Q&A: Paxum CEO Octav Moise Shares the Wealth

Q&A: Paxum CEO Octav Moise Shares the Wealth
Alejandro Freixes

Just as the House of Medici inspired the Italian Renaissance and forever revolutionized the way money changes hands, so too has Paxum firmly established itself as a supremely modern payment service, ensuring that adult content is king once again … that paysites can make a triumphant return … and that the entire ecosystem of affiliates, cam networks and beyond can thrive with peace of mind.

And like a present day Cosimo de’ Medici, Paxum CEO Octav Moise has secured the foundation of a great and wealthy republic, with all the entrepreneurial artistry of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Upon a fabulous tide of golden coins, evergreen dollars, gilded checks and digital currencies, Moise crafts a fiber-optic superhighway, with ironclad virtual checkpoints that never sacrifice security for speed … nor client confidence for expediency.

We have embraced the adult entertainment industry with pride from the beginning, rather than remaining on the fringes or creating new companies specifically for adult, to avoid the adult connection with the main ‘brand.’ -Octav Moise, Paxum

Thus, is the motto “Pay With Ease” stitched upon the company heraldry, in a solemn vow to swiftly, and with utmost simplicity, deliver cash to its destination posthaste. And should any unforeseen mishap disrupt that constant flow of traffic, like a tree struck by lightning falling thunderously upon the road and startling the chariot horses, Paxum’s dedicated engineers and client support agents rapidly deploy solutions.

Neither outlaws nor shady dealers can game the Paxum system, for its rigorous internal mechanisms reward legitimate businesses and reliable payees above all, assessing risk ratings and demographic usage with an intelligence officer’s keen insight. And because they have never sequestered adult entertainment in some dismal corner of the economic chessboard, instead treating it as an equal to mainstream industry ventures, Paxum has earned the trust of noteworthy companies ranging from Chaturbate to MojoHost.

To unlock the secrets hidden within the Paxum vault, XBIZ sought out the grand mastermind himself … Moise … for this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background. What led you to create Paxum, and how did you rapidly distinguish the brand from competitors? Over the years, what have been the biggest quantum leaps in your payment services offerings?

Moise: Paxum has always been easy to distinguish from its competitors in the adult space. Every account holder can transfer funds from their account to other account-holders, providing a greater range of payment flexibility than our competitors. We don’t charge percentages for card withdrawals, and we are readily available for support purposes. We have embraced the adult entertainment industry with pride from the beginning, rather than remaining on the fringes or creating new companies specifically for adult, to avoid the adult connection with the main “brand.”

XBIZ: You’ve worked with a very diverse array of companies over the years, from cam networks like Chaturbate to web hosting providers like MojoHost. What is your marketing strategy for acquiring new clients in the adult entertainment sphere? How do you serve the unique needs of so many different businesses, with such varied offerings like Escrow Transfers and Paxum P2P, while adhering to your company motto of “Pay With Ease”?

Moise: We attend numerous industry tradeshows and events each year. We have also been active sponsors at many of those shows and on industry forums over the course of the last seven years. At such shows, we make ourselves available and we get to know our clients more intimately than is possible through email and phone calls. Potential new clients can meet us, ask all the questions they may have, and be able to put a face, name and a handshake to Paxum. It is always nice to be able to do business with people you know and like, rather than with just a “brand.”

From time to time we run a promotion, and we maintain a regular presence in the industry through Chris and Ruth. One consistent aspect of our growth has come through word of mouth from our customers, as a result of their positive experience with our service.

The beauty of our payment service is that we can cater to the needs of diverse companies like you describe. Since we offer the ability to easily send bulk payments we are an attractive prospect for companies that send large volumes of payments on a regular basis. If you have to pay hundreds or thousands of payees at the same time, and those payees live all over the world, wouldn’t you prefer to be able to issue all those payments from one easy-to-use platform? With Paxum, it doesn’t matter how many payments you need to send, you can do it easily, like our company motto says.

For companies that accept payments online for their products or services, particularly the web services and products used by Paxum clients, it is an easy and cost efficient option to add Paxum to their available payment options. We have an API/IPN that can be integrated, as well as Pay Now buttons for client convenience. Since recipients are not charged any fees to receive payments, it’s a win-win for the service companies you describe.

Every company is unique, but one common challenge that all companies have is the need to send and receive money. That’s where Paxum can be very helpful.

XBIZ: How do you gather and analyze internal data, ranging from customer risk ratings to usage demographics, in a way that provides actionable intel? When you do notice an opportunity for change, how do you balance responding quickly vs. a more cautiously measured rollout? Are there different hoops to jump through depending on regional laws and regulations?

Moise: Customer risk ratings are created using an algorithm based on a variety of factors. Our system automatically determines the rating for each individual user, and it is regularly re-adjusted. The risk rating forms a useful security tool for our clients, whereby they can restrict outgoing or incoming payments based on risk rating. When we make changes or integrate additional features to the system, we typically test them thoroughly before release. We stay up-to-date on all regulations, and if changes are required, we implement them according to the necessary timescale. If a fast change is necessary, then we do that. If we can plan a more timely approach to a change, then we do prefer that, so that we can conduct thorough testing of the changes before implementation.

XBIZ: What led you to reinstate EFT Withdrawal to your global eWallet payment service in March? Strategically, did removing the bank verification requirement ultimately pay off? Did it present any challenges?

Moise: We had always planned to reinstate EFT Withdrawal, we simply had to find the right provider for our customers. We were very happy to be able to remove the bank verification requirement when EFT Withdrawal was reinstated, as it has made it a much easier option for our clients to select.

XBIZ: You recently launched the Paxum app for Android and iOS. How many clients (pre-existing and new) have begun using it in earnest? Any feedback from users, that you will be incorporating in future updates? What is the advantage of using the app, rather than traditional means.

Moise: The Paxum App is still quite new, but we’re pleased with the response so far. The advantage of using the app, rather than the website, is simple mobility. If you’re not near your computer and you receive a payment that you wish to transfer to your card, you can do it with the App. If you’re unsure what your available balance on the Paxum card is while you’re in a store about to make a purchase, you can check with the App. The App is a secure way for clients to access their account, make transfers, view recent transactions and even initiate withdrawals without needing to be at a computer. We are already working on Version 2.0, to include some new features.

XBIZ: How critical is to keeping readers informed about the latest developments and guiding them to use your product effectively?

Moise: is a useful resource for user guides, tutorials, and the latest news about Paxum. We haven’t cluttered our blog with unnecessary articles, so you can easily access information about Paxum at the blog.


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