedy this, models are given three different encoder options to choose from; they can use whichever is most compatible for their set-up. They’ll be able to gauge their stream health through detailed Ranking Reports: these break down the various components that make up a great stream in addition to other factors that determine overall placement on the site.

The site itself has certainly changed over the years, but the focus remains to be on private shows. I think that the pay-per-minute show concept, the beautiful and simple interface and great features make the site easily digestible for many viewers. It’s definitely a different type of hustle for models, and it flows at a different pace than other platforms. Admittedly, it’s not always for everyone, but when it works, and if people get it, they remain very loyal.

XBIZ: You focus primarily on the U.S. market for recruiting independent models, but given Streamate’s international reach, you also work with Australian and western European territories. What regional differences have you observed in the camming industry, be they related to the talent pool or special challenges/opportunities? Do you tackle foreign markets from a unique angle, or are there certain universal trends that are consistent across the board?

EVE: I’m consistent in my approach between my different target markets. Probably the most noticeable difference between the N. American market and my target foreign markets is stream quality, which as you can imagine, has a big impact on performer earnings at the end of the day. In fact, this seems to be a recurring theme on a global scale. Our HQ is in Seattle, WA, but we have servers around the world. Recently, we’ve announced the installment of additional servers in various international locations, with even more to come in the future. The addition of these servers was in response to the noticeable gap in stream quality between these different markets, with the intent being to alleviate potential streaming issues like slowed RTT times. Both viewers and models will benefit from these servers in the form of stronger and more stable streams, which is a great thing.

XBIZ: Given the importance of researching the biz from a bird’s-eye view, before jumping back in the company trenches, what do you study most keenly to ensure Streamate is ahead of the curve? Any particular metrics that inform your decisions?

EVE: There are external and internal metrics that I study when it comes to recruiting models, absolutely. Externally, I study metrics pulled from our different social media accounts. Internally, info gathered directly from the site is the most valuable to me, including niches and model categories. For example, I ask questions like, “Where are the higher earners coming from and are there trends in the types of experiences that they are offering viewers?” On the other end of that, I look into what the most common key word searches on the site are, by our viewers. Basically, where there is a need, I attempt to fill it. Where I see an upswing in earnings, I shift my focus toward that. These are things that I have to constantly re-evaluate, as trends are always changing.

XBIZ: What’s next for Streamate and what role will you play in helping achieve those ambitions? How will the platform strive to distinguish itself from competitors, as far as cam model (and user-centric) offerings?

EVE: First live cam show broadcast onto a receiver on Mars! Streamate’s tagline is “Serious Fucking Business,” after all.

Streamate eliminates all of the fluff, and offers performers a simple and sophisticated platform to make great, consistent money while also growing a fan base of their own. Streamate will, no doubt, continue to perfect the live streaming experience for both models and viewers in the future, including those accessing the site from mobile devices.

In the meantime, we’ve incorporated some excellent additions, like our Partner Site program, where models who have member/fan sites (including those on ModelCentro) can link it back to their Streamate profile to offer their fans a discount on live shows in addition to giving viewers on our network the opportunity to access additional, exclusive content for a monthly rate. It’s pretty cool! Additionally, we will continue to pay close attention to feedback from our awesome model community on what tools they’d like to see that will enhance their streaming experience and assist them in taking their business to the next level, like the Rate Analysis Tool (analyzes which per-minute rates were most effective during their time online), or our Group Messaging feature (allows models to send bulk messages to multiple users to promote upcoming shows or special events/individual promos).

My role for the foreseeable future is to continue to connect with the model community, listen to what they have to say and share knowledge about how to excel on our platform as a solid performer. The models make Streamate a great place to be, and I am beyond honored to be a part of it. I’ve no doubt that this industry is where I was meant to be, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds or where all of this will take me.