Q&A: Rich Girls CEO Cristina Enriches Cam Models

Q&A: Rich Girls CEO Cristina Enriches Cam Models

Elegance. Sophistication. Compassion.

Rich Girls Studios CEO Cristina embodies these virtues in spades.

I love to talk to the models and to be close to them. I like to get heir feedback on the ideas that we re implementing. I like to listen to their problems. I know about their personal lives, their happy moments, their dreams and their expectations. -Cristina, CEO of Rich Girls

And she brings this strength of character, as well as her diverse background in management, to bear upon the ever-expanding Rich Girls brand. As fashionable and well-kept as her bevy of cam models, the golden-haired studio maven has a knack for getting along with newcomers and veterans alike, with a tenacious dedication to improving the lives of everyone that crosses her path.

After all, the Rich Girls motto is “Your Richness is Our Business,” and given the company’s healthy suite of offerings — with five-star locales boasting well-oiled training systems, stylists, sun tanning amenities and more — cam models can expect to enjoy rock-solid backing.

One need only gaze upon their sleek in-house photography, sexy Rich Girls swag and luxuriously furnished studios to know that the Bucharest-based venture has all the trappings of power and majesty. Even their website is fast, responsive and ready to serve curious passersby, an HR specialist chat window promptly popping up upon entry, ready to make dreams come true. Eye candy abounds, enticing users to click and enter heavenly realms.

To glean the secrets behind Cristina’s operations, XBIZ stepped behind the cam in this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background leading up to becoming CEO of Rich Girls. What did you do beforehand and how have those past experiences influenced your approach to Rich Girls?

Cristina: Before joining Rich Girls Studios I was working in top management positions in the hospitality industry, firstly as the chief financial officer on cruise ships, and secondly as a hotel manager in four-star and five-star hotels. Even though it might seem like the hospitality industry has nothing to do with cams, I believe that management requires the same skills everywhere in the world and in any kind of activity.

XBIZ: What is your vision, as CEO, for the future of Rich Girls?

Cristina: Well, the future looks … very busy for us! For millions of reasons — we have several new projects and are planning to develop the business intensively and extensively. We are aiming to increase the revenue per model and the quality of the content that will be translated into increased revenue. We are continuously improving our existing training system. And, we are planning to open another five-star location. In fact, we are already working on a new design that shall meet all models’ expectations.

We consider the Rich Girls Team to be a big family and in the future I believe that more models will remain for longer periods of time with the studios that offer them the moral support of a family. Nevertheless, models will remain longer with the studios that offer them financial comfort as well.

When addressing cam models, our motto is: ”Your Richness is Our Business” … so, this is exactly what we are intending to do in the future: to guide them to be rich, to be models of financial independence and models of success. We aim to become the number one option in the minds of models when it comes to impressive earnings, training, working conditions and professional staff, as well as attractive, great, stunning, exceptional models.

We are also involved in a new type of business — Rich Girls Studios is one of the organizers of the Bucharest Summit, a huge cam event that is taking place in Bucharest.

XBIZ: How do you balance your various responsibilities at Rich Girls? Which tasks occupy much of your time and how do you delegate accordingly?

Cristina: My administrative team is counting approximately 100 staff members. I have a well-organized structure for both directions: business development and studio operations. Therefore, I have plenty of things that I delegate … but there is one thing that I always like to do — I always did it and I couldn’t stop doing it: I love to talk to the models and to be close to them.

I like to get their feedback on the ideas that we are implementing. I like to listen to their problems. I like to spend as much time as possible with them. I get very close to some of them … I know about their personal lives, their happy moments, their dreams and their expectations. Sometimes, I help them to get over the bad moments in life and to regain their self-esteem. I help them to realize how special and strong they really are.

XBIZ: What distinguishes Rich Girls from other studios, in terms of amenities, network relationships and cam model support?

Cristina: Firstly, we are the studio with the largest team of trainers … so the models are really guided in order to achieve the best results in terms of revenue and quality content.

We have a team of professionals that is taking care of the model’s look, via professional sun tanning machines, hair stylists, nail stylists, eyelash stylists — all these services are free of charge and available from their first day. We are also working with a few young designers for the outfits.

We have our own film production company for the teasers and a large team of professional photographers, as well.

Furthermore, all Rich Girls locations are five-star quality, with 24/7 technical support and our studio managers are exclusively ladies, with experience in this industry.

XBIZ: How do you promote the Rich Girls brand in terms of advertising, social media and brand ambassadorship?

Cristina: Firstly, we decided to be present at all major events all over the world in the industry. We started with XBIZ in Los Angeles this January and we are planning to continue in this direction.

Obviously, I am willing to promote the brand on all online channels. But, I don’t like to reveal all the secrets! Keep an eye on Rich Girls Studios and you will see us … everywhere!

XBIZ: What advice do you have for aspiring cam models and veterans alike, for taking their business prospects to the next level, especially in tandem with a cam studio?

Cristina: My advice is to take their job seriously. No matter if they are working as independent or within a studio, models should always be professional. A successful model always takes care of the way she looks, the way she talks, the time that she spends online.

A successful model works even offline for the time that she spends online. We recommend to our models that they improve their English fluency, to read as many books as possible and to go to the gym (in order to help the body, but also the mind).