Luring Cam Users With the Right Ad Format

Luring Cam Users With the Right Ad Format

The live cam marketplace is highly competitive filled with big-, medium- and small-sized players. So how do you stand out from the crowd to attract new users or persuade users to come back and spend their cash with you? Have you tried online advertising?

This article gives you some practical advice and insights into which ad formats are best suited for live cam products.

Using native ads has a very high CTR, because your ad looks like the editorial content of a publisher’s site. Advertisers have text options: title and short description and an image.


The popunder is very popular for advertising live cam sites. It’s a large format page size ad that appears hidden behind the main browser window and is usually triggered when a user clicks anywhere on the page that they have visited. Once displayed, the popunder remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized, leaving the user’s attention free to experience the ad.

Because of its size the popunder format allows you to show the full screen experience of your product. The consumer immediately sees the intimacy of face time, they see the UI of the site. You could add a “private show” call-to-action button of the featured model in your campaign to encourage the consumer to interact and either sign up or log in. Experiment with different calls to action such as sign up now, free tipping tokens, time sensitive discounts, try it for free, etc.

When bidding for popunder traffic choose an ad network that offers the SmartCPM model for popunders. This way you can just set the maximum CPM bid you want to pay and then the ad network’s system automatically bids for you on your behalf. The aim is to outbid the nearest bidder to secure the ad spot.

If you bid a high amount such as $7 in order to secure your position and the closest bid to yours is $2, you won’t be charged $7 but just above $2, guaranteeing you first position while optimizing your investment to increase your ROI. Used wisely, SmartCPM is a great tool since it saves time and guarantees the best visibility at the most affordable price. However, be realistic with your budgets as targeting too many impressions with a high bid price and a small budget could increase the chances of an overspend.

Also, make sure that you target publisher sites that don’t include too many popunders as this annoys the consumer and also means your popunder will have less visibility. Spend time investigating the sites you want to target in order to ensure that the chosen sites display no more than two popunders at the same time.

Pre-roll in-stream video

The pre-roll in-stream video format is definitely worth testing for cam offers. It offers a new way to reach consumers by allowing you to create a compelling video ad. Ad length is usually between 10 to 30 seconds and the ad will play before a user sees the video content he wishes to watch.

By using quality images you can show consumers the experience of exactly what they will get if they convert to your offer. Additionally, the format allows you to add customizable calls to action, giving you a greater set of creative tools to drive conversions. Bear in mind that publishers tend to add a skip ad button after five seconds for this format, so it is key that you engage the user immediately so that they watch the video in full.

Instant messageIf you have a smaller budget you can try the instant message format. This is typically a copy of the IM chat box, or a GIF image/video of a cam performer chatting. The ad appears on the bottom left or right of the screen. Everybody is familiar with IMs so with a good, flirtatious creative you can generate plenty of clicks.

Native ads

Using native ads has a very high CTR, because your ad looks like the editorial content of a publisher’s site. Advertisers have text options: title, short description and an image. So here for example you could highlight different niches of models using a different one for each image, for example, Latina, blond, teen, MILF and relevant texts such as “Latinas do it better” as your title and “Find out their sexy Latina secrets” as your description.

Once a user clicks on the ad they are taken to your landing page. Here at ExoClick we have found that the best way to generate conversions is to create a landing page like a lifestyle blog post, so you could profile some of your Latina cam models with their likes and dislikes, their vital statistics or a flirtatious description of themselves.

Then place your call to action, maybe with a promo code or free sign up right at the bottom of the landing page. The key here is not to push the sale too hard because it is your content marketing skills that will drive users to sign up after they have read your page.

Another successful method we have found that drives conversions using the native ad format is to direct the user to a five-question multiple choice survey. This can really get consumer interest as you are asking them for their opinions. Again, using the Latina example you could ask questions such as,

  • Do you prefer teen, MILF or older Latinas?
  • Do you like your Latinas slim or with big boobs and big booty?
  • Do you like your Latinas sexy and sultry or with big personalities?
  • How would you seduce a Latina? With a dinner, with a sexy tango dance, with champagne of the beach, etc.
  • Who is your ideal Latina? Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba or Sofía Vergara?

This can also help you segment your flow and based on the answers the user gives, you could take them to a specific section on your website featuring the type of Latinas that they like.

Targeting options

Specific niche live cam sites should choose an ad network that has a wide range of targeting options within the adult segment to reach the right audience. ExoClick has over 20 adult niches to target, so if you have a cam site filled with MILF models you will want to target traffic via publishers who specialise in/or have a large amount of MILF content.

For non-specific niche cam sites look to exploit quality dating and tube traffic. To promote live shows use day-parting to create timed campaigns a couple of hours before a show starts, you can also select specific time zones.

Use SmartCPM in conjunction with day-parting to promote a live show to ensure your ads are shown.

Keyword targeting can help you reach consumers interested in specific niches; this can also work well for specific cam model shows, because the model’s name can be used as a keyword so that the ad shows on sites that carry her video content, or if she is blonde or brunette, you can also target publisher sites of this specific niche.

Giles Hirst is marketing and communications manager at ad network ExoClick.com.